Persona 5 Royal Media Distribution Guidelines

Persona 5 has always had a fair bit of controversy due to its restrictive media distribution guidelines ever since it first released in 2017. Its developer, Atlus, did not give much slack to streamers, blocking players from streaming certain scenes on PS4, and even disallowing streaming certain late-game content due to spoilers. Not only did they threaten to content ID claim content that went against their guidelines, but they also warned of possible YouTube account suspension.

New guidelines

For those who had to suffer through these restrictive guidelines, the notion that Persona 5 Royal’s upcoming re-releases will have new guidelines has people feeling a little wary. But are these guidelines as bad as they were on PS4?

The first Persona 5 Royal release was less restrictive than Persona 5. Persona 5 barred streaming past July 7 in-game, while Persona 5 Royal barred streaming past December 24. The re-releases of Persona 5 Royal have the same December 24 restriction in Japan, though in the west, that restriction was slightly tightened to December 12. Presumably, this is due to the fact that this period of time is new content exclusive to Royal. Nevertheless, Atlus asks that streamers put a spoiler warning in their streams.

Whether the punishment for breaking this guideline will be as harsh as it was previously is yet to be seen.

There are other kinds of limitations regarding recording and streaming, including “strongly prohibit(ing)” such content before its October 21 release date. They also do not want music tracks uploaded, whether that be direct uploads or streaming it.

There are some more obscure guidelines surrounding streaming, particularly when it comes to user conduct. For instance, they ask that you avoid any illegal activity, cheating, slandering of third parties or organizations, or requiring compensation to watch your stream. They do note, however, that secondary income (like Twitch subs) is not considered in violation of these guidelines.

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