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Can You Use Nintendo Switch Charger To Charge A MacBook Pro?

Modern technology has brought us many different devices that benefit our lifestyles. However, with all of the different devices come many different charging cords & it may be tempting to use one device’s charger for another device. This brings us to the question can you charge your Macbook Pro with a Nintendo Switch charger?

You can technically charge your Macbook pro-13-inch with a Nintendo switch charger. However, it will charge at a slower rate & can degrade your battery capacity. This is because depending on what type of MacBook pro you own, the MacBook pro AC adapters come in 96W,87W, & 61W; your charger will output the amount the laptop requires based on its usage. If your laptop requires 60 watts of power and the Nintendo switch charger only offers 39 watts, then your laptop will draw the additional power from the battery, thus degrading the battery life.

Let’s take a look at this in more detail, as well as how to tell what chargers are and are not compatible with your Macbook Pro. Let’s dive in!

Can You Use Nintendo Switch Charger To Charge A MacBook Pro?

The Nintendo Switch charger can technically charge your Macbook Pro if your using a 13-inch MacBook; however, it’s not recommended. Here’s why. The Nintendo switch charger offers less wattage (39W) compared to all three versions of the Macbook Pro, which offer 96W,87W, & 61W. Because the Nintendo switch charger offers less wattage, it won’t provide enough power to your laptop. Especially if you are running multiple apps and tabs open in your Macbook, which will require additional power output from the charger & if it’s unable to provide enough power from the charger, it will draw power from your battery which may damage your battery capacity depending on how much power you’re forcing your laptop to draw.

Additionally, if you’re using the Macbook Pro 16 inch or Macbook Pro 15 inch, then your laptop demands much greater Wattage, a 15 inch MacBook pro original AC adapter 87 Watts can output 20 volts at 4.3 Amp/ 9 Volts at 3 AMP/ 5 Volts at 2.4 AMP. The Nintendo switch charger is a 39 Warr charger. It offers 15 Volts at 3 amps (The MacBook Pro will only consume amps up to what it’s capable of consuming). The switch charger can also supply 5 Volts at 1.5 amps, which is low for the Macbook Pro 16 and 15 inches.

This doesn’t mean that your Macbook Pro will require 87 Watts of power, but it has the capability to, based on how hard you’re forcing your laptop to work, by keeping multiple tabs running, as well as apps, or if you’re playing a video game.

So, for example, if you’re using a 13-inch MacBook Pro (which typically comes with a 61 Watt AC/adapter), this doesn’t mean that your laptop will supply your laptop with 61 watts, but the charger can charge at a maximum of 61 Watts. Your laptop is supplied by the amount of power required based on your usage. So if your laptop requires 53 watts of power, which in this case is 19.8volts at 2.69 amps, which is higher than what the Nintendo switch charger can provide, which is 39 Watts at 15Volts at 2.6 amps, so, in this case, it will charge at a slow pace, the harder you make your laptop work, the more it may tap into your battery for additional power which in turn will degrade your battery capacity.

Is It Ok To Use Other Chargers On My MacBook Pro? 

The main thing you want to keep in mind when checking a charger is compatible with your device is to ensure that the charger provides the right voltage and up to the max current (amps) for that specific voltage that the device is expecting.

Volts relate to the strength the device is being supplied at & amps refer to the speed at which the power is being delivered.

Taking the Macbook 13-inch as an example, they come with a 61 W charger, which provides up to 61 Watts, and can output 20 Volts at 3Amps, 15 Volts at 3 AMPs, 9 Volts at 3 Amps, or 5 Volts at three amps. The charger will supply your device with the amount it requires, which is dependant on your usage. For example, if your laptop is turned off, it will use less wattage to charge, & if you’re running multiple apps in the background, then it may require the maximum supply in the case is 61 Watts.

So when looking if your device is compatible, you want to ensure it is compatible with your device in terms of voltage and amps.

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