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How To Fix Oculus Quest Not Connecting To My Phone?

The Oculus Quest 2 is a wonderfully designed device. As a result, it is rare that you will ever have any connection issues with your phone. Still, even the best-developed devices can run into issues on occasion. So, how do you fix an Oculus not connecting to your phone?

There are multiple reasons why an Oculus Quest 2 may not connect to your phone. The most common is that the Oculus app on your phone is not up to date. Once you have updated the app, then everything should connect smoothly. In other cases, restarting your phone should help.

There may be other reasons why the Oculus Quest 2 is not connecting up to your phone, though. We are going to go into a bit more depth on these throughout this page. Let’s help you get that problem fixed!

How To Fix Oculus Not Connecting To My Phone

Most Oculus Quest 2 not connecting to your phone issues can be solved on your own. As we said, this device is pretty well-designed. As a result, there isn’t much that can go wrong with it.

Check The Oculus App Is Up To Date

How you do this will be dependent on the phone that you are using. 

Just go to the Google Play or App Store and look for the Oculus App page. If there is an update button, then make sure that you hit it. The app should then update. It shouldn’t take too long.

The issue is caused by there being a disconnect between the out-of-date app and the Oculus Quest 2 i.e. the Oculus Quest 2 is running on software that is newer than what the app supports.

Check The Oculus Is Up To Date

As long as your Oculus is turned on, it should update automatically. However, there may be certain situations where you have to force an update through.

  • Hit the Oculus button on the right-hand controller.
  • Select settings from the menu that appears.
  • Navigate to System.
  • Select Update.
  • Your Oculus should then go through the update process . Make sure that you are connected to a Wi-FI network for this.

You will not be able to push updates from your phone or tablet to the Oculus Quest. 

Restart Your Phone

Sometimes, just restarting your phone or your Oculus is all that you really need to do to fix the problem.

Software can have glitches sometimes, and often we are not aware of what causes those glitches. Restarting either of the devices should rectify the problem. This means that you will be able to dive right back into playing on your Oculus as soon as possible!

Make Sure The Oculus Is On The Same Network

Remember, the Oculus and the phone need to be on the exact same Wi-Fi network. If they are not, then there will not be a way to connect the two devices up. Thankfully, it is dead simple to ensure that they are on the same Wi-Fi network here, so we won’t go into depth on that. You just need to control everything from the settings on either your Oculus or your phone.

Turn On Location Settings

The Oculus Quest 2 will not be able to connect to any device where the location settings are turned off. So, dive into the settings menu for your mobile device and ensure that location services are turned on.

At the absolute minimum, you will want to have location services turned on for the Oculus Quest app.

Contact Oculus Customer Support 

Once you have exhausted all of these possible options, Oculus suggests that you get in touch with their customer support team. This is because there isn’t really much else that you will be able to do yourself. It could indicate there is a hardware issue or, perhaps, it could indicate that there is an issue with their software that they need to know about so it can be fixed.

Can An Oculus Lose a Connection To a Phone?

It can happen, albeit it is very rare.

Because the Oculus is connecting to the phone over the Wi-Fi network, it is unlikely that there will be a disconnect.

If something does happen, then chances are that it is because there is congestion on the Wi-Fi network, or the Wi-Fi network itself isn’t working for some reason.

In the vast majority of cases, resetting the Wi-Fi network should help you to deal with this problem. It will only take a few seconds to do. Switch the Wi-Fi network off at the wall for 30-seconds and then switch it back on. You probably won’t have to reconnect your devices. They should all link up as normal.

Will There Be Lag When You Cast an Oculus To Your Phone?

There may well be a small amount of lag when you cast the Oculus to your phone. However, the lag is going to be imperceptible to those watching the video stream.

The video stream should work perfectly for those that are using the Oculus. After all, the Oculus is the one processing all of that data. It is not being received over a Wi-Fi network.

If you find that the connection between the Oculus and the phone is a little bit unstable, then chances are that you have congestion on your Wi-Fi network that needs to be fixed.

Will Oculus Quest Work With All Phones?

If the Oculus Quest app is available on your phone, then it should work. Neither Google nor Apple allows you to download apps from their store unless you have a support device.

That being said, you should remember that the older your phone gets, the less chance there is of it supporting a connection to the Oculus. This is because these apps tend to be designed with the more recent phones in mind. As a result, as a phone gets older, there may be no app support for it.

As we said earlier, one of the main reasons why an Oculus Quest doesn’t pair with a phone is all down to the fact that the Oculus Quest software is out of date. If you cannot update to the latest version on your phone, then chances are that you will need to upgrade your phone before you pair it with the Oculus again. 

What Happens If I Am Not Receiving Oculus Notifications On My Phone?

This is likely because your notifications are switched off. On both iOS and Android, go to the settings app and tap on ‘Notifications’; make sure that they are switched on for the Oculus. You do not need to have them switched on for all apps. Of course, if the notifications from the Oculus are bothering you, then you can also switch them off from the same place.


It is rare that an Oculus will not connect to a phone. In most cases, it is going to be down to a software incompatibility. Upgrading the software should fix the problem. In other cases, the two devices may not be on the same Wi-Fi network. This can prevent them from connecting to one another. If you still can’t fix the problem, then reach out to Oculus customer support. 

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