Can You Use Nintendo Switch Charger To Charge A MacBook Pro?

Modern technology has brought us many different mobile devices that benefit our lifestyles. However, with all of the different devices, come many different charging cords. One good thing about some of these devices is that they are able to share chargers. 

If you own a MacBook Pro you can charge it with a Nintendo Switch’s charger and vice versa. Both devices require a USB-C cable to charge, which means it can be used to charge more than one type of device. 

There’s no need to panic if you forgot your charger at home. As long as you brought your Nintendo Switch’s charger along, you can still get power to your MacBook Pro. Keep reading to find out more about how this works. 

What You Didn’t Know About Nintendo Switch 

Many gamers were surprised to find that their Nintendo Switch was capable of being more than just a portable gaming console. While this console was initially designed to give users a hands-on experience, players eventually found out the console had a lot more potential.  

When trying to see if the charging cord for the Nintendo Switch could be used to charge a MacBook Pro, they discovered that it’s also possible to use the Nintendo Switch as a power bank. If people use the charger, and connect the MacBook Pro to the Nintendo Switch, the handheld gaming console will charge the computer.  

Many users thought it would be the other way around. When they connect their mobile phone to their MacBook Pro, the computer charges the phone (the smaller device), which is why they were perplexed to see that the Nintendo Switch took the role of the power bank.  

How To Charge A Macbook Pro With A Nintendo Switch 

To be clear about something, both devices can be used to charge the other. It all depends on how they are connected to one another. If the Nintendo Switch is powered off, then the MacBook Pro will supply it with power when they are connected. You will know this is happening because the Nintendo Switch will have a battery charging symbol in the upper left corner. 

So, in order to charge the MacBook Pro with a Nintendo Switch you will need to make sure the gaming console is powered on. It’s important to make sure the device has been charged first as well. If you do use the Nintendo Switch to charge your MacBook Pro, it’s important that you use the Nintendo Switch charger. 

A generic brand USB-C cable may not be efficient for charging the MacBook Pro with a Nintendo switch because it may not be a dual USB-C cable, which has support on both ends. While it’s perfectly fine to use a Nintendo Switch charger on a MacBook Pro, you should not use any of the other accessories that come with the gaming console.  

Is It Ok To Use Other Chargers On My MacBook Pro? 

It is not recommended to use generic USB cables on your Macbook Pro, even though they are USB-C. Even though these cables will get a charge to your device, they are known for causing issues to the battery. In order to make sure your MacBook Pro charges safely, you should only use chargers from well-known companies. 

In most situations, users can get power to their MacBook Pros with either Apple or Android chargers. These charging cables are supported and have been trusted for many years. While generic chargers may be cheaper at the moment, they will cause problems down the road to the MacBook’s battery that could be costly. 

Many people like the idea of using one cable for multiple devices, especially when they are traveling. While you can easily use the Nintendo Switch charger with the MacBook Pro (or the other way around) you should be careful not to use a charger that isn’t supported in case they cause damage to the battery. With the Nintendo Switch charger, the worst thing that will happen is a slower charge.  

Final Thoughts: Can You Use Nintendo Switch Charger To Charge A MacBook Pro? 

One of the great things about owning a MacBook Pro and a Nintendo Switch is that you can use one charger if you forget the other. A MacBook Pro will receive power through a Nintendo Switch charger. To make things even easier for people, you can use the Nintendo Switch as a power bank, and connect your computer directly to it. 

While you may have more charging cables that you can manage, it’s great to know that some of them will work on more than one device. Your MacBook Pro can be charged by a USB-C cable that it supports on both ends. Even though most USB-C cables will do, it’s not a good idea to use a generic one just in case it can’t support the computer. 

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