How to Remove Holidays from Samsung Calendar

Calendars have been a valuable tool for time immemorial, and they have only become more useful now that they are available on just about any device with a monitor. Whether it’s on a computer, phone, television, tablet, smartwatch, or even a refrigerator, you can often find a highly robust calendar. One kind of calendar you can choose is the Samsung Calendar, but some users are wondering: how do they remove holidays from Samsung Calendar? After all, if they are not holidays they celebrate, these holidays are just taking up space.

First, launch the Samsung Calendar app on whatever device you’re using it on, and then tap on the three-line icon in the top left corner of the app. Once you find your email address, select it, and then tap on the arrow icon to the right of your email address. From here, you will be able to enable or disable the holidays of your respective region. Once you’ve disabled them, the calendar should no longer display these regional holidays. From here, you can simply add whatever holidays you care about yourself.

But is there a better way to remove and add holidays to Samsung Calendar? And what devices can you even use Samsung Calendar in the first place?

How to Remove Holidays from Samsung Calendar

If you don’t want to get notifications from Samsung Calendar about certain holidays (or any holidays at all), you can simply remove them by disabling the holidays of your region. You can do this using the above method, though a good question is, can you only turn off some holidays, or is it all or nothing? Well, the feature of being able to turn off your region’s holidays is, at least. In order to actually include some holidays and not others, you would need to manually add these holidays one by one. This can be somewhat inconvenient, but at the same time, at least this means that people who hate a calendar that is too cluttered don’t have to deal with that annoyance anymore.

What is Samsung Calendar available on?

If you want to use the Samsung Calendar, the only way to actually do so would be to use a Samsung product, such as a Samsung Galaxy Phone or Tablet. Thus, if you want to switch to a different device, you need to transfer your calendar data from the device you have now to your new device when you get it. To do this, you can use different programs and apps designed to sync up your Samsung Calendar with the calendar app on another device.

This is not only good for transferring the calendar data to a new device, but it is also helpful to be able to have that same data across multiple platforms. After all, not everyone has only one brand of device; you could have a Google Pixel phone, an iPad, and a Samsung Galaxy Watch, and thus have three different calendars to manage.

Can I get a third-party calendar app on Samsung devices?

Everyone has their own preferences for certain apps, and calendars are not an exception to this rule. Thus, people who are not as big of fans of Samsung Calendar may be wondering, is it possible to switch to a different type of calendar as a default calendar? Or are they stuck using a calendar they do not like?

Thankfully, if you’re looking to cut the Samsung Calendar out of your life, you can use a different calendar instead. Alternate calendars you can choose to download include Google Calendar among others.

How to change the type of calendar used on Samsung phone

A feature commonly found on many phones is the ability to swap from one type of calendar to another. Alternate calendars include the Korean lunar calendar, the Chinese lunar calendar, the Vietnamese lunar calendar, the lunar Hijri calendar, and the Shamsi calendar. The first three are relatively self-explanatory. The lunar Hijri calendar is also commonly known as the Islamic calendar, while the Shamsi calendar is also commonly referred to as the solar Hijri calendar or the Shamsi Hijri calendar.

Why aren’t Samsung Calendar events I’ve made not showing up?

One annoyance that has been reported by some users of Samsung Calendar is that events they’ve made on the calendar do not show up. If this is the case, there may be an issue with your calendar not syncing properly. To test to see if this is the issue, clearing the calendar’s data may be your best bet. To initiate this possible fix, navigate to the Settings section of your Samsung device, tap Apps, and search for the Calendar app you use (Samsung Calendar being the default that comes with your phone at first startup).

From there, push ‘Force stop’ on the Calendar’s page, and then push OK. Tap ‘Storage’ next, and then ‘Clear data’ before finally pushing OK. Open the app back up again, and it should solve the issue if this was what was creating problems with Samsung Calendar.

Another possible issue is that the event was simply deleted, either intentionally or unintentionally. While this may seem odd, as you may not want to have that event deleted, someone else who shares the device, or even the account, may have. Using Samsung Cloud, you are able to add an event to your Samsung Calendar on, for example, a Samsung Galaxy Watch, and any devices that this account is signed onto will also have this event added. Similarly, if the event is removed from any one of these devices, it will also cause the event to be deleted on all connected devices. While this is not the most likely possibility, it is possible nonetheless.

Either way, try to recreate the event on your calendar, if only to see if you are able to see the event this time. If you find that the event cannot be created, or that the event has later also been removed, be sure to contact Samsung support.

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