Do Wireless Earbuds Fall Out When Running?

Wireless earbuds are a great new tech that allows us to listen to music, podcasts, news and other media when running. They give us a simple and easy way to multitask without too much effort.  Unfortunately, because of running’s vigorousness, earbuds often fall out.   

So yes, wireless earbuds fall out when running.  It’s frustrating and it can get expensive if you lose them often enough.  Taking a proactive approach to your earbuds will not only save you money but will also prevent the earbuds from falling out. 

Do Bluetooth Earbuds Fall Out When Running? 

As long as you get the right pair, Bluetooth earbuds shouldn’t fall out when running. They keep you connected to your smartwatch or smartphone while listening to your preferred media. These come in a range of prices, sizes and designs to cater to your budget and preferences.  

What Are the Best Features in Wireless Earbuds for Running? 

Before you purchase a set of wireless earbuds, there are some features you should take into consideration. Evaluate which of the following is most important to you: 

  • Battery – Depending on how long and often you run, battery life may be an important consideration. This will be especially true for endurance runners. Look into a pair that holds a charge for as long as you go for one run.  
  • Design – Some people may prefer a more discreet or fashionable look to their earbuds. Pay attention to how they protrude from your head if this is a concern for you. People with smaller, more dainty shaped and sized heads will want something that blends into the ear rather than sticking out. 
  • Size – The one-size-fits-all earbud doesn’t always fit everyone. Consider looking into a pair of wireless earbuds that have a customizable fit and avoid ones promoting a “universal fit.” Recent developments now offer a gel that molds into the ear canal’s natural shape.  
  • Water Resistance – Sweating and running go hand-in-hand. This is truer when running in a hot and/or rainy region. So, it will be very important to have water-resistant wireless headphones. There’s an industry-standard called IXP that indicates the level of water protection. Anything with a rating of four or higher will be great for resisting water. 

Should Runners Wear Wired Outer-Ear Headphones Instead? 

No, outer-ear headphones tend to be hot, uncomfortable, and sweaty. Plus the headphones and cord can smack you in the face or eyes at the wrong moment. Although some people prefer this type, it’s not often advisable. Of course, you should do what you find works best. 

Wired headphones will be cumbersome when running because headphones like this are bulky and can be rather unsightly. Prior to the existence of wireless earbuds, there was no way to work around the inconvenience. But it’s no longer necessary and you now have some choices to ensure comfort.  

There are two pluses with wired headphones.  First, you won’t have to worry about them running out of power. Second, because they are often bulkier and bigger, it won’t be very easy to lose them. 

Are There Ways to Prevent Earbuds from Falling Out While Running? 

There are a few methods you can try to prevent any brand of earbuds from falling out of your ears while you run or jog. 

  • Correct Wearing – Be sure to read the instructions that come with your wireless earbuds so you know you’re wearing them right. Don’t wing it because it seems like a no-brainer; read and follow the manufacturer’s tips. This will eliminate a lot of problems with them falling out while you run. 
  • Ear Loops or Hooks – You can make a pair with twist ties, buy a specific attachment or get a pair of wireless earbuds that have a special contraption that links around your outer ear. This is a surefire way to prevent earbuds from falling out. 
  • Earlobe Stretching – Opening your ear canal will help prevent wireless earbuds from falling out when you run. You can do this by gently pulling your earlobe down with your fingers and place the bud in your ear. Let go of your lobe and you’ll feel a tighter seal form around the bud. Doing this will also improve sound quality. 
  • Cleaning Out Earwax – Earwax is the main cause of earbuds falling out. Don’t use cotton swabs as they can damage your eardrum. But, if earwax buildup is a problem for you, consider getting an earwax removal kit or get some ear candling done to reduce the problem. 
  • Wear a Hat, Sweatband, or Head Warmer – Placing a form-fitting headcover that sits snug over the ears will be a very easy and cost-effective way to prevent earbuds from falling out when you go for a jog or run. 

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