Why Are Gaming Chairs So Uncomfortable?

Those new to gaming chairs often find that they are less comfortable than they imagined them to be. As someone who has spent a lot of time finding the perfect gaming chair for their personal use, I have done enough research to figure out exactly what makes a gaming chair comfortable, even for newbies.  

Usually, when people first use a gaming chair, they find it uncomfortable simply because they are not used to them. This is because gaming chairs are different from office chairs. However, if you feel that a gaming chair is uncomfortable even after you spend hours on it, chances are you need to get a different one. 

Since no two gaming chairs are the same, different individuals have their personal opinions regarding what they think is the most comfortable chair for them. Here is a comprehensive guide to help ensure you find the gaming chair most suited for your needs. Let’s go exploring!  

Gaming Chairs: Comfortable or Not?  

Since gaming chairs are not the same as traditional office chairs, many people who are using them for the first time find them uncomfortable. The feeling of discomfort, in the beginning, arises due to the simple reason of your body not being accustomed to sitting with a correct body posture.  

As its name suggests, a gaming chair is a kind of chair that has been designed specifically for gamers. Since gamers are people who spend large periods sitting in one place, a gaming chair makes sure they have the right support.  

Thus, a gaming chair typically has a high backrest along with many options to customize the parts providing support to the arms, legs, and even the back. Personalizing the settings of your gaming chair can help make using it more comfortable.  

Types of Gaming Chairs 

It can’t be ignored how different people have their own preferences regarding what makes them comfortable. There are many gaming chairs available in the market. Thus it is important to evaluate your needs to figure out which one is ideal for you. Here are some of the most popular kinds of gaming chairs.  

  • PC Gaming Chair: this traditional gaming chair looks like a regular office chair and is one of the most used in the gaming community. Its ability to swivel at its axis allows gamers to change their face direction with great ease.  

There are many kinds of PC gaming chairs available, offering various options like detachable cushions and various technologies for increased comfort. 

  • Rocking Gaming Chair: this is an incredible option for those gamers who have their devices positioned nearer to the ground. The rocking gaming chair does not have legs or even a swivel like most other chairs; rather, its typical L-shape appearance allows the user to sit in a reclining position for greater comfort.  
  • Pedestal Base Gaming Chair: this gaming chair is a hybrid kind that merges the features of a recliner, a rocker chair, as well as a swivel chair. As you can predict, this gaming chair allows great movability and support. Some kinds of pedestal gaming chairs even come with features ranging from inbuilt speakers and other gaming accessories.  

What makes a Gaming Chair Comfortable?  

Before buying a gaming chair, it helps to know what affects the comfort level that a gaming chair provides. Here are some things to keep in mind to maximize your comfort during your next gaming session.  

  • Offered Support: let’s face it, gaming chairs need to provide users with maximum support to be comfortable. Good gaming chairs provide users with excellent neck and lumbar support to prevent your body from getting tired from sitting too long.  
  • Finding the Right Fit: Some gaming chairs offer users the chance to customize their comfort through various adjustable support options. Make sure you can adjust the positioning of the armrest and the reclining angle with ease.  
  • Material: the material used to make a gaming chair is essential to consider while picking out a cozy gaming chair. Synthetic leather is often used for gaming chairs due to its versatile look and the fact that it can be wiped clean very easily.  

However, leather-based chairs are harder to sit in for long as they can get hot and sticky. Opting for gaming chairs made from breathable mesh fabrics is good for prolonged gaming sessions. 

  • Balanced Base and Maneuverability: gaming chairs should be able to move across all surfaces, whether wooden, carpeted, or even tiled. Chairs that are easy to maneuver help reduce the strain on the back, especially when you try to move while sitting.  

Are Comfortable Office Chairs a Good Substitute for Gaming Chairs? 

Let’s face it, some of us are creatures of habit. If you are used to sitting on office chairs, you may be wondering why you should bother with a gaming chair. There are many benefits of using gaming chairs instead of the regular office chairs for prolonged gaming sessions, making them a better choice.  

  • Better Support: gaming chairs are primarily known for the support they offer to the back, shoulders, neck, hips, and even the head. Good support can help you maintain the correct posture for longer spans of time.  
  • Increased Energy: maintaining a balanced posture can assist in reducing the fatigue your body may face after long sittings. This will ensure that you have more energy to spare for your games!   

 How to Stay Comfortable on a Gaming Chair  

Sitting for long periods is a difficult task, even if you have a gaming chair that provides you good support. By improving your body’s sitting posture, you can save your energy and help keep your body healthy. Here are some things that can help you keep your posture correct while gaming.  

  • Keep the Screen at Eye Level: screens that are positioned either too high or too low encourage straining or slouching body postures which tend to stress the neck. A comfortable gaming chair can be adjusted using recline or strategically positioned pillows to ensure you stay at eye level with the screen.  
  • Manage your Chest and Shoulder Blades: to improve your sitting posture, you must provide your back with the support it needs. You can practice maintaining a good body posture by bringing your chest upwards and moving your shoulder blades backward.  
    Bear in mind that maintaining a good posture can be hard at the start as it can tire your muscles. However, once your muscles are used to the posture, your neck and back will thank you for the care.   
  • Use an External Lumbar Pillow: sometimes, all you need is an extra lumbar pillow for a little added support. A lumbar pillow will ensure that your lower back has the right support it needs to maintain a good body posture and prevent lower back pain. Similarly, seat cushions with raised centers can help relieve hip pain.  

Once you understand your body’s needs, you can adjust your gaming chairs so that they are more comfortable. Sometimes something as little as changing the fit of an armrest can make your sitting much more agreeable. If you still face discomfort sitting on a gaming chair despite numerous adjustments, it is a good idea to consider getting a new one.  

Hope this helps you find the perfect gaming chair! 

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