Can You Charge Bluetooth Headphones While Using Them?

Bluetooth headphones have a lot of advantages over wired headphones. However, there is one thing that most users aren’t fond of when it comes to Bluetooth headphones & that’s charging them. Noone likes charging their headphones and has to wait hours until they can start using them. This brings us to the question can you charge your Bluetooth headphones while using them?

Yes, charging your Bluetooth headphones while listening to them is completely fine if your headphones allow for it. However, most Bluetooth headphones will immediately turn off when charging to power themselves up effectively, making them unable to charge and be listened to simultaneously.

Let’s take a look at what happens when you try to charge and use your headphones at the same time, as well as a few other things you may not have known about your Bluetooth headphones.

Can You Charge Bluetooth Headphones While Using Them?

Some headphones such as the Bowers and Wilkins PX7 ACTIVE Noise Cancelling Headphone do allow for listening while charging. However, most Bluetooth headphones in the market will automatically turn off as soon as they are plugged into a charging cable. This powering process will require your headphone’s capabilities to be turned off and will be done so automatically. However, some headphones do work when listening with a wire (AUX cable) while charging, but this is dependent on the type of headphones you have.

Can Bluetooth Headphones Work Without Being Charged?

Yes, if your Bluetooth headphones do have a headphone jack, then you will still be able to use them even when they run out of battery by simply using them through a wired connection with an AUX cable. The majority of headphones will not require your headphones to be charged when listening through a wired connection. However, there are some exceptions to the rule, such as the Airpods Max, which still needs to be charged even when listening through a wired connection.

How Long is the Battery Life on Bluetooth Headphones?

The average Bluetooth headphone battery life lasts around 6 to 8 hours when completely charged. However, a few headphones in the market completely surpass that with a 20-hour duration in a single charge.

How Long do Bluetooth Headphones Take to Charge?

On average, it can take around one to two hours to completely charge Bluetooth headphones from 0% charge. Most headphones can last for 1-2 hours on a 15-minute charge.

Do Bluetooth Headphones Drain More Battery?

Yes, when using your headphones with a wireless connection as opposed to a wired connection, it will drain more battery since a Bluetooth connection will require both devices to use more of its battery to keep the connection consistent. Using a wire will slightly reduce your device’s power consumption when using your headphones.

Can You Charge Bluetooth Headphones with Phone Charger?

Yes, you can charge your headphones with your phone charger as long as your charger uses a USB cable since USB cables are made to the USB standard and will only accept as much power as needed.

Can Bluetooth Headphones Electrocute You?

Getting electrocuted by your headphones is extremely unlikely. However, there are some occasions where you can put yourself at risk of electrocution. Such as charging your headphones through a faulty charger, exposed wires, or exposing your headphones to water. Today is a good day. As long your not exposing your headphones to the dangers stated above, then you should be fine.

How do I Know When my Bluetooth Headphones are Fully Charged?

Most Bluetooth headphones have a light indicator that indicates whether or not your headphones are fully charged. If the light is blinking, then it is still charging; once the light stops blinking and remains solid, your headphones are fully charged. Additionally, some headphones & earphones such as AirPods will display your headphones charge on the device it’s connected to.

Can You Overcharge Bluetooth Headphones?

Nowadays, most headphones stop charging your headphones once your battery reaches 100%, especially if your headphones use lithium-ion batteries. Because of this, there is no risk of “overcharging” your headphones or leaving them plugged in overnight. However, with that being said, you will need to ensure that your charging circuit isn’t faulty when charging and ensure that your headphones are, in fact, running on lithium-ion batteries.

Are Bluetooth Headphones Better Than Wired?

Generally, wired headphones sound better than Bluetooth headphones since they don’t experience audio latency as Bluetooth headphones experience. So in terms of sound consistency, wired headphones are greater and will be the better option for gaming, music production, conference calls. However, Bluetooth headphones do have advantages in mobility as there is no wire restricting your distance. It is the better option for working out.

Do Bluetooth Headphones Have a Microphone?

Yes, the majority of Bluetooth headphones in the market are equipped with a microphone. However, not all headphones microphones are built equally. Some do pick up your voice more accurately than others. If you are looking for a headphone with a good quality microphone, you will then need headphones with Active noise cancellation. Active Noise Cancellation does two things; the first is it filters out external noise, making what you listen to clearer within your headphones. Secondly, it blocks out external noise from being picked up by your microphone, thus providing a more clear-sounding microphone. Additionally, most high-quality sounding headphones will generally be equipped with more than one microphone to pick up your voice more accurately.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, you won’t be able to charge your headphones and use them simultaneously since it will turn off most of its features automatically to power itself. However, if you run out of charge, an alternative method is to use your headphones wired. Your headphones will not require any battery whatsoever when using them wired. This can come in handy when you’re in dire need of your headphones when it’s low on battery.

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