How To Connect Speakers To Acer Monitor

Most computer speakers have a standard 3.5mm stereo or mono cord, so they require the same input jack that headphones do. If you want to use a computer speaker with your Acer monitor, check to see if your monitor has this same input size.

How do I connect my speakers to my Acer monitor with a stereo cord?

First, you need to connect your Acer monitor to your computer, gaming console, media play, or another external device. You can use an HDMI cord if your computer has one, or you can link the two via Wi-Fi.

1. Connect the Monitor (With a Computer)

All you need to do is put one end of your HDMI cord into your computer (or another device) and the other into the monitor. You shouldn’t do this, however, unless you have turned off both your computer and your monitor, so do that first.

1. Connect HDMI cord while your PC and monitor are “off.”

Place one end of the cord into the computer and the other end into the monitor. Then, restart both of those devices.

2. Restart Windows and your monitor, then wait.

It will take a bit of patience if you have a slow device, but you need to wait until Windows has fully loaded. Make sure your monitor has also fully powered on.

3. Search for “Ease of Access Display Settings” from your computer’s start menu.

When you see the search result appear, select it. Then, choose the “Additional Display Settings” option. For most Windows 10 computers, this would appear on the upper right-hand side of the screen or somewhere on the “Display Settings” screen.

4.  Rearrange the monitor screens.

Your computer should automatically detect your external Acer monitor if your HDMI cord works right. Otherwise, you can opt to use a wireless connection to connect your computer to your monitor.

5. Optional: Connect Display Via Wi-Fi

You can usually do this if your monitor also has Wi-Fi on it. Both your computer and the monitor need to be on the same network. The easiest way to do this is from the “Action Center” on your Windows taskbar indicated by a speech bubble icon.

Tap on this. Then, hit the “connect” option, and a list of display connection options will appear. Choose the “Acer monitor” one if that’s the name of the display you want to connect to.

The Action Center icon is usually on the lower right of your screen if your taskbar is on the bottom of the right side of your screen. If you moved your taskbar to the top, look to the top right. If you moved your taskbar to the left, look to the bottom right.

If you don’t see the  “connect” option in your Action Center, go back to the “Ease of Access Display” screen you were on before. From there, you can choose the “Connect to a wireless display” option.

2. Insert the Speakers

If your Acer monitor has an option to add a speaker to it, insert that into its audio output. Otherwise, the 3.5mm speaker cable to the “line out,” “audio out” or “output” jack on your computer.

If you can’t tell which one is the speaker output jack, take a magnifying glass and a flashlight to it. If you don’t see any text, you will notice a speaker icon, which indicates an output because that’s where the sound comes from.

3. Select Playback Device

Click or tap the speaker icon, which is typically found on your computer’s taskbar. Select it, and a drop-down list of all the possible speakers you can connect to will appear. If you choose the one that either says the name of your Acer monitor or has a generic place holding name, such as “Digital Output,” that would play the sound from your monitor if it has built-in speakers.

If you want the sound to come from your speakers, you must enable your computer to use them. If you have external speakers plugged in, look for the name of those speakers in the list of playback devices connected to your computer, and select that. The sound will play from those external speakers, and the monitor will still display what’s on your computer screen.

Can I connect my Acer monitor to my speakers without a jack?

If you want to play sound through your Acer monitor without a jack, it would have to have its own, built-in speakers. In that case, you would have to route the external speakers through your computer or other device and not the monitor. Otherwise, you will have to use an audio extractor if you connect your device to your Acer monitor with an HDMI cord.

What is an HDMI audio extractor?

It’s an external device that allows you to send the sound from your Xbox, computer, media streaming device, projector or other hardware. It allows you to improve sound quality when sending the sound to external speakers. This setup typically produces better sound than what you get from any sound that a monitor provides. 

Can you connect speakers to a monitor without an external device (ex: PC or Playstation)?

If it’s just a monitor and not a TV, no. You need to connect it to a computer. If it’s a TV with different speaker options, and it does include a 3.5mm speaker output jack, you can plug your speakers directly into it. Otherwise, you will need the audio extractor if you want to have high sound quality while connecting via HDMI.

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