Can I Use Netflix at Another House?

Logging in to your Netflix account at another house seems like fraud or piracy, but as long as you pay for an account, you are ok to watch Netflix wherever you are.  

As long as you pay for a Netflix account and have a smart device with the Netflix app downloaded, you can watch Netflix no matter where you are. While it is not illegal, it is frowned upon to share your Netflix information with others who are not in your household.  

Password sharing 

Password sharing refers to letting other people use your account information to take advantage of the services you pay for. While many people do this to help out friends and family, it is frowned upon by companies such as Netflix who are losing out on money. 

Household account 

A household account is only meant to be used by individuals in your household. If your immediate family members, such as adult children, live in their own homes, you need a plan that allows more than one location, such as the standard or premium plan.  

Giving your account information to individuals that do not live in your household is called password sharing. And while a lot of people do this, it is a security risk for you and hurts Netflix’s business. 

Security measures 

Netflix may attempt in the future to put an end to assword sharing. Sharing passwords not only hurts their business, but it is also a security issue for users. 

The new security measure Netflix plans to take will require users to verify that they are the account owner via email or text code. If you don’t verify that it is you, you will not be able to stream Netflix. It will then prompt you to create your own account.  

This security measure won’t stop all password sharing because the account owner can easily send the code to their friend. The reason they will introduce this security measure is to stop some password sharing. This security feature will also help prevent malicious attempts to gain access to an account. 

The cost of password sharing 

Password sharing has been around since the beginning of Netflix. While it may seem harmless on an individual level, password sharing worldwide costs the company around nine billion dollars.  

This is the reason companies like Netflix are cracking down on piracy and password sharing. Some believe that there will never be an end to password sharing and it is just something companies like this have to deal with. Others believe it takes proactive change to put an end to password sharing. 

Netflix plans 

Netflix offers different plans that involve multiple streaming options. With the right streaming plan, you can legally watch Netflix in two different places.  

There are three streaming plans to choose from. The plans limit how many locations and devices you can stream content on.  

  1. Basic plan. This plan allows one location and one screen at a time. This plan does not let you watch videos in HD. 
  1. Standard plan. This plan offers the ability to stream content on two devices at the same time. It also lets you stream HD videos. 
  1. Premium plan. The premium plan is the most expensive and lets you stream HD and ultra-HD. With this plan, you can stream content on four screens at four locations at once. 

With any Netflix plan, you can download videos and watch them later without internet. This feature allows you to work around the number-of-device limits and number-of-locations limits of your plan.  

Netflix profiles 

With any plan, you can have up to five profiles. Each individual in your household can create a profile that will be personalized based on their preferences. Each child in your household can also have a profile, and you can set parental controls to restrict what they can watch. 

The number of profiles you have on your account does not matter when it comes to number-of-device or number-of-location limits. If you exceed your limit of locations or devices, playback will stop and it will explain that you have too many devices or too many locations trying to stream content. 

Netflix account sharing is legal, but terms and conditions apply. You can have multiple people on your Netflix account, but they should all live in your household. If they don’t live in your household, you need to upgrade to the standard or premium plan that allows multiple locations. Sharing your account information with others not in your household is considered password sharing, which can be considered piracy. 

When it comes to family members who don’t live with you, sharing passwords is still frowned upon and goes against Netflix’s terms of service unless you have a plan that allows more than one location. There are currently no security measures to prevent password sharing, but some could exist in the future. 

It is not illegal to share your login for digital streaming services such as Netflix. However, it is a security risk to you and causes Netflix to lose out on money. Netflix is not strict about enforcing the one-household-per-account rule, so there is no real consequence to sharing your account information other than a greater security risk. 

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