Bose Speaker Not Charging? Here’s How To Fix it

If you just noticed your Bose speakers not charging or not turning on, then you’re not alone. Bose speakers not charging is a common problem and usually can be fixed through a few troubleshooting steps.

The most common solutions for Bose speakers that are not charging are updating the firmware/software, resetting your bose speakers by holding down the Pause/Play or power button for 10 seconds, & holding the power cable while plugging in your charger, and releasing both simultaneously.

Now let’s take a look at these steps in more detail and a few other uncommon solutions. Let’s dive in!

How To Fix Bose Speakers Not Charging:

Before jumping in, make sure you’re using a compatible charging cable; using a non-compatible charging cable or a non-original Bose cable can be your issue. With that being said, let’s dive in.

Method #1 Reset Your Bose Speakers

  1. insert your charging cable into your Bose speaker
  2. Hold the Pause/Play button for 10 seconds
  3. and that’s it, your speaker should now be charging

(If method #1 didn’t seem to solve your issue, jump over to method #2)

Method #2 Update The Firmware

Bose speakers typically come out with new software & firmware updates regularly in order to constantly improve the functionality of the software. However, a common issue among bose speakers is if you happen to not have the latest software updated and deplete your battery, your bose speakers won’t charge or turn on.

Here’s how to solve this issue:

  1. head over to Bose’s updater Webpage
  2. Conenct your Bose speakers to your PC/laptop via the chargign cable
  3. Simply check if your speakers are up to date, if thy’re not a simple update should solve your charging issue.

if Method #2 didn’t seem to work, head over to method #3

Method #3 Simultaneously release the power button and insert the Charging cable

  1. Hold you charging cable close to your PC/laptop
  2. Press & hold the power button
  3. Release the power button and insert the power cable simutaneously
  4. plug the cable back into your PC/laptop
  5. press the power button

(If this method didn’t seem to work, move on to method #4)

Method #4 Reset with the Multifunction Button

  1. insert your charging cable into your bose speakers
  2. Plug in the other end of your cable into a pc/laptop
  3. Press & hold the Multifunction button (3 dots) for 10-15 seconds
  4. Unplug your cable from your PC while still holding the Multifunction button
  5. Let go of the Multifunction button
  6. Plug in the charger back to your PC
  7. Press the power button

your device should now be charging.

(If this method didn’t work, move on to method #5)

Method #5 Put Your Speakers into Ship Mode

Ship mode simply reboots your device without erasing its settings. Simply put your device in ship mode, plug in the charger to exist ship mode, and leave your device to charge for an hour.

To enable ship mode:

  1. Connect the speaker to a power outlet
  2. Press and hold the Multi-function button for 10 seconds
  3. Unplug the speaker fromt he power, while still holding the multi-function button
  4. Release the Multi-function button.

Service your device

If you’ve tried all the steps above with no luck, then your product most likely needs to be serviced. You can contact Bose’s support team here to have your product fixed or replaced.

How do I use my Bose warranty?

You can file your Bose speakers warranty by:

  1. Contacting the Bose support page
  2. Make a service and repair request, you will need to enter your device’s serial number
  3. Starting a return request by adding the order number and billing zip code


How do I know if my Bose Speakers are charging?

Your Bose speakers will flash amber, indicating that your device is charging. Once charging has complete, the LED light will turn to a solid green.

Can You overcharge Bose Speakers?

Bose speakers are equipped with lithium-ion batteries; lithium-ion batteries stop charging as soon s your device reaches 100% battery, meaning leaving your speakers plugged in won’t overcharge your device. However, exposing your bose speakers to extreme temperatures can permanently cause damage to your device’s battery capacity.

How long does it take for Bose speaker to charge?

On average it takes 3 hours for your Bose speakers to fully charge, however there are many factors that can exztend orr reduce this number for example the type of charger your using, your speakers battery health, & if the charger is in use while charging.

Is it bad to use my speakers while charging?

Using your bose speakers while in charge does not have any negative impact on the speaker or its batteries, however it take longer for your speakers to charge.

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