Can DirecTV Stream on Roku?

DirecTV Stream is a convenient new streaming option from the satellite provider that previously was called AT&T Stream. With this service, which is essentially cable, you can enjoy news, sports, cable, and local channels from almost any device. Rest assured that using DirecTV Stream is even easier than setting up a traditional satellite.

DirecTV Stream is available on various devices and operating systems, including Roku devices and TVs. In fact, it’s compatible with 11 different devices and Roku’s soundbar. However, you’ll need to use the DirecTV app if you want to stream directly on your mobile device.

Now that you know you can stream DirecTV content on your Roku, you’ll need to know how to set it up and get the most out of the combination without spending the extra money to buy a streaming box from DirecTV. 

Install DirecTV Stream on your Roku

Turn on your Roku TV or television and Roku device. From the home screen, go to “Search.” Type “DirecTV” into the search box. Select DirecTV Stream when it shows up, and click “Buy” to download the app (it’s free). If prompted, enter your Roku pin.

Alternatively, you can add the DirectTV Stream app to your Roku account from the app channel store in your browser. Go to the app store and sign if necessary. Search for “DirecTV” and choose the app when it comes up. Select “Add Channel.” The app will be added to your Roku TV or device.

Using DirecTV Stream

Once you’ve installed the app, open it from your Roku home screen. Sign in with your DirecTV username and password. You’re ready to watch the content you pay for, including live TV, your DVR recordings, and shows and movies filtered by network.

Use Your Phone As a Remote with Roku and DirecTV Stream

You can also download the Roku app for your Android or iOS phone to use DirecTV’s streaming service. This is an excellent option if you frequently lose the small Roku remote, don’t want to replace its batteries, or if you only have a basic remote and want to control your device with your voice. Plus, typing on your phone is quicker and easier than searching with the Roku remote. Another great function is the ability to use headphones and your phone while watching TV on 

Once the app is installed from the app store, it will search for your TV. Pair it, and you can navigate your Roku on your phone.

Other Ways to Stream DirecTV on Your Roku

If the DirecTV Stream app on your Roku isn’t working, you can mirror content from your computer or mobile phone. First, install the DirecTV Stream app on your phone. Then, go to Settings on your Roku TV, select “System,” and choose “Screen Mirroring.” Make sure your phone is on the same Wi-Fi network, then select Always Allowed Devices.” Next, choose your phone, tablet, or computer from the network.

Casting from Android

You can use the free app Lastview to mirror your phone screen on your Roku. Several phones also have native casting features that you can use to mirror your mobile screen on your TV.

  • Samsung – Smartview
  • LG – Smart Share
  • HTC – Connect

Other phones may have a wireless display or cast feature that you can find by searching your phone’s settings.

Casting from iOS

After allowing mirroring on your Roku, swipe up on your iPhone or iOS device to open the Control Center. Choose “Screen Mirroring” and select your Roku. Type the number you see on your Roku TV into your iPhone to pair the devices. When you launch the DirecTV Stream app on your iPhone, it will play on your television.

Casting from Windows

Open your browser, and log in to DirecTV Stream. Press Windows key + P on your keyboard or open notifications from your taskbar and choose “Project.” You may have to click “Expand All” if it’s not a tile in the list. You’ll have several options.

  • Duplicate shows the same content on your Roku TV as in your browser.
  • Second Screen Only uses your TV screen instead of your computer monitor. You’ll need to open project options or turn off your Roku TV to use your computer screen again.
  • Extend splits the content on your screen between the two screens and may be the best option for enjoying DirecTV Stream content on your Roku TV if you also want to do other things on your computer.

What Other Devices Are Compatible?

According to DirecTV, you can also use their streaming service on Samsung TVs made between 2017 and 2021, Chromecast, Apple devices running iOS 11+, and Amazon Fire devices. DirecTV offers its own Stream device, which includes access to Google Play apps, if you do not have a Roku or only want to stream from DirecTV. However, DirecTV does not provide access to The CW on any of its services.

Finally, you can stream content in the Edge, Safari, or Chrome browser on your computer.

Watch DirecTV Stream on Your Mobile Device

If you download the DirecTV Stream app to your phone or tablet, you can stream subscription content. However, note that you cannot stream DirecTV content on your phone from within the Roku app-only content from the Roku Channel. Similarly, DirecTV Stream cannot control your TV without using the Roku app on your phone or tablet.

DirecTV Stream Packages

DirecTV currently offers four streaming packages to its customers. The base package, Entertainment, contains 65+ channels and costs $69.99. You can upgrade to the Choice package, which includes a one-year subscription to HBO and 90+ channels, for $84.99 monthly. The Ultimate pack costs $94.99 each month and includes 130+ channels and regional sports networks. Finally, DirecTV’s Premier package for streaming offers 140+ channels and subscriptions to HBO Max and Showtime for $139.99.

You can sample these services with a 5-day free trial to see if it works for you.

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