What Does The Blue Light Mean On AirPods? (Shocking Answer)

A lot of true wireless earbuds have different LEDs of different colors and they mean different things. Apple AirPods are no different. The three colors that you typically expect from AirPods are orange (amber), white, and green. However, what does blue mean, and what causes it?

If you see a blue light coming from your AirPods, it means that you purchased a pair of fake AirPods. Original AirPods don’t emit a blue light.

Now, if you were to drop your Original AirPods on the ground and kick them around for a bit, you might see a blue light coming from them, but only because you damaged the LED to the point where it’s no longer functioning correctly. 

That’s about the only feasible way we could think of for there to ever be the possibility of a blue light coming from a set of Original Apple AirPods. 

What to Do if You See a Blue Light?

Well, there’s little that you can do. Apple is not going to just give you a pair of brand new AirPods just because you purchased a set of fake ones. If you purchased them from a legitimate retailer, then it’s always possible to return to the source and file a complaint.

If you purchased them from a local seller via a social marketplace, such as the Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp, NextDoor, or any others, there’s just not much you can do. However, if it’s a small, local business, you can file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. 

How to Tell Whether or not You Are Looking at Fake AirPods?

Serial numbers are everything when it comes to devices because they can be looked up whenever you need to check them. Simply go to Apple’s Support page, where you can enter your serial number.

It’s important to pour over the device, examining every detail. When it comes to fake devices, there are always giveaways that you can find if you are wary enough. 

On the back of the Apple AirPods case, there is a small circular button that is situated. Oftentimes, the button will be situated much higher, which is a dead giveaway that you’re looking at a fake and should walk away, preferably reporting the seller and exposing them for all to see. 

When it comes to lazily manufactured fakes, you will notice the fact that it simply appears so much cheaper than a real pair of AirPods. People can say whatever they want about Apple and their policies; however, they don’t make shoddy products that fall apart, with thin bezels and garbage springs. 

The diffuser around the AirPods, when they are situated in the case, is another dead giveaway. You’re looking for the perfect alignment between the diffuser and the smaller hole beside it, and then you know if you have a fake one. 

The lettering on the back that refers to the serial number and the country of manufacture is also worth spending some time pouring over. The best way to do this is to take a picture and grab a screenshot of the real deal. 

Once you have the one you need to check in your hands, make your comparison. Fake AirPods will have large numbers and letters, with a less refined look than the Apple counterpart. 

Also, be wary of offers on sale pages that have 100s of Apple AirPods for sale at “great prices”. These and many like them are almost always fake and not worthy of anything more than your quick exit from the page. 

What do the Real Apple AirPod Lights Look Like and Mean?

There are only three light variations that the LED will display when something is going on with your AirPods and they are the ones listed above. 


Green lights on your Apple Airpods mean that both earbuds are fully charged. There are different reasons for displaying the green light. When your AirPods are fully charged and in this case, you will see a green light that is solid and unblinking.

If you remove your AirPods from the case and the light remains green, it means that the case itself is fully charged, as there is nothing else for the minimal software inside the case to read except for itself.

Orange (Amber)

Amber is primarily the color that indicates charging. When you put your AirPods in the case and the light turns amber, that means that the case is now charging your AirPods. 

If the case is green without the AirPods, then the case is fully charged; however, if you drop in the AirPods and the light changes to amber, the fully charged case is now transferring that charge to your AirPods. 

If the AirPods case is displaying an amber light and there are no AirPods in there, then the case needs to be charged or is currently charging. 


Flashing white is the light that Apple went with when designing the AirPods case and deciding the signifier as to when the AirPods are in Pairing Mode . This is usually when you will see a blue light, in the unfortunate case that you have purchased a knock-off brand of AirPods. 

It should only flash white when the case is in Pairing Mode and ready to connect to your iOS device. If the pairing process fails, the flashing white light will abruptly change to flashing amber.

Flashing amber is often a signal that something is wrong with the pairing process, but it also means that something is wrong period. If you aren’t in the process of pairing the AirPods and you see a flashing amber light , it simply means that something is wrong with the AirPods or the case itself. 

Final Thoughts

If you ever see blue lights emanating from an Apple AirPods device, you have a fake pair of AirPods in your hands. Hopefully, you’ll read over this article long before you get your hands on one of these, especially if you pay the market price for it. 

The best way to ensure that you always have a true and real Apple product is to make the purchase directly from Apple’s online store or through the companion app.

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