How to Change Your Roku Device’s Name

Roku streaming players streamline your television viewing experience, making it easy to watch your favorite shows and programs from home without a cable provider.

Unlike cable boxes, Roku devices have specific names that correlate to the device that needs to be paired with your TV. If you are experiencing difficulty differentiating between multiple Roku devices, it would be best to learn how to rename your Roku device.

How to Rename Your Roku Device

Begin by logging into your Roku account on the mobile app or online. Then scroll to the devices (mobile) or linked devices (web) tab. If online, click the pencil icon next to your desired device. If on mobile, click the three dots, then the set name and location box.

Troubleshooting Your Issue

Roku does not allow users to rename their devices straight from their Roku box in the system settings. If you have difficulty figuring out which Roku box you want to rename, go into your system settings to find your serial number. The bottom of your device also has the serial number.

An Expansive Guide on How To Change Your Roku Device’s Name

You have two options to change your Roku device’s name. The first is that you can go to, and the second is that you can use the Roku mobile app.

However, you first need to figure out your device’s serial number. The fastest course of action is to check the bottom of your Roku box. You can also turn on your Roku box and click “Settings,” then “System,” and lastly, “About” to find your unique serial number.

Option #1: 

The quickest way to change the name of your Roku device is to go online either through your home computer or mobile phone and visit the website.

To access the sign-in page, click the person icon in the top right, or if you are on the mobile version of the website, click the three parallel horizontal lines, then the text that says “Sign In.” You can also go directly there by clicking the following hyperlink or pasting it into your web browser:

Once you sign in with your email and password, click the person icon or the three parallel horizontal lines again, then select “My Account.” If you are already signed in and cannot find where to access your account, click this hyperlink or paste it into your browser:

From there, scroll down the page to find the “My linked devices” section. All the Roku devices registered to your account will be listed with their corresponding serial number, name, and location. To rename your device click the pencil icon next to the device name you want to change. A prompt will pop up, allowing you to change your device name and location name. Once you fill in your device name, click “Update” to save your changes.

You may need to turn your Roku device off to see the name change on your device.

Option #2: The Mobile App

If you own a Roku device, it is likely that you already have the mobile app downloaded to your phone or tablet. The Roku mobile app allows you to control your Roku box remotely and access the Roku Channel through your phone. You can also access your account settings and stream images and videos from your phone to your TV.

Keep in mind that you must be on the same WiFi network as your Roku device to change its name through your phone. You can only use the “Roku – Official Remote Control” app from the developer ROKU INC to access your settings. Third-party apps and the Apple Watch version do not allow you to access your settings.

Changing your Roku device name on the mobile app is straightforward and very similar to doing it online through your web browser. Begin by launching the app and signing in with your email and password. If you have already used the app, your account info will likely already be saved, and you may be able to log in with face or touch ID if enabled.

The mobile app has four tabs at the bottom that correlate to different functions. Click the fourth tab, “Devices,” to get to a list of your Roku devices. If you have an older version of the Roku mobile app, you may need to click “Settings” in the bottom navigational bar.

The “Devices” tab does not list serial numbers, so it is more difficult to directly pick the correct device if you have more than one Roku box. However, once you reach the “Devices” tab, the app will scan for available Roku boxes to pair with. The app will then give you a list of available devices registered to your account. If the Roku box you want to change is online and on the same network as your mobile phone, it will pair automatically.

Your connected device will appear above all other devices registered to your account. From there, click the three horizontal dots icon in the top right of the device section box. A list of options will pop up. Click the “Set Name and Location” option, and now you are free to change your Roku device name to whatever you want. Don’t forget to click save once finished.

How do I change my Roku account on Roku?

To change your Roku account on Roku, you need to factory reset your device. If your device is not frozen, start by clicking the home button on your Roku remote, then go to “Settings,” click “System,” click “Advanced system settings,” click “Factory reset,” and lastly, click “Factory reset everything.”

Follow the prompts and instructions on your TV to log into a different Roku account. If your device is frozen, press and hold the Reset button on the back of your Roku remote for 10 seconds while the device is on. If you do this correctly, you may see a flashing LED light on your Roku device, and your Roku device should restart to factory default settings.

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