Where can I watch Kakegurui?

There are many anime series out there, and many more coming out each year. Some are better than others, but arguably one of the best new anime series has to be Kakegurui (also known as Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler). Kakegurui focuses on Yumeko Jabami, a gambling and thrill addict, who joins a school where gambling and risk-taking is what defines a person’s achievements. This anime is full of thrills as you might expect, but for many people interested in watching it, they may be wondering where they can watch Kakegurui.

As far as most Americans go, the only way they can watch Kakegurui online legally would be to be subscribed to Netflix. While websites like Crunchyroll have a ton of anime themselves, Netflix also has its fair share, including exclusive access to the licensing rights of Kakegurui. To date, the entire Kakegurui series is available to watch on Netflix, though whether more episodes will be released for the series has yet to be determined.

But is Kakegurui even worth the subscription? And what other ways can you enjoy this series?

Where can I watch Kakegurui?

If you’re looking to watch Kakegurui, your best bet would be to subscribe to Netflix, which currently has the licensing rights to Kakegurui in the United States. And the best part about it is, every episode that has been released of Kakegurui in Japan has also been released in the United States on Netflix. If you do not have a subscription to Netflix, however, you will likely not be able to watch it unless you watch a streaming service from another country or purchase the series.

However, for those who do not live in the United States, they may have difficulties finding a legal means to do so. Thankfully, there is a solid option to take if you are willing to pay a little extra to enjoy Kakegurui, you can use a virtual private network (VPN). VPNs give you an IP address from whichever country you’re trying to make Netflix think you’re from (in this case, the United States), which allows you to enjoy content that may not be available on Netflix in your region. VPNs are entirely legal, so if it’s your best and cheapest way to watch Kakegurui, then go nuts!

Can I watch Kakegurui in English?

While there are plenty of people who swear by the Japanese version of an anime series, there are just as many who prefer the English version. This can be for many reasons, though one of the most common is simply because it makes it easier to follow the plot and dialogue for them if they can understand what they are saying without having to use subtitles. Those kinds of people will be happy to know that both seasons one and seasons two of Kakegurui are available in both Japanese with English subtitles and with an English dub.

Where can I buy the Kakegurui anime?

Watching it on a streaming service is convenient, but if you either do not have Netflix or want to get the best-looking version of Kakegurui, you may be interested in getting Kakegurui on Blu-ray instead. The good news is that both seasons of the Kakegurui anime have been made for sale. In particular, you can actually buy the first season as part of a limited edition collector’s set.

Is the Kakegurui manga complete?

As is the case with many anime series, the Kakegurui anime is actually an adaptation of a manga of the same name. This series has much of the same plot, characters, and setting as in the manga, though while much of the anime is recognizable, it does divert in certain key areas.

If you were looking to get into the Kakegurui manga, it’s important to know that it is still ongoing. To date, 15 volumes of the manga have been created, and 14 of these volumes have been localized in English, with the 15th volume set to be released in September 2022. There are multiple chapters of the manga that have not yet been included in a volume, so you should expect that a 16th volume (and possibly more) will eventually be released.

Is the Kakegurui anime complete?

Considering the fact that the Kakegurui manga is ongoing, one might wonder if Kakegurui will have new seasons. It has already had two seasons, but people who have both read the manga and seen the anime will be aware of how much the anime diverts from the plot of the manga. Thus, it is entirely possible that the anime creators decided to end it at season 2 as opposed to adapting the manga in full.

Does Kakegurui have any spin-offs?

If you’ve watched all of the anime and read all of the manga, you may well be starving for more content in the Kakegurui series. Well, the good news is that Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler is not the only thing released in it. In fact, there are three other manga that have been released, of varying degrees of success.

The first spin-off of Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler also happens to be the most successful attempt at a spin-off thus far. It is also the only other Kakegurui work to come out in the United States. This series is called Kakegurui Twin, starring a rival and eventual friend of Jabame, Mary Saotome. At the date of this article’s writing, 12 volumes have been released in Japan, and 10 of these volumes have been released in the United States. Volume 11 is slated for August 2022, and volume 12 has no release date for an English version yet. In addition, the manga will have an anime adaptation on Netflix, also in August 2022.

In addition to these two series, there is also Kakegurui Midari, a less successful attempt at a spin-off that ended after only four volumes, and a long-running self-parody of the original manga called Kakegurui (Kakkokari), which has nine volumes in all. Neither of these spin-offs have been released in English.

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