How to Change Color on Hyperx Quadcast 

The Hyperx Quadcast S’s bright, inviting, color-changing mic means that the microphones featured in the content you make don’t have to be dull, boring, grey-and-black blobs. Not only does the Hyperx quadcast let you add flavor and intrigue to your content, it lets you choose exactly what range of colors your mic projects—and it’s a great condenser mic too. Read on to learn the ins and outs of this great content creation tool and all-around fun microphone.

To change the color setting on your Hyperx Quadcast S, you’ll have to download and install the Hyperx NGENUITY app. You can control settings like the color range the mic displays and the rate that colors change by connecting your mic to the computer and changing settings through the NGENUITY app. The app allows you to choose two colors, and the mic slowly oscillates between them.

The NGENUITY app is free to download on the Windows Apps store, the Apple App Store, and Google Play. However, you can only run the NGENUITY app on a PC. Also, you don’t need the NGENUITY app to adjust any of the sound or recording settings—just the color settings. The Hyperx Quadcast connects to a PC with a USB-C to USB type-A cable.

How do I Change the Color on the Hyperx Quadcast S? 

The Hyperx Quadcast S will cycle through a default RGB pattern without manipulation through the NGENUITY app, and you can adjust sound settings manually on the microphone without the NGENUITY app. However, if you want the mic to cycle through colors that you’ve chosen, or if you want to change the rate at which it cycles, you’ll need to download the app.

The free NGENUITY app offers specialized control over every aspect of the mic’s functioning, from the colors displayed, the kind of effect that the mic cycles with, the brightness of the mic’s light, and the speed of the mic’s color cycle. All these changes occur in real time as you’re adjusting them on the screen. 

Of course, the NGENUITY app also allows you to adjust the mic’s sound settings. It offers a more specific level of control than manual adjustments to the mic’s dials.

The RGB palate for the Quadcast available through the NGENUITY app ranges through the entire red-green-blue color wheel, so you can make it shine any color, even bright white. On the Lights tab of the NGENUITY software, you’ll see a color wheel and a set of colored dots next to it. Above these, there’s a colored bar with a gradient that changes based on the colors you’ve chosen to add to it. You can select colors for the lamp to cycle through from either the solid-colored dots or the color wheel with different results. 

The set of colored dots and the color wheel won’t appear until you click somewhere on the gradient bar inside the Lights tab. The gradient bar represents the overall color scheme that the LED lamp will display along its length. No matter the effect you choose, the light will cycle according to what colors you place along the gradient bar. When you add a color to a spot on the bar, it will radiate outward from the point you choose until it hits another color. You can also click and drag the origin points of each color so that they overlap however you choose.

Once you’ve clicked on it and selected a color from the wheel or the palate of dots, the color you select will flood an area of the gradient bar. You can add as many colored areas along the length of the gradient bar as you like, and as you add more, the spread of each color will take over the areas around it. 

If you want to completely switch off the mic’s colored light, you’ll have to install the NGENUITY software. There’s no manual switch that turns off the color cycle.

Not only is the NGENUITY app only available on a PC, but you’ll also need to set up a Microsoft account to get it to run—a minor drawback that adds some annoyance to the process of setting up your light show.

What Color Effects Does the Hyperx Quadcast Have?

There are five color cycling patters offered through the NGENUITY app: solid, blink, cycle, lighting, and wave. The solid setting simply rests the mic on a single color of your choosing. The blink setting makes the mic’s LED switch on and off, going back and forth between two colors when it turns back on.

The cycle setting makes the LED lamp fade back and forth between your selected colors at a rate of your choosing. Unlike the wave setting, the colors remain a solid block throughout the cycle. The lighting setting lights up only at the top of the mic at first until it quickly shoots down the whole lamp like a lightning strike. The wave setting makes the LED lamp pulse with your chosen colors. The color range you’ve selected starts at the top and bottom of the mic, each color you’ve selected slowly blends together as they travel up and down the whole lamp, trading places.

All these effects can be enabled from the Lights tab of the NGENUITY app, and you can determine their rate of change through it as well. 

Can I Change the Color on My Hyperx Quadcast?

Unfortunately, on the Hyperx Quadcast, you only have red to work with. You can still manipulate how the mic displays red and choose different lighting effects through the NGENUITY app, but there’s only one color option to choose from. This is why the mic casing of Hyperx Quadcast has accents of red that would clash with any other color scheme.

Only the Hyperx Quadcast S had a full RGB color palette to work with. It was introduced by Hyperx as a way to add aesthetic versatility to their product and satisfy gamers, streamers, and content creators who enjoy the light display of the Hyperx but who wanted something to fit in with their color preferences.

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