Does Gaming Damage Your Laptop?

If you’re an avid gamer then you know there comes a point where you need to play games on your laptop. But this bring us to the question does gaming damage your laptop?

Playing Games will not damage your laptop as long as your laptop meets gaming requirements however like most things playing a hardware-intensive game on a laptop that does not meet gaming requirements can cause your laptop to overheat which over time can cause your laptop to slow down and put your processers to its limit.

There are a few things you should be aware of on how to maintain the health of your laptop while playing games and how to reduce the chances of overworking your laptop. Let’s take a look at a few things you should look out for.

Over Heating The Cause Of Long Term Damage

As we mentioned above gaming does not damage your laptop, although when playing hardware-intensive games your laptop will use additional resources in order to keep up with performance this does not cause damage at all but it can since its using additional resources and is working harder it can start overheating your laptop.

Overheating isn’t something to be concerned about if it occurs once in a while but if it occurs occasionally and for long hours it can definitely start to damage both your laptop and its internal components & significantly slow down your laptop’s performance.

Your laptop overheating when playing games is quite normal and occurs because it requires more resources from your CPU & GPU in order to load your game at a high FPS (frame rate per second) and maintaining optimal performances. Most laptops deliberately slow down & slightly reduces performance in order to reduce overheating, which makes it perfect for reducing damage from overheating & enhancing your gaming experience maintaining high performance at all times until it needs to slightly reduce performance to keep from overusing resources.

You may also experience overheating from other factors which build up and make it easier for your laptop to overheat from playing games.

Here are a few causes for laptop overheating:

  • Placing a laptop on an uneven surface
  • blocking airflow
  • running a hardware intensive game for long hours
  • Incorrect Laptop Placement
  • Over performing laptops

How to Reduce Laptop Overheating:

When it comes to your laptop overheating there are a few things you can do in order to keep it from overheating. Reducing overheating will ensure your laptop stays in top condition at all times this reduces the risk of internal damage as well as adding additional stress to your laptop components. Let’s take a look at how you can ensure your laptop doesn’t overheat.

Cleaning The Fans

It’s important to occasionally check your laptop fans to see if dust has accumulated on the fan. This is one of the major causes of laptop overheating. A combination of a clogged fan and playing games can easily cause your laptop to overheat and slowly breakdown.

Place Your Laptop on an Even Surface

Sometimes where you place your laptop can have a huge impact on overheating. Placing your laptop on an incorrect surface can lead to a blockage of airflow to the fan which can in turn cause it to overheat. For example, Placing the laptop on your lap can block the fan which can cause overheating. This can easily be avoided by placing your laptop on a sturdy even surface.

Don’t Overwork Your Laptop

When playing games on your laptop you don’t want to overwork your laptop by having additional apps and tabs open. Other programs just being open will cause your laptop to work even harder to render each component.

So ideally you would want to reduce the number of tabs you have open while playing be it on the web browser tabs or other applications and programs you have on your laptop. Keeping just the game open will reduce your laptop’s overall workload and in turn, gaming performance will be enhanced.

Turn Up The Air Conditioning

Hot room temperatures can have a major impact on overheating, especially when your laptop is directly exposed to sunlight. Keeping your room temperatures cool will reduce laptop overheating and will reduce overall stress your laptop endures from hot temperatures.

Use a Laptop Cooling Pad

Laptop coolers can be quite effective and most cooling pads on the market are slim and portable allowing you to use your cooling pad wherever you go.

Give Your Laptop A Break

When you notice your laptop starts to overheat it may be best to give it a short break in order to cool off before playing again. This ensures you never push your laptop to its absolute limit and allows you to play at optimal performances once its cooled off.

Related Questions

does playing games slow down your laptop?

Gaming will not slow down your laptop, gaming can cause your laptop to work a little harder but it will not deteriorate your laptop. Deterioration of your hardware happens over years of owning the laptop such as 6+ years and deterioration will occur naturally just from laptop age. So you shouldn’t be worried about your laptop slowing down or slowly deteriorating from playing games.

Should I Charge My Laptop While Gaming?

Yes, Charging your laptop while playing dramatically enhances performance, this is because when you play video games your laptop uses more resources and works harder in order to display your effectively and efficiently so it uses more power. So keeping you laptop plugged in will give your pc the extra power it needs to run your game efficiently.

Does playing games damage laptop battery?

You cant damage your laptop battery playing games but it can definitely degrade overtime from excessive use which is why we recommend that you charge your laptop while playing. This ensures your laptop gets enough power and doesn’t overwork your battery.

Final Thoughts

So. there you have it playing games does not cause damage to your laptop although it can cause it to overheat which in turn can cause long term damage to the laptop. In most cases, overheating when playing games in laptops is quite normal and the causes typically involve other factors than just playing. For example, keeping your laptop on an uneven surface this blocks the fan from doing its job which in turn causes overheating it can be a combination of gaming and blocking the fan.

In most cases though playing games will not overheat your laptop mainly because many laptops will reduce performance slightly in order to make up for reducing additional resources used. It’s also important to note that when you play games on your laptop you should ensure that your laptop meets the gaming requirements for a specific game or else it will cause your laptop to overwork thus causing it to overheat. Thanks for reading and happy gaming!

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