How do I Find the Backup Code for My Samsung Account 

Having an account tied to your device can do a world of good, both for securing the device and for being able to do more with it.

This applies to Samsung devices, such as smartphones and tablets, just as much as any other type of device. However, one issue with any type of account is the possibility of losing access to it.

There are ways you can get access back to it, such as a backup code. However, where do you find the backup code for your Samsung account?

One option is to have two-factor authentication enabled, which will allow you to receive verification codes sent to a certain phone number via text message. The other option, and a nice extra layer of security, is to set up a backup code for your Samsung account and to use an unconnected authenticator app.

But how do you get two-factor authentication set up with your Samsung account? And are authenticator apps reliable?

How do I Find the Backup Code for My Samsung Account

In order to find your backup code, you need to determine how you are getting your backup code.

Enable two-factor authentication for your Samsung account

This is the first option people usually take in the event that they want to have a backup code to secure their Samsung account, and one that is valuable for securing your privacy and data.

To set up two-factor authentication with your Samsung account on your phone or tablet, sign in, go to the Settings section of your Samsung account, and then tap the Profile icon in the top-right of the screen. Go to Password and security, and then tap the Two-factor authentication option. You will then be asked to verify which phone number you would like the backup codes to be sent to.

In order for the number to work, you need to make sure that it is capable of receiving text messages. After setting it up, you can change the number at a later date, or add new phone numbers.

If you want to set it up on your computer, sign in to your Samsung account on the Samsung account website. Once signed in, go to the Security section, and then select Two-factor authentication.

Click the Authenticator app, and then verify your phone number. Much like with the above method, this will cause the number to receive backup codes when you attempt to sign in to a device for the first time, and you can change or add new numbers at a later date.

Use an authenticator app on your phone or tablet

You can set up an authenticator app as part of the two-factor authentication option in the above section, but that is not the only way you can get set up with one.

You can set up any authenticator app that can be found on the Galaxy Store app, as well as the Microsoft authenticator app.

The way an authenticator app functions is that, when you attempt to sign in to your Samsung account while two-factor authentication is enabled, it will ask you to retrieve a backup code found in the authenticator app that you have connected to your Samsung account. Authenticator apps typically will have a code that has a fixed cycle, where the code will only last so long before it expires and it activates a new backup code.

Set up a list of backup codes

This option provides you with a limited number of backup codes you can use to get into your Samsung account, which can be set up through the two-factor authentication process. This selection of backup codes can and should be saved in a location that you can both reliably access, as well as ensure that no one is able to access the list if they should not have access. A good way to do this would be to print out the backup codes.

Not only does this ensure that you have an extra copy, but if you are worried about someone accessing data on your computer, you can keep it completely offline. You can also put the backup codes on an external drive, which will ensure that you also have the codes available on your computer, but it is only made available when you want it to be.

Can someone get into my account if they have my password?

If someone has your email and password, in some situations, they may be able to sign in to it without any problems. This is why two-factor authentication is so important, as it creates additional layers a potential bad actor has to take to get into your account.

For example, they would either need access to your phone, the authentication app, and/or your list of backup codes. So long as you secure your devices and apps, and keep your backup codes in a location you can access without someone else being able to access them; this should not be an issue.

What do I do if I cannot find the backup code for my Samsung account?

If you have not set up two-factor authentication and you lose access to your account for some reason or another, you may be wondering what options are available to you. The most common option would be to change your password. This would require that you also have access to your email address. Change it, and you should be able to sign in. At this point, be sure to enable two-factor authentication and put the information someplace safe.

How else can I get access to my account back?

If you are not able to find your backup code, and are not able to get into your account for whatever reason, your only option may be to contact Samsung to see if they are willing or able to sign out of your account on all devices and temporarily deactivate it. This may be difficult, but you may be able to convince them to do so.

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