Why Can’t I Summon in Elden Ring? (Here’s Why)

Elden Ring can be a maddeningly difficult game, especially if you are taking on its myriad of challenges alone. Summoning is one mechanic meant to help players get through difficult encounters, either by summoning NPCs to help you through Spirit Ashes or Summoning Signs, or even to summon other players through their summoning signs. You might be wondering, why can’t I summon in Elden Ring? If you are having trouble using summons, read on to find the solution.

You can summon Spirit Ashes or other players in Elden Ring. To summon Spirit Ashes, you need a Spirit Calling Bell and Ashes equipped in your item slot. You cannot summon outside a summoning location. To summon a player, use the Furcalling Finger Remedy and interact with a player’s summon.

But where do you get the Spirit Calling Bell? And how do Spirit Ashes even work?

Why Can’t I Summon in Elden Ring?

Here are some quick tips related to summoning Spirit Ashes and players:

  • You can obtain a Spirit Calling Bell from Renna at the Church of Elleh at night.
  • Summon locations are noted by a small symbol on the left side of the screen
  • You must have enough FP to summon the Spirit Ashes.
  • You can purchase a bell and ashes from the Twin Maiden Husks in Roundtable Hold.
  • Players may not be summoned successfully if summoned by another player before you. Pick another player to summon and keep trying.
  • Make sure that you have online features enabled from the main menu.

Keep reading for more details on the summoning system and multiplayer tips in Elden Ring.

How does multiplayer work in Elden Ring?

Unlike previous games made by FromSoftware, online multiplayer must be enabled by the player even when online features are enabled. That means you can read messages from other players without the threat of being invaded by an enemy player character (you can still be invaded by NPC invaders). Players will only be invaded in Elden Ring if they have summoned one or more additional players to assist them.

That means you will typically have an advantage in numbers over any players invading your game. Using a Furcalling Finger Remedy is necessary to see player summoning signs to bring other players into your game. Players who intend to help you have summon signs in gold color. Players who wish to do battle with you will have a red summon sign. Only summon these players if you are ready for a fight!

To join another player’s game for co-op, you will use the Tarnished’s Furled Finger to draw your own summoning sign in gold. This will leave a summon sign at your feet, in the same location in the games of other players. Any player can see your sign and choose to summon you, after which an indicator will pop up on the screen, and you will be teleported to that player’s game. While in another player’s game, you can gain runes and you can pick up items dropped by the host and vice versa.

Some players use this method to trade items with each other, but it can be risky if you don’t know the other player well. If you die, you will lose the accumulated runes and be transported back to your game. You will also be sent back to your world after defeating a boss. The main purpose for summoning in Elden Ring is for players to receive help with difficult sections of the game or with bosses.

If you wish to leave messages of your own on the ground to guide (or mislead) other players, you will need to use the Tarnished’s Wizened Finger. This item allows you to create messages out of pre-selected words and phrases. Many players will leave messages around the world to notify players of secrets, warn them of traps or dangerous enemies ahead, or just to joke around.

Occasionally, you may find messages that mislead or trick you. If you do, there is a rating system for messages. When you pull up a message there will be an option to rate the player’s message. Messages that receive high ratings will grant the player who wrote the message a reward, and messages that receive enough low ratings will eventually disappear.

Elden Ring also allows summoning and invading for player vs. player battles. Some players who wish to fight will leave a red summoning sign. To leave a red summoning sign, you need to use an item called the Duelist’s Furled Finger. It works just like the Tarnished’s Furled Finger, except when the player is a red phantom and they will attack you! If you want an unfair fight, you can choose to summon a gold phantom player first, then summon the player to fight.

The final item related to player summoning is the Bloody Finger and the Festering Bloody Finger. Both items allow a player to invade another player; the Bloody Finger is a permanent item, while the Festering Bloody finger is a consumable. Invading players can join your game without warning, but only If you have another player summoned. They may be able to surprise you or catch you with your guard down, but no matter what you will have assistance for fighting them. There is one way to be invaded without having summoned other players: through an item called the Taunter’s Tongue.

This item is dropped by Mad Tongue Alberich, who will invade the player in the Roundtable Hold. This item allows you to open yourself up for invasions from other players even while alone. This is for players who are eager for PVP and want a fair, one on one fight. Make sure you are prepared when you allow invaders into your game, as you will not know where they spawn in from, and they can surprise you or hide and ambush you at an inopportune moment. For experienced players only!

How do Spirit Ashes work?

Spirit Ashes are a new mechanic in Elden Ring. Using a Spirit Calling Bell, a player can summon one of many NPC helpers using Spirit Ashes they have equipped. Spirit Ashes can be found in the world, purchased from vendors, or obtained as a reward from quests just like weapons, gear, and spells are. Similar to other gear the player can find, Spirit Ashes can be upgraded to make them more powerful.

You will likely obtain your first Spirit Ashes when you receive the Spirit Calling Bell and Lone Wolf Ashes from Renna. You will find Renna after having received the Spectral Steed from Melina. Once you have Torrent, return to the Church of Elleh site of grace, where Kale the Merchant resides. At night, Renna will be there, and you must speak to her to receive the items. You can receive a second set of Spirit Ashes from an NPC called Roderika, who resides at the Stormhill Shack. She will give you the Spirit Jellyfish Ashes.

Roderika will prove to be very important, as she is the one who will upgrade Spirit Ashes for you. After defeating Goddrick the Grafted, return to her location and she will move on to the Roundtable Hold. From there, you will be able to speak with her to improve your Spirit Ashes. Spirit ashes require Gloveworts to be upgraded, much like you would use smithing stones to improve weapons.

They can commonly be found in dark places like caves, catacombs, tombs, graveyards, and swamps. Many chests throughout the world will reward you with Spirit Ashes, and there are a wide variety of ashes to choose from. Most are based on common enemy types you’ll find throughout the world of Elden Ring, but some are unique characters with special abilities. Make sure to explore thoroughly to find as many Spirit Ashes as possible!

Spirit ashes can only be summoned in specific locations, usually boss fights or particularly difficult areas. Summon areas are indicated by a small symbol on the left side of the screen. Simply equip the desired Spirit Ashes in the item quick slot and press the use item button to summon the ashes.

One important thing to remember is that Spirit Ashes require FP to summon. FP is the blue bar beneath your red health bar, and is the resource used for casting spells as well as summoning Spirit Ashes. Many character classes will not start with enough FP to summon the more powerful Spirit Ashes, so if you would like to use some of the more powerful summons, you should increase your FP.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you cannot summon both Spirit Ashes and another player. If you try to summon your Spirit Ashes while you have another player helping in your game, it will fail. However, you can summon NPCs through a gold summoning sign and Spirit Ashes at the same time. If you are having a lot of trouble with a particular boss, check to see if there is an NPC summon sign near the boss door. That way, you can team up with the NPC and your Spirit Ashes and have a much easier time taking down the boss.

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