How to Turn On Samsung Galaxy Watch 

Smartwatches are increasingly becoming used by a variety of people of all ages, and many companies have gotten into the race. One of these companies is Samsung, which came out with a smartwatch called the Samsung Galaxy Watch. The Samsung Galaxy Watch is among the more popular examples of smartwatches, and it has a number of great features going for it. However, some users who get a Samsung Galaxy Watch have to ask: how do you turn on the Samsung Galaxy Watch?

So long as your Samsung Galaxy Watch has been set up, all you will need to do to power it on is press and hold the lower button on the side (which is also used as the Home button). If this does not work, however, the most likely reason is that your Galaxy Watch is uncharged. Be sure to put it back in its charging dock to get it fully charged, which should not take too long.

But what do you do if charging the Samsung Galaxy Watch doesn’t fix the problem? And how do you get the Samsung Galaxy Watch started up for the first time?

How to Turn On Samsung Galaxy Watch

If your Samsung Galaxy Watch is already set up as normal, turning on your Galaxy Watch should be no great issue. All you need to do is locate the lower side button, which is used for both power and home screen functions, and hold it down until the smartwatch begins to power on. You’ll know that it has powered on when the Samsung logo appears on the smartwatch’s screen. From here, you should be able to use the smartwatch until the battery dies.

Why isn’t my Samsung Galaxy Watch turning on?

If your Samsung Galaxy Watch is not turning on, despite holding the button, there are a variety of things that may cause this to happen. The most common, but also least frustrating reason why your Galaxy Watch is not turning on is simply because the battery is not charged. This is, of course, a normal part of the process, and a natural consequence of not charging your Galaxy Watch regularly.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch has a battery life of around 25 hours, which is a decent standard for smartwatches. Thus, you should be able to go for a whole 24-hour day between charges based on normal smartwatch use. The Samsung Galaxy Watch has a charging station that can be used to keep it properly charged, and it is pretty easy to use, all things considered. In order to get it to a full charge, it should only take about 3-4 hours.

However, at times, fixing a Samsung Galaxy Watch that is not powering on is not as simple as charging it up. There may be something defective in the process, either in the Galaxy Watch itself or the charging receptacle. Additionally, using a third-party charging device for your smartwatch may cause problems, as it may have difficulties charging your smartwatch that would not be covered by warranty. Whatever is the cause, however, the good news is that replacing a charging dock is not going to break the bank, at least comparatively anyway. The bad news is if the smartwatch itself is what is having issues.

What to do if your Samsung Galaxy Watch isn’t turning on

If that’s the case, repairing or replacing the device may wind up being a more difficult process. This is because the Galaxy Watch is a relatively expensive item to have to replace if you are the one who has to cover the cost of the replacement. However, if the Galaxy Watch is under warranty, you may be able to get a non-working Samsung Galaxy Watch covered for repairs (if it qualifies for repairs).

Warranties typically only cover issues that are due to an error with the smartwatch itself, rather than user error. This means that if your smartwatch is defective, you should be able to get it repaired or replaced if it is within warranty. However, if you damaged the watch and it now does not power on, that is likely going to be your burden to bear. This is not the case, however, if you got extra warranty coverage for accidental damage. Some warranties may even cover water damage.

How to set up a Samsung Galaxy Watch

One thing that users may be dealing with, however, is getting the Samsung Galaxy Watch to start up in the first place. To get it set up, you should connect your Galaxy Watch to your smartphone using the Galaxy Wearable app that can be obtained from the phone’s app store. However, you do not have to actually use your smartphone at startup for some Galaxy Watch devices, and you can simply get it set up with the app at a later date.

The app can be used to connect your smartwatch to your smartphone (though not all smartphones may be compatible, so be sure to check to ensure that your is). Your phone will have to have Bluetooth enabled in order to actually allow it to work. With the Galaxy Watch powered on, install the app and then open it. From here, select your watch and follow the prompts that show up on your smartphone. You’ll then get prompts about setting up your smartwatch with your carrier’s service, if possible. If you do not want the service, or have a Wi-Fi enabled smartwatch, you may skip this step.

If you do not want to set it up with a phone at all, this will ultimately depend on which device you have. If you have a Galaxy Fit, Fit2, or Galaxy Watch 4, you will have to get it set up with your smartphone to actually use it. In this case, when your smartwatch powers on for the first time, swipe up and select the “?” icon. This will bring up another screen, which you must swipe up again and tap ‘here’, and then ‘Continue’. There will be various policy agreements; accept all of them.

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