Can You Use AirPods Max Wired?

Apple has generated tons of buzz on their first-ever over-the-ear-head phones the “Airpods Max”. These new headphones are known to provide an enjoyable wireless experience. However, can the Airpods Max be used with a wire?

The Airpods Max can be used with a wire, by connecting it to an Apple Lightning to 3.5 mm Audio Cable. However, the wire is not provided upon purchase and will need to be purchased separately.

Let’s now take a look at some of the benefits of using the Airpods Max with a wire.

Using AirPods Max With a Wire

Due to the nature of a wireless connection, you will experience the occasional input lag when listening to music or watching a movie. Whereas a wired connection completely eliminates that issue making your listening experience constant at all times. This is particularly great if you want to use your Airpods Max for gaming since the smallest delay in sound can result in winning or losing a game.

A wired connection will also allow you to use your Airpods Max in different avenues such as on a plane where a wired connection is needed to enjoy the in-flight entertainment.

Additionally, having a wired connection will not eliminate the need to charge your headphones. So, if you do run out of battery you will not be able to use your Airpods Max with a wired connection.

A major downside to having a wired connection option is that you will have to purchase the wire separately. Unfortunately, it’s not included with your Airpods Max purchase.

Are the Airpods Max Worth It?


Sound Quality

The Airpods Max features Apple’s custom-made driver which is designed to produce sound with ultra-low distortion across the audible range. This provides a different listening experience as it allows you to listen to every note crisp and clear.

Can You Workout With AirPods Max?
Can You Workout With AirPods Max?

This combined with its industry-leading Active noise cancellation features offers a great one-of-a-kind listening experience.

One of a Kind Design

The Airpods Max’s design is one of its major pros, Apple has managed to craft a pair of headphones that combine durability, flexibility, & comfort & it achieves this simply through design. Firstly, the Airpods Max is crafted from steel as opposed to plastic like most headphones in the market, although a durable material steel is also known for adding unnecessary weight. However, Apple counters this by designing the headband with a flexible knit mesh design and the side of the headphones which extends the headband with steel, offering a blend of durability & comfort.

Replaceable Earcups

Apple has designed the Airpods Max earcups to be removable, this a great feature since this portion of the headphones are the most vulnerable to wear and tear. The ability to replace the earcups allows you to maintain the quality of your Airpods Max for years to come.

Additionally, it gives you the option to change colors for a nice change.

Adaptive EQ

The Airpods Max features adaptive EQ technology, this simply tailors the sound frequency to the fit and seal created by the ear cushion. It works by utilizing an inward-facing microphone to listen-in and adjust the frequencies offering a consistent smooth listening experience.

Active Noise Cancelation

Each ear cup of the Airpods Max features three outward-facing microphones in order to detect and filter out external noise. This enhances the quality of sound heard within the headphones since it offers an uninterrupted listening experience. It also enhances the quality of the microphone, it does this by filtering out background noise and picking up your voice efficiently and effectively.

Transparency Mode

Transparency mode is a great option if you do want to listen-in on your content but also want to hear the environment around you. This works by turning off ActiveNoise Cancellation allowing you to listen in on your surroundings. This can be done simply by a push of a button.

Battery Life

Airpods Max’s battery life is top quality, lasting a whopping 20 hours with high-fidelity audio, talk time, or movie playback with Active Noise Cancellation and spatial audio enabled.

The Airpods Max also comes with a case that puts your headphones in an ultra-low power state reducing the amount of battery consumed.


No on Button

This might come as a surprise to most users but the Airpods Max has no on button meaning it is always on & the only way to preserve the battery life is by putting it on the case.

No Protection Against Water or Sweat

The Airpods Max has no IPX rating meaning it is not waterproof or sweatproof nor is it water or sweat-resistant. So, the Airpods Max definitely can’t be used for workouts or in rainy weather conditions. If any openings of the headphones are exposed to water or sweat it is at risk of getting damaged.

Case not very effective at protecting Airpods Max

The case although it does a great job at preserving your Airpods Max power it doesn’t do a great job at protecting your Airpods Max since it’s designed with a thin leather material it offers no protection to the headphones when in your bag.

Wired connection Sold Seperatly

Although the Airpods Pro offers a wired listening experience the wire will have to be bought separately since it’s not included with your Airpods Max purchase.

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1. Can You Use Airpods Max For Gaming?

Yes, you can use Airpods Max for gaming, however, if you will be using it for gaming the wired connection option is your best option by far since it eliminates the probability of experiencing any input lag which can result in winning or losing a game. Take a look at our post on how to convert your Airpods Max into the ultimate gaming headphones.

2. Can You Workout With the Airpods Max?

No, the Airpods Max are not water or sweat proof nor are they water or sweat resistant. This means that if any of the openings of your Airpods Max is exposed to water or sweat it may result in internal damage. take a look at our full post on working out with the Airpods Max.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, the Airpods Max can be used with a wired connection, however, you will need to purchase the wire separately. The wired connection can be worth it depending on your needs.

One of the major benefits of listening-in with a wired connection is that you will not experience any input lag, this is great if you will be using the headphones for calls or gaming and don’t want to experience the occasional sound delay.

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