Can You Use Nanit Without WiFi?

If you have a baby in the house, you know as well as anyone that you need to be ready for any possible inconvenience. Sure, baby monitors are great and very effective. This is especially true of Nanit baby monitors. However, if they rely too heavily on being connected to WiFi, this can be a problem.

This leads us to an important question: Can you use Nanit without WiFi? 

If there is no internet in your home at all, it won’t be possible to view the live feed of your Nanit. However, once your Nanit is set up, it will request WiFi access through your phone. You will be able to view your live feed as long as your phone is connected to the internet. 

It is extremely important for you to be able to keep an eye on your baby at all times, no matter how your internet connection is doing. To learn all you need to know to keep a watchful eye on your baby’s safety, read on! We’ll cover everything you need to know below.

Why does Nanit need WiFi?

As stated above, at the very least your phone needs to be connected to the internet in order to view your Nanit live feed. However, this is only upon the initial setup. When setting up your Nanit it will need to connect to your internet. This is so it can broadcast a live feed to all of the mobile devices on your network. 

However, once you are able to successfully set up your Nanit, it can connect to your phone or tablet directly on the local network instead of having to connect to the wifi. This will help in case your WiFi signal is weak or far away from where your baby monitor needs to be! 

Using Nanit without WiFi

After initial setup, it is entirely possible to get a live broadcast from your Nanit baby monitor, provided your phone or tablet is connected to the internet. 

However, it will be far easier for you if your phone is connected to the internet, as the broadcast will use your phone’s wireless connection to give it access to the live camera. This means that you can use Nanit when the Nanit is not connected to your internet, but not when there’s no internet in your home at all. 

Setting up Nanit

The important part of all of this is that your Nanit is set up properly. Follow these simple steps to make sure that your Nanit is able to be accessed by all the mobile devices in your home. 

  1. First, you’re going to want to download the Nanit app. Make sure the phone or tablet you have is compatible with the latest version of the Nanit app. 
  2. Next, after the Nanit app’s installation is complete, turn on your phone’s Bluetooth and WiFi, and connect to your home’s WiFi network. 
  3.  Choose a location to set up your Nanit. Having a WiFi router within 20 feet of your Nanit, on the same floor is ideal. If this is impossible, try purchasing an extender that can boost the strength of your WiFi signal and place that nearby. 
  4. Create a Nanit account and sign in. The app will take you through this process. 
  5. Add a camera. This is a relatively simple process. Simply do the following: 
    1. Select “Set up your Nanit now.”
    2. Select the Nanit you’ve purchased. 
    3. Follow the assembly instructions given with your Nanit.
  6. Next, you’re going to want to pair your Bluetooth. Locate the Bluetooth button on the back of your Nanit camera and press it. When the light flashes, tap “confirm nightlight is flashing” on your Nanit app. Your device should then connect to Bluetooth. 
  7. Next, connect your Nanit to your WiFi. Select the network you want to connect to and enter the password. Then select the proper security type for your router. 
  8. Next, you’ll need to position your crib, allowing Nanit to properly monitor your child. 
  9. Finally, fill in the information Nanit asks for about your baby and you. 

Nanit and Bluetooth

The reason that Nanit is able to function when the device itself isn’t connected to your router is through Bluetooth. Make sure that your mobile devices have Bluetooth enabled and you are connected to the Nanit so you can tune in at any time!


So, if you’re looking for a short answer to “Can you use Nanit without WiFi?” that answer is technically no. However, you don’t need your Nanit device itself connected to the internet in your home at all times. As long as your device is connected to the internet, and your Nanit is connected to the device via WiFi or Bluetooth, you should be set. 

Now you can keep a watchful eye on your child, and make sure your baby is safe and sound at all times. 

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