Does Apple Pay Work Without Internet?

Apple Pay is one of the easiest methods used to secure a transaction. Simply unlock your phone screen, scan your phone on a card reader at a store, and you’re done. However, will you still be able to use Apple Pay if you don’t have an internet connection be it cell data or Wifi connection?

Apple Pay does not require any form of internet connection in order to make a transaction. The reason being is Apple Pay stores your payment information on your phone’s SE chip and then communicates to the card reader through Near Field Communication technology.

Let’s now take a look at how Apple Pay works without an internet connection, different ways in which you can make a purchase with Apple Pay, as well as whether or not Apple Pay is a safe option. Let’s dive in!

How Apple Pay Works Without an Internet Connection

Apple Pay does not require any form of internet service in order to make a transaction, as your payment details will be saved on your phone’s SE Chip upon setting up your account.

Once you submit your card details to your Apple Pay account, your details will immediately be stored on your phone or watch’s SE chip. An SE chip stands for Secure Element chip, this is an industry-standard, certified chip designed to store your payment information securely. Once your information is stored you will be able to make a transaction without the need for an internet connection.

The information on your phone or watch’s SE chip it will be able to communicate with the store’s card readers through Near Field Communication technology (NFC). you will then need to simply authenticate your payment method using Face ID, Touch ID, or your passcode.

So, you will not need to worry whether or not your phone has service in order to pay. Simply place the backside of your phone on the card reader’s terminal and you will be prompted to confirm your purchase with either your phone’s Pin, face ID, or touch ID. And that’s it, you just bought a doughnut!

Can you use Apple Pay on Your Watch without Your phone?

Yes, you will be able to use Apple Pay on your watch without the need for your phone. However, you will need to set up Apple Pay independently on your watch. The Apple Pay setup process on your watch is exactly the same as on your phone. Simply open the Apple Watch App on your phone, select the Wallet & Apple Pay App, simply Add a credit or debit card. If you don’t have an existing passcode to your Apple watch you will then need to create one as Apple Pay won’t work without one.

You will then be able to scan your card manually or through your phone camera, once that’s set up you will need to verify your account by email or SMS with a verification code, and your good to go!

You will then be able to use Apple Pay through your Apple Watch without needing your phone at all.

Is Apple Pay Safe?

Yes, Apple Pay is safe & may even be safer than using a traditional credit or debit card. The reason being is that Apple Pay requires that you verify your identity with each purchase this can be through a passcode, Touch ID or, Face ID feature.

Additionally, Apple Pay never shares your card details. When purchasing an item Apple Pay creates a unique code for processing your payment instead of sharing your credit card number. This is beneficial when making a purchase in-stores or even online since your card number is never shared, your details will be protected at all times.

What if you lose your Phone or Watch?

If you do happen to lose your phone or watch, you will be able to lock your Apple Pay account remotely. You can do this by simply heading over to “find my phone” on your computer or another phone & simply put your device in “lost mode”. Doing so will lock your apple pay account until “Lost mode” is disabled.

Related Questions:

1. Does Apple Pay work with a phone case?

Yes, Apple Pay will work even when using a phone case, the NFC chip required to secure the transaction is located on the top of your phone, so making a payment with the case on shouldn’t be an issue.

2. Does Apple Pay Have Fees?

No, Apple pay does not charge any fees. However, some stores charge an additional fee when not purchasing an item with cash. Stores that offer cash discounts may not include Apple Pay in the discount.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, you will still be able to use Apple pay even if you don’t have an internet connection be it from Wifi or mobile data. Additionally, if you own a smartwatch you will be able to make a purchase through your watch even if you don’t have your phone on you. This makes ApplePay an extremely convenient payment option, allowing you to make purchases through your phone or watch while maintaining a high level of security through several verification methods, as well as the option to block Apple Pay remotely if required. So, what are you waiting for its now time to get shopping!

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