How to Charge Your Fitbit Flex

When a Fitbit Flex is fully charged, the compact fitness tracker should hold a charge for about a week. If the battery level on your device is starting to get low, however, you’ll want to give it a charge as soon as possible. 

To charge your Fitbit Flex, remove the unit from its band. Place the unit inside its charging cradle, checking to confirm that the contacts are properly aligned. From there, you can connect the charging cradle to a power source and wait for it to fully charge.

Charging a Flex is fairly easy, but you may have issues with your unit’s battery at some point. Thankfully, most of these battery problems have a simple solution. 

How Long Does It Take for a Fitbit Flex to Charge?

As long as your Flex is connected to a standard USB outlet, it should be fully charged within two or three hours. In some cases, you may reach a full charge in under an hour. 

If you use a power cord to connect your Flex to your phone, a laptop, or another device, the charging process may take much longer. It’s always best to connect your device to an outlet so that the battery can get the power that it needs. 

How Can I Tell If My Fitbit Flex Is Charging?

When your Flex is charging, you’ll see a pulsing indicator light. That light shows how close your device is to being fully charged. When the charging process is complete, you’ll see five pulsing indicator lights. 

You can also check the charge level of your Flex via the dashboard. When you open up Settings, you’ll see a green battery icon. Click on the icon to see how close your device is to being fully charged. 

When your Flex has less than one day of battery life, you’ll see a battery icon alongside your stats. Try to charge your device before the battery level is critically low. 

Why Isn’t My Fitbit Flex Charging?

If you’ve placed your Flex in its cradle and plugged it into an outlet, and the device isn’t charging, it’s likely that there’s an issue with either the charging cable or the USB port.

Try using a different cable to see if it fixes the issue. Check to make sure that there are no alignment issues and that the charger is fully plugged into the outlet. 

If it’s still not charging, carefully clean the pins on the charging cable and the charging contacts on your device. You can clean the cable pins with a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol.

To clean your charging contacts, gently brush them with rubbing alcohol using a clean, dry toothbrush. Use a soft cloth to fully dry the contacts before connecting them to the charger. 

If the battery on your device was fully depleted, or if you haven’t used your device in several months, it might seem like your device isn’t charging. Leave the device on the charging cable for at least 30 minutes. If it is charging, you should see the indicator lights come on within that window of time. 

Why Won’t My Fitbit Flex Hold a Charge?

You should get at least five days of battery life from a fully charged Flex. If your battery is draining in just a few hours, it’s possible that there’s an issue with your tracker. 

If your device doesn’t seem to hold a charge, and you’ve already tried other fixes, a factory reset may be your best option. Contact Fitbit Support if a reset doesn’t fix the problem, you may be able to have your tracker replaced.

How Do I Factory Reset My Fitbit Flex?

To restore your Flex to its factory settings, you’ll need your charger and a paperclip. Since a reset will erase all your data, you won’t want to go through this process unless you’ve already tried other fixes. To reset your device, go through these steps:

1. Make sure your Flex has a full battery and connect it to its charger.

2. Turn your device over and look for a small hole. Insert a paperclip into the hole and press down for five seconds. 

3. Remove the paperclip and disconnect the device from its charger. 

4. Connect your device to a phone or computer to confirm that it’s been reset. 

Can You Charge a Fitbit Flex Without a Charger?

If you’ve lost the charger for your Flex, your best option is to pick up a replacement. You can also try connecting your device to a different wireless charger or a power bank. 

You don’t need an official Fitbit cable to charge your device, but you will need a USB charging cable. If you have a cable on-hand, you can slowly charge your device by connecting it to your computer using any suitable USB cable. 

What Kind of Battery Does the Fitbit Flex Use?

Your Flex is equipped with a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery. The battery is designed to be long-lasting and should hold a charge for at least five days, even if you’re using sleep tracking, alarms, and its vibration motor. 

While it’s rare to have issues with your tracker’s battery, you can reduce the risk of problems by regularly cleaning your device. When possible, you should try to charge the battery before it’s drained completely. Charging the device when the battery is at zero can put additional strain on your battery. 

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