Are Airpods Max Good For Gaming?

Airpods Max were released in December of 2020, and since then have received a lot of attention in the gaming world. Many gamers are after a great pair of headphones but often there is a concern that Bluetooth headphones will have a delay when being used for gaming. This brings us to the question are Airpods Max good for gaming?

The Airpods Max are good for gaming if used as a wired connection as opposed to wireless. This gets rid of any latency issues experienced with a wireless connection.

This post will go through some information about the Airpods Max and help you to determine if they will be a good fit for you, especially if you are looking to replace your current gaming headset.  

Are Airpods Max a good choice for gaming? 

There seem to be some mixed reviews about Airpods Max being a good choice for gaming, as some people notice latency (or a delay) between their computer and their headphones.  

However, for the most part, the amount of people who seem to experience a delay is much lower than the number of people who genuinely really enjoy using the Airpods Max for gaming.  

Additionally, there is a way around the latency issue, & that is by simply using the Airpods Max with a wired connection as opposed to wireless. if you don’t want to experience any delay you can purchase a Lightning to 3.5 mm Audio Cable and use your Airpods Max wired, this will get rid of any latency issue & be as effective as any other gaming headphones in the market.

Read on to find answers to some questions that you may have about using these headphones. This post will talk about connectivity, sound quality, price and a few other topics that you will want to know before purchasing! 

Overall composition of the headphones: 

The Airpods Max have a really beautiful design, and overall are well made. If you are someone who is really invested into the build quality of products you buy, these may be the new headphones for you.  

First off, the head band of the headphones is made from a stainless steel and is wrapped in soft material, and the top of the headband is made from a mesh canopy.  

Reviewers state that this mesh on the top of the headband makes the headphones feel very light on your head, and makes the headband feel like it is “barely there”. This may make them really comfortable for gaming, especially if you tend to game for many hours at a time.  

There is nothing worse than having heavy, uncomfortable headphones when you are trying to relax and game.  

The ear cups are made from memory foam and have a mesh layer on the outside, making them breathable. A breathable set of headphones is a must have for gaming, as hot ears can get uncomfortable really fast.  

These padded ear cups are detachable and come off easily – which is perfect if you want to clean out any dust that may collect under the cups.  

Volume and playback are controlled by a digital crown on the headphones – similar to the digital crown found on an apple watch, just larger.  

The only other button on the headphones is the button which is used to switch between noise cancelling and transparency modes.  

Overall, the headphones are built really well and have a sleek profile.  

The headphones can be charged with a USB/USB-C to Lightning Cable, and automatically go into power-saving mode when put into the carrying case.  

Connecting to your gaming system: 

If you plan to do some PC gaming, and your PC has built in Bluetooth connection, then connecting your Airpods Max to your computer will be quick and easy.  

If your PC does not have a built-in Bluetooth connection, you will need to purchase a Bluetooth connector or simply purchase a Lightning to 3.5 mm Audio Cable and use your headphones wired as opposed to wireless. These Bluetooth dongle adapters are available at a variety of prices through many electronic stores. Even the most basic model should work perfectly to get your headphones connected to your PC.   

To connect with Xbox series X, you will also need to use a Bluetooth adapter if you decide to use the headphones wirelessly. The adapter can be plugged right into your Xbox, and the connection should be quick and easy.  

For PS5, it may be a bit more tricky but is still possible. You’d need to actually connect the Bluetooth adapter to your TV, and that way you’ll be able to use you’re the Airpods Max with your TV audio, which will allow you to hear what iss going on with your PS5. This step will also work for Nintendo Switch.  

Sound Quality: 

The Airpods Max have excellent sound quality and have been reviewed as having being very crisp. They also have high quality noise cancellation, which is great for gaming as you can really become immersed in the game you are playing without the interference of background noise.  

For intense, low frequency rumble (think of an airplane), the Airpods Max actually seem to perform better than high-end Bose noise cancelling headphones.  

Not that you will often be gaming on an airplane… but if these headphones can block out airplane level background noise, they are sure to be a good choice to block out noisy neighbors or roommates, or the loud noises of a city.  

The Airpods Max also have Transparency mode, in which you can switch off the noise cancelling function. This is a nice function as when it is off, you can still hear what is going on around you while enjoying your game – great if you have something cooking on the stove or are watching out for your children or siblings.  


The price of the Airpods Max may be a bit shocking to some – they come in at $549 USD. Compared to some other noise cancelling Bluetooth headphones on the market, this seems really high.  

The jury is out on whether the headphones are worth this price, but we know that most Apple products are more expensive than other counterparts on the market. In general, Apple products are constructed well and last a long time.  

Since the Airpods Max have only been on the market since December of 2020, it is hard to say how well they hold up over time.  

Apple products in general do hold up well over time, and it wouldn’t be crazy to think that you will have these headphones for at least 5 years – and probably a lot longer.  

Using the microphone for online Gameplay: 

The Airpods Max come with a built-in microphone, as most headphones do now. In watching many reviews of the Airpods Max, I have seen that no one really has any complaints about the microphone quality on the Airpods Max.  

Though some gamers will always prefer to have a dedicated gaming headset with a microphone, the Airpods Max microphone works well for gaming online with friends.  

How to Turn Your Airpods Max Into The Ultimate Gaming Headset

Final Thoughts 

In general, are the Airpods Max worth it?  

If you are looking to buy a set of headphones that are strictly for gaming, the Airpods Max may not be worth it. They are a fantastic, well-built pair of headphones with a ton of features.  

But for the price, if you are only planning on using them for gaming, it may be worth it to get a cheaper pair of headphones that you can just leave at your desk for times when you are gaming.  

If you plan on using the Airpods Max for a whole range of activities like listening to music and watching TV, as well as gaming, then they are absolutely worth it. Since they have a higher price point, it is probably worth it to use the Airpods Max for a variety of applications.  

That being said, as a pair of headphones for gaming, they work really well and are likely to become a new favourite for gaming and all other uses, due to their quality design and superior sound quality.  

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