Does Xbox Series X Have Bluetooth?

Are you wondering whether Xbox Series X has Bluetooth or not? Are you not sure whether it is compatible with your Bluetooth device? Well, let us help you out here by digging into this topic deeply to make sure you can make a well-informed choice! 

The Xbox Series X, just like other Xbox models like Xbox One and Xbox One S, doesn’t have the Bluetooth feature inside it. However, the good news is that most of the controllers have Bluetooth compatibility with devices, like PCs and phones.  

To know more about the Bluetooth compatibility of Xbox Series X, you might want to read on! 

Why Does Xbox Series X Not Have Bluetooth?  

As disappointing as it sounds, even if Xbox Series X has many advanced features, it still lacks the Bluetooth feature. Now, what exactly is the reason behind it? 

Here’s why: Most people that use Xbox usually game when they are sitting away from the actual gaming console. Now, if you didn’t know, Bluetooth signals can actually cause more interference at a longer distance compared to a shorter one. 

So, keep in mind that even if you’re using or wearing any Bluetooth-enabled devices, there are still chances that it may hamper your controls’ responsiveness.  

Additionally, there’s also the matter of flexibility. If Microsoft makes their Xbox Bluetooth-compatible, they might have to follow specific Bluetooth standards, specially set by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group.  

Hence, because of the above reasons, you’ll find that your Xbox, be it Xbox Series X or Xbox One S doesn’t have Bluetooth in it.  

Is Bluetooth Available on Xbox Series X Controllers?  

Yes, if we are talking about the Xbox Series X controllers, the new ones do have a wireless Bluetooth signal available. So, if you have new controllers, then you can use the Bluetooth option in case the option of Xbox Wireless is not available.  

Hence, it becomes easy to use Xbox Series X controllers with many devices, including your PC and mobile phone too.  

Again, if your Xbox controller doesn’t come with Bluetooth, then you can easily make use of the Xbox Wireless USB adapter. The USB adapter is quite reasonable too. This device basically helps in connecting your controller to your PC by adding the option of Xbox Wireless.  

Can You Use USB Bluetooth Adapter With Xbox Series X?  

One of the greatest hacks of using Bluetooth in any device is by using a USB Bluetooth adapter.   

Unfortunately, as Xbox Series X doesn’t come with drivers that are a requirement for a USB Bluetooth adapter. Due to this reason, you cannot use a USB Bluetooth adapter with an Xbox Series X either.  

So, what if you want to connect a Bluetooth device to your Xbox Series X? Given below is how you can do it.  

Is there a Way to Connect Xbox Series X to Bluetooth Headphones ?  

One of the most common reasons why people want Bluetooth on their Xbox Series X is to connect their Bluetooth headphones.  

After all, it is no mystery that audio can get extremely important in gaming warzones. However, as Xbox Series X doesn’t support Bluetooth mainly due to Microsoft standards, you cannot directly connect your Bluetooth headphones or speakers.  

But, there’s still a way that can allow you to connect your Xbox Series X to Bluetooth headphones. Given below are some easy steps to do so.  

Step 1: Get a Bluetooth Transmitter and Turn it On  

The first step to connect your Xbox to Bluetooth headphones is by getting a Bluetooth transmitter.  

Then, connect this transmitter to the controller and keep it in the ‘pairing mode’. Another way is to simply follow the instructions given in the instruction manual that comes with the transmitter.  

Step 2: Get Ready With Your Headphones  

In this step, you need to work with your headphones. Turn your headphones on and then keep them in the ‘pairing mode’ too. If you’re new to this, just check whether you see a flashing light on the headphones. Flashing lights usually indicate ‘pairing mode on.’ 

Step 3: Check If They Are Connected  

Lastly, you need to check whether the headphone is receiving the audio signals or not. You can simply wear them and check or watch out for flashing lights on the devices.  

Note: Keep in mind that you might have to repeat these steps whenever you want to use your Bluetooth headphones.   

Also, one limitation of using Bluetooth headphones is that there might be some signal issues due to interference. This can cause inconvenience in your gaming experience, especially if you’re wanting to play games like Fortnite or Call of Duty.  

Final Thoughts 

To conclude, Xbox Series X doesn’t have Bluetooth due to various reasons mentioned above but its controllers do.  

Moreover, you can try using a Bluetooth transmitter to connect your Bluetooth headphones but it might result in interference that may affect your overall gaming experience too! 

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