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Can I Charge Nintendo Switch with a MacBook Pro Charger?

These days, it’s very common for people to have multiple portable electronic devices in their homes. With all of these devices comes a lot of different charging cords, and some cords are capable of charging many devices. Can a MacBook Pro charger be used on a Nintendo switch? 

You can charge your Nintendo Switch with a MacBook Pro charger and vice versa since the Nintendo Switch and MacBook Pro both need USB-C cables to charge. However, the charging speed won’t be as quick when using a MacBook Pro charger. 

If you realized that you have left your Nintendo Switch charger at home and the battery is low, you don’t have to worry as long as you (or someone else with you) brought a USB-C cable, like the MacBook Pro charger. Keep reading for more information on how to get your Nintendo Switch charged. 

How To Charge A Nintendo Switch With A MacBook Pro Charger 

You can use the MacBook Pro Charger on your Nintendo Switch as you would with its regular charger. This makes it a lot easier for people who like to travel often but don’t want to bring several different cords along with them. 

When you plug your Switch device in with the MacBook Pro charger, you will be able to tell if it is working if there is a symbol of a battery charging in the top left-hand corner. Since the technology in the chargers is slightly different from one another, the Nintendo Switch will likely charge at its lowest speed. 

You may have to wait much longer than normal to play a game. There are several Apple product chargers that are capable of charging a Nintendo Switch, but they can’t power a docked Nintendo Switch because they don’t support the power profile.  

Is It Bad To Charge A Nintendo Switch With A MacBook Pro Charger? 

There have been complaints about the USB-C charger from certain MacBook Pro models, specifically the Apple 87W (15 inch), causing the Nintendo Switch to draw more power than the device could handle. This has led many users to worry about using a separate charge on their devices. Some even prefer to use the Nintendo Switch charger on the MacBook Pro since it draws less power.  

That being said, most users don’t have any issues with using their MacBook Pro charger. While these chargers were designed to charge Apple products, they can also be used on Androids like the Nintendo Switch.  

One thing to keep in mind is that nearly every type of charge will work on the Nintendo Switch, it’s the dock that causes issues. Many third-party charging docks are responsible for causing problems to the devices. In most situations, the worst thing that happens from the charger is a slow charge.  

Can I Use Any Laptop Charger To Charge My Nintendo Switch? 

While most USB-C chargers will give a Nintendo Switch the charge it needs to stay powered, some chargers may cause damage to the battery. Official Apple and Samsung chargers are up to Nintendo’s standards and their chargers have not been known to cause any issues. Many users have been using their chargers on both devices for a long time without problems. 

However, it’s the generic brand chargers that have been causing issues. Some Nintendo Switch users have experienced problems with the batteries, and some have had their device completely die. If you are unable to use the actual charger that came with the Nintendo Switch , it’s important to use a USB-C charger that is either Nintendo brand, Apple, or Android. 

While the generic brands may be more affordable, they could cost users in the long run when their device breaks down. This is why you should only be using a charger from a trusted company.  

Final Thoughts: Can I Charge Nintendo Switch with a MacBook Pro Charger? 

If you packed up for vacation and didn’t realize until after you’ve left that you forgot the Nintendo Switch charger at home, you will be able to charge your device using a MacBook Pro Charger. Since both devices need a USB-C charger to get charged, you will be able to get a full charge for your Nintendo Switch.  

Just because you can use a MacBook Pro charger on your Nintendo Switch, doesn’t mean any USB-C charger will do the trick. It’s important to use only a good quality brand charge, like Android or Apple, if you don’t have the device’s Nintendo charger. Many generic brand chargers have been linked to causing damage to the Nintendo Switch battery. 

Most gamers don’t want to risk damaging their device, especially when they are trying to give it power. This is why it’s important to only use a charging alternative you can trust, like a MacBook Pro charger. 

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