How to Change your Age on your Hulu Profile 

In making your Hulu profile, there are a number of things you are expected to provide to Hulu, as well as certain information they at least request of you. Some of these include your location and gender. And other things, but today, we are going to look at age specifically, why Hulu asks you for your age, and how you can change your age on your Hulu profile.

As far as changing your age goes, the process tends to be somewhat complicated.

In order to change your age, you need to first get in contact with Hulu support so you can request that your birthday information be changed. You can change your date of birth and your birth month without this, but not the birth year.

But why does Hulu even ask for your age in the first place? Is there any way to change it without contacting Hulu support? That and more discussed below.

How to Change Age on Hulu Profile

Hulu makes it somewhat tricky to get certain details about yourself changed on your profile, though the reason why is somewhat lost on us. Perhaps, since that information is important to them, they do not want it to be changed too easily? Either way, if you made a mistake, someone else is taking over the profile, or even if you simply want to hide your info, you need to get in contact with Hulu support.

Hulu has a contact page, allowing you to contact Hulu through multiple means, including via their support chat client, community forum, and by telephone. Before you can reach them via their contact form, you need to select which topic you want to ask about, including:

  • Account & Billing
  • Fix a Problem
  • Plans & Add-ons
  • Using HuluTV
  • Channels & Movies

Choose Account & Billing, which opens up the option to contact support via the above-mentioned methods; in all likelihood, you should not have issue changing your birthday. Strangely, Hulu allows the main user to change their birthday and birth month, but for some strange reason, they do not allow you to update your birth year on your own. This is likely because the day and month of your birth are less valuable information than the year in which you were born.

Can each Hulu profile have their own birthday?

Hulu allows for a maximum of six people to have profiles registered at any one time, including the owner of the user. When setting up a profile, you give it various pieces of information, including age, gender, and the name of the profile. Because you can add or remove profiles from Hulu (assuming you do not go over six), this is actually a valid step in fixing the problem, at least as far as the individual profiles are concerned.

In order to actually delete a profile, you have to click on the letter (which corresponds to the first letter in the name of the profile in use) in the top-right corner of the screen. Next, select ‘Manage Profiles’, and select the profile you are signed in as. At this point, you can select Delete Profile, which will not only delete your profile and info, but also the viewing and rating history of the profile.

If you want to delete other users, you have to first sign in as those profiles, and then repeat the same steps. Once the profile has been deleted, if you so choose, make a new profile to replace the old one, using the birthday you prefer. If you’d like, you can also go and recreate your watchlist, though this will take some time to fix.

Why does Hulu ask me for my age?

There are a variety of reasons why Hulu, as well as other services, seek out your age. Hulu has various algorithms used to determine various things, such as the kinds of shows they recommend and the kind of ads they show you. While age is a factor that comes into play with these algorithms, other details about you come into play with recommendations, such as location, gender, etc.

The problem with recommendations based on age is that, much like gender or even location, recommendations made with age in mind does not take into consideration the idea of there being outliers of any of these details. Even if the marketing is based on the profile saying you’re a 50-year-old woman from Maryland, that does not mean that you will like the same thing as everyone else who fits that demographics. Thus, it might be kind of annoying to be recommended things that do not match your personality whatsoever.

There are also privacy reasons why you might not want to share that kind of information. After all, with all the information data companies have in this day and age on you, the last thing many want to do is give them even more.

Can I stop Hulu from showing me age-based ads?

If you want to not see any ads in the first place, there are multiple options to take. The easiest, but priciest option, is to go for Hulu’s ad-free option (which is $12.99 per month instead of $6.99 per month), which will disable ads. However, you can also use ad blocking programs on desktop and your mobile phone, some of the best options being using programs and add-ons like Adblock Plus and uBlock Origin.

The next option would be to simply, using the above-mentioned steps, ask Hulu support to change your birthday to a year that you think would get you recommendations (both for advertisements and content) that would be less bothersome to you.

If you would prefer to not have to deal with an ad blocker in order to get around these targeted ads on Hulu, you may also want to consider going with an alternative streaming service. There is a large number of streaming services that have no ads whatsoever, such as Netflix, though some services have a paid version that gets rid of ads. For example, both HBO Max and Crunchyroll allow you to watch without ads — in the former’s case, by paying more than the base subscription and in the latter case paying the basic subscription price to not see any ads.

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