How to Update Razer Kishi?

Have you ever wanted to enjoy a top-tier console-like quality gaming experience with the use of your smartphone?

With the Razer Kishi, you can do just that. The Razer Kishi is a standalone gaming controller designed to work with today’s most popular smartphones.

With the Razer Kishi, use microswitch buttons, console triggers, and built-in analog switches to help mimic traditional console controllers and game-playing.

If you own a Razer Kishi, you may be wondering how to update its firmware to ensure it remains playable, stable, and as responsive as possible with each new game you play.

How to Update Razer Kishi?

Updating the Razer Kishi’s software and firmware is not a complicated process, and will only require a few minutes of time from start to finish. To update your Razer Kishi controller for Android, complete the following steps:

  • Visit the official Razer Kishi website or the Google Android Play Store to search for and locate the official Razer Kishi App.
  • Download and install the latest version of the Razer Kishi smartphone app directly to the Android phone you intend to use with the controller. 
  • Connect and mount your smartphone to your Razer Kishi device once your Razer Kishi app has been downloaded and successfully installed on your smartphone’s hard drive.
  • Launch the Razer Kishi app from your smartphone once it has been successfully mounted to your Razer Kishi controller.
  • Manually check for potential software updates that may be available for the Razer Kishi app if you have not used it or booted up your Razer Kishi app in more than a month. This step is not necessary if you have just downloaded and installed the latest version of the Razer Kishi app for your device.
  • Search for an update that is relevant to your Razer Kishi inside of the Razer Kishi app. This will typically be available under the “Paired Controller” section of the app. 
  • Select and press “Check” to scan for potential updates.
  • Press “Update” if an update is currently available for your version of the Razer Kishi app. Once your update has been completed, you can then unplug your Razer Kishi from your smartphone while keeping the Razer Kishi app open and running on the phone itself.
  • Reconnect your phone to the Razer Kishi device. While doing so, press and hold the “B”, “Y”, and “Right (arrow)” buttons simultaneously, helping to send a reboot signal to your phone from the Razer Kishi controller. Once you have successfully updated the app, you can then update the firmware of your Razer Kishi controller. 

Why do I need to update the Razer Kishi app?

Updating the app from Razer Kishi will ensure that you are using the latest version available for all Android smartphones and devices. Updating the Razer Kishi app will also protect against potential security risks and vulnerabilities, especially if you use the Razer Kishi controller to connect and play with other users from around the world. 

How to update the Razer Kishi firmware?

After you have successfully updated the software necessary to run your Razer Kishi, you will then be permitted to update the firmware that is also included in the controller itself. Updating the software of the Razer Kishi first is essential, as the controller is constantly undergoing changes and receiving patches to increase security while preventing potential attacks and vulnerabilities.

Once an individual has the latest and most updated version of the Razer Kishi application, they will then see that the “Update Firmware” button inside of the app is now visible and active. To update your Razer Kishi’s firmware, use the following steps after you have successfully updated all of the software associated with the controller:

  • Verify that your Razer Kishi application is up to date with the Android smartphone or device you intend to use in order to stream or play games.
  • Launch the Razer Kishi app inside of your Android smartphone.
  • Locate the “Update Firmware” button in the Razer Kishi app, which should appear green in color, indicating that the button is active and can be engaged.
  • Select “Update Firmware” to begin the process of updating your Razer Kishi controller’s main firmware.
  • Allow the software to update your firmware without closing the app or shutting off your phone.
  • Select “Close” to close the update screen once the button appears green and becomes active again. This will indicate that the firmware for your Razer Kishi controller has been successfully downloaded, installed, and updated. 

Benefits of updating the firmware of the Razer Kishi controller

Updating the firmware of your Razer Kishi controller (or any individual standalone gaming controller for smartphones) provides numerous benefits, such as:

  • Optimized playing time with little to no lag
  • Security updates to prevent potential breaches, leaks, and other well-known vulnerabilities today
  • Take advantage of the latest updates and features included with the latest firmware version of your Razer Kishi controller

What happens if I do not update my Razer Kishi controller?

While it is always advisable to update your Razer Kishi controller automatically or whenever a new update is released, some may prefer not to do so for personal reasons. If you choose to skip out on updating the software, firmware, or even both with your Razer Kishi, you are more likely to run into issues, such as:

  • Increased lag or a lack of responsiveness, especially when attempting to use the buttons and analog sticks included with the Razer Kishi controller 
  • Inability to connect or patchy wireless connections at best, which may interfere with your gameplay
  • Potential security issues or leaks, depending on how long it has been since you last updated your Razer Kishi controller and when it was last used 

Whether you have invested in a Razer Kishi for your children or if you enjoy playing console games with the use of your smartphone, keeping the Razer Kishi updated at all times is essential. By updating the firmware of the Razer Kishi, you will optimize your game-playing experience to get the most out of the solo gaming controller.  

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