JBL Earbuds One Side Not Working? Here’s How To Fix Them

How to fix JBL earbuds one side not working? It’s a common problem with earbuds in general – not just JBL’s – to have one side or both stop working.

The most common reason for one of your JBL earbuds to not be working is due to pairing issues, simply disconnecting your earbuds from your Bluetooth device and resetting your JBL earbuds should, in most cases, fix the issue. In other cases cleaning your charging pins located in the case should solve the issue.

Fixing them isn’t difficult. You just have to turn the phones off and pair them again in a certain way or clean the pins. We’ll show you how to do both those things and suggest more ways to fix your JBL earbuds one side not working. 

JBL Earbuds One Side Not Working? H...
JBL Earbuds One Side Not Working? Here’s How To Fix Them – Decortweaks

JBL earbuds not working? Check Bluetooth connection

If you hear sound through one side but not the other, and you are confident they are both charged and able to charge. This will be indicated by the indicator lights on both buds turning on when placed in the cradle.

If one of the indicator lights are not switching on, it means there is another issue. We’ll cover that below. 

Ruling out the charging issue, it is most likely a pairing issue. This means your earbuds are having trouble pairing with each other and the device, and there could be something wrong with your Bluetooth connection. 

here’s how to fix this:

  • Turn the Bluetooth off on all connecting devices.
  • Turn both of your JBL earbuds/headphones off one at a time. 
  • Then turn the left one back on, holding down the button for 10 seconds.
  • Do the same to the right, turn it off, holding the button for 10 seconds.
  • They’re both in pairing mode, and you should see them connect to each other (some models come with a signature “connecting” audio when successfully paired)
  • Remember your Bluetooth audio is off during all of this. Now you can turn it back on to connect to your device. 

Clean JBL Earbud Charging Case if One Side Not Working

If one side of your JBL Earbuds is not working, put them back in their charging cradle and see if the blue indicator light comes on. If it does not, it might mean something is obstructing the charging pins from making a connection. 

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There are two things you can do:

  1. Use a toothpick to gently press down on the three pins inside the charging case, right where the earbud’s earpiece connects to the charger. Push them in and see if they quickly retract and go back in. If they don’t, it could be because…
  2. There may be a build of gunk or earwax or regular buildup. If you’ve had your JBL earbuds a long time, this is a common problem. You simply need to loosen it gently with your toothpick and wipe it away with a tissue. Don’t use any chemicals or WD40 on it as it could harm the connection. 

Are You In Range?

Sounds obvious, but most JBL Bluetooth headphones earbuds don’t have a huge range. You need to remain close to the transceiver for the connection to maintain. And the earbuds need to stay close together as well. 

If you lose connection because you are out of range, simply make your way back in range and press and hold the pairing button to reconnect it. 

Is there still a warranty on your JBL earbuds/headphones?

If your JBL earbuds one side not working continues despite doing all of the above, check and see whether your warranty is still active. 

JBL is an excellent company that sells fantastic products. If it’s been within a year and one side of your JBL earbuds/headphones is still not working, they will likely send you a replacement model.

JBL wants to keep its customers happy. Simply call the customer service number or go to their customer support page and fill out the form. 

They will ask for your JBL earbud model number, which will be on the case. You will be asked to explain what you’ve done. They may even have additional suggestions to try. 

If all else fails and your JBL earbuds fall within the warranty period, you can expect to receive your new pair from JBL in the mail ASAP. 

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