How Easy is it to Play MultiVersus Without Spending Money? 

Like anyone who has played many of the most popular free-to-play games, these games are usually anything but. In theory, some games may allow you to play much, if not all, without spending a single cent. But a lot of these games are designed with the “fear of missing out” on content if you play without paying. MultiVersus is one of the most recent big free-to-play games out there, and a lot of people are wondering: how easy is it to play it without spending money?

How Easy is it to Play MultiVersus Without Spending Money?

Free-to-play games vary in terms of how exploitative they may be, and a lot of people avoid playing them if they can help it for that reason. There are certainly some games that play quite well, but in the end, were spoiled by using a free-to-play model. Before we go into how easy it is to play MultiVersus without spending money, however, we should examine the currencies used in this game, of which there are three.

What are the currencies used in MultiVersus?

The three currencies are called Gold, Gleamium, and Character Tickets. The first currency is obtained by playing the game, while the second currency is obtained by spending real-world money. Each character costs the exact same as the other in terms of Gleamium, while the Coin cost of characters may differ from one character to the next. Finally, the Character Tickets can be obtained in purchasable packs.

How do I get Gold in MultiVersus?

There are multiple ways to earn Gold in MultiVersus. Gold is earned by playing matches, regardless of whether you win or lose these matches. However, if you win matches, you will get more Gold than you normally would. Your first win of the day nets you 100 Gold, and the cheapest a character costs in Gold is 1,500. This means that, if you just win one match per day, you should be able to unlock a new character every couple of weeks.

Another way to earn Gold is to complete both daily and Battle Pass missions. However, the only way you can gain Gold from the Battle Pass missions is to pay for the Battle Pass, which has two variants: the Free and Premium Battle Passes. The Premium Battle Pass costs $9.99, and in all, the Battle Pass affords you 1,500 Gold.

Another way to get Gold is to receive “toasts.” Toasts are given by other players, usually to congratulate a well-played match or in response to a toast from you to them. If you receive a toast, it earns you 25 Gold. A method that confers more control, however, is to rank up the characters you own. By hitting rank 5 for a character, you are awarded 100 Gold. This encourages you to diversify your character choices and discover a potential new main. Finally, if you play with a friend on your team, you get both a 30 percent increase in experience, but also Gold.

If you want to earn Gold quickly without paying money for the Battle Pass, there is actually a fairly simple way to do so. It’s not the most entertaining way to earn Gold, and takes time away from actually playing the game, but it’s good if you are in a pinch and want a new character sooner than later. To do this, you need to play with a friend in a 2V2 match against AI opponents, and exchange toasts between your partner and yourself.

How do I get Gleamium?

Gleamium is MultiVersus’ premium currency, and you can purchase characters with 700 Gleamium. The only way to get it is to pay real-world money, and the cost of 700 Gleamium is approximately seven US dollars. It is, at the very least, convenient that the conversion rate is roughly one dollar per 100 Gleamium.

How do I get Character Tickets?

Character Tickets can only be obtained by purchasing packs using real money. This is a quicker way to get all the characters, though obviously, it’s not an option if you want to play MultiVersus without spending any money. There are three packs in total:

  • Standard ($40)
  • Deluxe ($60)
  • Premium ($100)

All three packs come with Character Tickets, Gleamium, and the Rare “Founder” Banner. The first two vary depending on the level, with the Gleamium and Character Tickets total being 300/15, 1000/20, and 2500/30. The Deluxe and Premium sets have additional benefits. They both give you the PFG Team Epic Ringout VFX, 1-3 Battle Pass Tokens, and the Epic “Deluxe Founder” Banner. Finally, the exclusive Premium rewards include the Legendary “Premium Founder” Banner, PFG MultiVersus Legendary Ringout VFX, and finally, the Founder’s Name Style.

How much does each MultiVersus character cost in Gold?

Unlike the 700 Gleamium cost for each character, the Gold cost varies depending on the character, which we will detail below.

1,500 Gold gets you one of the following:

  • Garnet (Steven Universe)
  • Shaggy (Scooby-Doo)
  • Taz (Looney Tunes)

2,000 Gold gets you one of the following:

  • Batman (DC)
  • Bugs Bunny (Looney Tunes)
  • Finn (Adventure Time)
  • Gizmo (Gremlins)
  • Harley Quinn (Batman)
  • Jake (Adventure Time)
  • LeBron James (Space Jam)
  • Reindog (MultiVersus)
  • Superman (DC)
  • Velma (Scooby-Doo)

3,000 Gold gets you one of the following:

  • Arya Stark (Game of Thrones)
  • Iron Giant
  • Morty (Rick & Morty)
  • Steven Universe
  • Tom and Jerry

Do characters ever become free?

The answer to this question is yes, but not forever. MultiVersus has a selection of characters who are available to be played freely for a two-week period. Once these two weeks have been completed, these characters become locked, and then another set of characters is made available for you to try. For instance, the first set of free characters were Finn, Garnet, Reindog, and Superman. Some of these characters were made available again during later free character trials, so just because they left once doesn’t mean they can’t be playable again.

After the first free set of characters, there were four more added as of the writing of this article. The next sets were:

  • Set 2: Arya, Batman, LeBron James, and Steven Universe
  • Set 3: Shaggy, Velma, Bugs Bunny, and Harley Quinn
  • Set 4: Batman, Iron Giant, Finn, and Morty
  • Set 5: Superman, Jake, Arya, and Bugs Bunny

If you rank up any characters played during any of these trial periods, said rank will be retained. Thus, if you play them again in another set or buy the character, the game will remember your rank with them.

There is actually one character that is free to use for everyone after completing the tutorial, and that character is Wonder Woman.

What other things can I purchase in MultiVersus?

There are many other things you can purchase in MultiVersus besides characters. Honestly, unlocking the characters themselves is not the most time-consuming thing in the world, and you can fairly easily afford every single character in the game in not too much time. The part of the game where things actually become difficult to achieve without spending money are other kinds of customization options.

How much are character skins?

With only one exception so far, every single character skin can only be obtained using Gleamium or through a Battle Pass. The one costume that can be purchased with Gold is the classic Iron Giant costume. Normally, the Iron Giant has a Superman ‘S’ on its chest, and the alternate costume is just him without the ‘S’. This costs 350 Gold. Meanwhile, the Season 1 Battle Pass comes with the following alternate costumes:

  • Bugs Bunny: Brunhilda
  • Finn: Pajamas
  • Garnet: Flashback Costume
  • Harley Quinn: X Task Force Outfit
  • Jake: Cake the Cat
  • LeBron James: “I’m Freakin’ Robin” Costume
  • Shaggy: Uncle Shagworthy
  • Taz: Tune Squad Costume
  • Tom and Jerry: Detectives Costumes

To get these costumes, you need to reach a certain level, and some are available in the Free Battle Pass while others are available in the Premium one.

Costumes that can be purchased using Gleamium vary in terms of cost. Unlike characters, the Gleamium value is not fixed for every costume. The cheapest costumes cost 500 Gleamium, such as President Morty and Tom and Jerry’s Pirates Costumes, but some can cost as much as 2,000 Gleamium. Batman is the only one to have a 2,000 Gleamium costume, which is based on his outfit from Batman: The Animated Series. Many costumes, such as Velma’s Luau Costume, cost 1,500 Gleamium, while others cost 800 Gleamium.

How much is Ringout VFX?

These are entirely optional, but players may buy them if they want to add a little flavor during gameplay. Ringout VFX is taken from different sources, and is played when a character is knocked out of battle. For example, the Space Kook laugh from Scooby-Doo can be purchased and played during this for 1,200 Gleamium. All other Ringout VFX can be purchased for the same cost.

How much are character taunts?

Character taunts are one of the most important cosmetic items in any multiplayer video game, simply because they are a great way to tilt your opponent. Much like the Ringout VFX, the character taunts cost the same amount of Gleamium no matter the taunt – 500.

Does MultiVersus have lootboxes?

One of the biggest stumbling blocks for free-to-play gamers is when they use lootboxes. Lootboxes have been fairly controversial due to the fact that they are both fairly addictive and considered gambling in some countries. But does MultiVersus have lootboxes?

The good news is that, at least so far, MultiVersus has absolutely no element of gambling in it. What you pay is what you get. Hopefully, they stick with this approach, as lootboxes would only worsen what is a comparatively decent free-to-play game.

How much would it cost to get all the characters released so far?

If you are feeling particularly impatient and don’t want to try to earn the necessary Gold to get characters, you may want to just pay for enough Gleamium to buy all the characters. But how much does that come to in total?

To unlock every character with Gleamium, it would ultimately cost 12,600 Gleamium in total. This comes out to $126.00. If you want to get all the additional content, however, that would ultimately cost you several hundreds of dollars. This is especially trying, because as I noted above, almost all costumes require Gleamium or the Battle Pass to obtain. And, of course, it is only going to become more expensive as more content is added to the game. Granted, you don’t need all the content, but it’s still nice to have, right?

Is any content in MultiVersus exclusive to the Premium Battle Pass?

Currently, there is some content that is only available to people who purchased the Premium Battle Pass. However, the good news is that this exclusive content is only going to be exclusive for a limited period of time. According to Warner Bros., the publisher of the game, there “may be opportunities” for other players to get this content. Still, it’s debatable whether the premium content that can only be purchased using Gleamium will not be made available through other means.

Costumes are a common way for companies to provide content that can be obtained for free for the most part, while still creating a revenue model that requires you to pay money if you want to personalize your character.

The Battle Pass also includes certain other pieces of content, including stickers and banners.

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