How to Connect HP Envy 6455 to Wi-Fi

Having a printer such as the HP Envy 6455 is a great way to take advantage of an all-in-one printing and scanning solution. If you have an HP Envy 6455 and want to get online, you can do so by connecting it to Wi-Fi, or your preferred wireless internet connection. 

You can connect your HP Envy 6455 printer to the internet by using the built-in HP Smart App and your current wireless internet connection, whether you are connecting at home or at work.

To connect your HP Envy printer to the Wi-Fi, open your Smart App, Navigate to the “Add Printer” tab shown in the app, and select your printer; once selected, the app will allow you to connect to your Wi-Fi network; select your network to complete the connection process.

Let’s take a look at this step by step as well as answer a few questions you may have about your HP Envy 6455 printer. Let’s dive in!

How to setup your HP Envy 6455 printer for internet access using the HP Smart App

Once you have successfully installed your HP Envy 6455 printer, you can then begin to manage your printer using the official HP Smart app. Download the HP Smart app to your smartphone and complete the following steps to connect your HP Envy 6455 printer to the internet:

  • Open your Smart App from your preferred smartphone or any device with a working internet connection
  • Navigate to the “Add Printer” tab shown in the app
  • Verify that your printer is currently plugged in and that your wireless internet is in proper working order
  • Choose the model of the HP printer (HP Envy 6455 printer) from the available list after selecting “Add Printer”. Your HP Envy 6455 printer should appear.
  • Select “Yes” after choosing the HP Envy 6455 printer model from the list. Allow the printer a few seconds to a minute to properly connect.
  • Click “Next” when prompted and allow the connecting process to be completed.
  • Select “Done” to finalize the new settings for your HP Envy 6455 printer once you are connected to the internet. 

Do I need to use the HP Smart App to connect online with my HP Envy 6455 printer? 

Yes, you will need to use the official HP Smart app in order to connect your HP Envy 6455 printer to the internet. While there may be workarounds to attempt to connect the HP Envy 6455 printer to the internet, the HP Smart app is the official method of connecting to any wireless internet connection with this make and model of printer. 

What can I do with my HP Envy 6455 printer once it is connected to the internet?

Once your HP Envy 6455 printer is connected to the internet, you can begin connecting to the device using a wireless connection remotely. This is ideal if you have multiple computers or printing machines locally but do not have them all connected to one central location or printer.

An active wireless internet connection for your HP Envy 6455 printer will allow you to send and manage print jobs from just about anywhere your current wireless internet connection is valid and active. 

How do I pair my printer to my internet connection using the HP Smart App?

If you are already connected to the internet and your HP Envy 6455 printer is already plugged in and actively on, you can simply access your HP Smart app to begin pairing the devices together. Once you launch the HP Smart app, you can choose from the printer models available to connect to after selecting “Add Printer”.

Allow your printer a few minutes to sync and connect with the internet connection of your choice for the best possible outcome. 

Unique features that come with the HP Envy 6455 printer

Choosing a printer that is right for your personal or professional printing jobs can feel overwhelming if you are unsure of where to begin or the type of features you are looking for within a printer itself. With the HP Envy 6455 printer, there are many unique features that help it to stand out, such as:

  • The ability to connect with Wi-Fi to send numerous print jobs from multiple computers or devices at once
  • Wireless printing is not only available from standard computers, but also from smartphones and other wireless devices. 
  • Both color and monoprint are compatible with this HP Envy 6455 printer.
  • Verification and management of ink levels are readily displayed for quick access and ongoing monitoring.
  • It is also possible to print using double-sided prints for special projects and printing needs. 
  • The HP Envy 6455 printer uses recycling plastics which helps reduce plastic waste and buildup in the environment

Choosing the HP Envy 6455 printer is ideal for anyone who prefers wireless printing or for anyone with multiple computers. 

Do I need to connect the HP Envy 6455 printer to the internet to print? 

Not necessary. If you are interested in connecting your printer to your computer using a standard wired cable, you can do so without concerning yourself about the type of wireless connections you have available.

Choosing to connect your HP Envy 6455 printer using a wire will limit you and will not allow you to send printing jobs from another computer or location to the printer itself until it is successfully connected with a working wireless connection. 

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