How Long Does Crunchyroll Take to Ship? 

While Crunchyroll is most well-known for its anime library, there is actually so much more to this website than you would think, as they also have a store. Crunchyroll sells a variety of items, ranging from figures, manga, video, and more, but how good a shop is it? And how long does Crunchyroll take to ship?

Shipping times typically have a pretty wide range for orders made in the US, with time ranging from a minimum of three days to around two weeks to arrive. You can keep track of your item when it is shipped via USPS, UPS, and/or FedEx.

Can shipping times be any faster or slower though? And how good is the shipping process? Find out all that and more below.

How Long Does Crunchyroll Take to Ship?

The range of time that Crunchyroll takes to ship will ultimately vary fairly wildly, sometimes taking as little time as three days to arrive. Meanwhile, you could see the shipping time takes significantly longer in other circumstances, upward of two weeks. While this is the standard time it takes, it could theoretically take even longer, depending on circumstances outside the control of all parties involved (as discussed in the below section).

If you want to be more certain about shipping times, you can check Crunchyroll’s website or get in contact with them. An important thing to note is that, much like other websites, there is a processing period that takes place before the order is actually shipped to you. For Crunchyroll, this typically takes anywhere from one to five days.

Shipment times may also have to do with when Crunchyroll even gets the item you want in. For example, when you pre-order a figure, some websites may get the figure sooner than others. There have been reports that Crunchyroll takes longer for certain figures to become available, though it is nothing too drastic.

Why do shipping times vary so much?

Shipment times tend to vary as much as they do because of certain circumstances that can slow things down. Usually, the reason why shipments will be delayed is due to the weather.

Whether that weather is snow, wind, or rain, unfortunately, things do not always work out the way you would like them to. Thus, it’s always a good idea to assume that no matter what the estimated date of arrival is, it may be a little earlier or a little later than anticipated.

Mind you, that does not mean that there are no other circumstances that may influence the delivery date. For instance, there may be some logistical issues with the particular shipping company that is preventing the package from being delivered on time, possibly even on a consistent basis.

As anyone who uses Amazon.com on the regular, and has done so for years before the COVID-19 pandemic, will remember the days of the free two-day shipping, and in some cases, even one-day shipping.

Unfortunately, with the way the shipping industry is going, places like Amazon.com are showing far longer shipping times. Thankfully, however, it has gotten somewhat better compared to where it was at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, but we are not out of the shipping time woods quite yet.

Shipment industries are certainly not doing well when it comes to getting enough of a workforce to adequately handle the number of shipments they get. Things may get better, especially if shipment logistics improve, or if shipment companies manage to deal with the loss of labor.

How much does shipping cost on Crunchyroll?

One of the benefits of doing Crunchyroll compared to certain other competitors is that they do a flat rate for shipping for orders under $50 in total. If you do not spend more than $50 in an order, however, you have to pay a flat rate of $5.

Is there any way to save money on Crunchyroll orders?

As mentioned above, bundling your orders so that every order you make is at least $50 is a great idea; while Crunchyroll’s flat-rate shipping is not expensive, $5 here and there still adds up. However, the area where you find the most savings is by getting Crunchyroll Premium.

Crunchyroll Premium has three different tiers you can choose from, with each tier being more expensive than the last. The first tier is the $7.99 “Fan” tier, with its features being exclusively to do with Crunchyroll’s video streaming service. The next tier, the $9.99 “Mega Fan” tier, with the same benefits (plus increased number of simultaneous viewings and Offline Viewing), but also introduces Crunchyroll Store benefits.

In addition to access to events and raffles, Mega Fan members receive a $15 discount for a minimum $100 order every three months of membership. Finally, there’s the $14.99 “Ultimate Fan” tier, which once again increases the number of screens, increases the quarterly discount to $25, provides an annual “swag bag,” and access to purchase a limited-run Nendoroid figure of Crunchyroll’s mascot, Hime. Of course, if none of these things appeals to you, you can always use Crunchyroll for free — you would just have to put up with ads is all.

If you are unsure which tier you want to sign up with, Crunchyroll offers 14-day free trials for all three tiers. Though while it may seem like there is a perfect scheme for using this free trial, the bad news is that Crunchyroll thought of that too.

When you sign up for the Mega Fan or Ultimate Fan tier, you have to wait 90 days before you actually receive the discount code. In all, if you decided you wanted the Crunchyroll Ultimate Fan tier for a year, and are looking to spend a lot on the Crunchyroll store, this would mean that $500 spent in a year gets discounted for $400 (if you spend it smartly anyway).

Note that these discounts cannot be stacked, as the discount has an expiration date of 90 days. If you were going to shop for these items anyway, that’s essentially turning the approximately $150 cost for a year of the Ultimate Fan tier into only $50. Just remember to not get too caught up in shopping beyond your affordability, all right?

In addition to these two tiers in particular, if you sign up for Crunchyroll’s newsletter, you get a 15 percent discount on your first order. The only bad news about this is that you cannot stack it with your Mega Fan or Ultimate Fan discounts, so you would have to use this as a separate transaction. It’s at least a nice treat for other Crunchyroll users.

What kinds of things can I get with the Mega Fan and Ultimate Fan discounts?

While the coupon cannot be stacked with any other promotions, the good news is that there is no limitation as far as the kinds of items you can purchase from the Crunchyroll Store. However, you cannot use it for your Crunchyroll subscription cost, as that is not a part of the store.

What kinds of items does Crunchyroll sell?

Now that we have looked over the logistics of shipping, it behooves us to cover just why someone might want to order from Crunchyroll. Being that Crunchyroll is primarily known for anime and manga, it should come as no surprise that they also sell physical editions of much of the shows and manga they have. For anime, Crunchyroll primarily sells Blu-ray editions of anime shows and films. There are exceptions, but we could count on one hand the number of DVD releases they sell.

Is Crunchyroll the best place to get items related to anime and manga?

As far as buying anime and manga goes, Crunchyroll has a smaller collection of available anime than, say, Amazon.com, simply by virtue of the fact that Amazon.com has more capacity to store more items than Crunchyroll can.

However, that should not be taken to mean that the Crunchyroll selection is bad by any means, just… selective.

You can find mainstream series like Dragon Ball Z, Attack on Titan, and One Piece on Crunchyroll’s store, but there are still far more obscure series available on the store. For example, you could try The Rolling Girls — arguably not as good as those above-three series, but a lot of fun in its own right.

Where anime has something of a limited selection, there is still a respectable number of series and movies on the store.

However, as far as manga goes, Crunchyroll is significantly more limited than a lot of other stores — to the point that the selection of actual manga on the store is only two (“Samurai 8: The Tale of Hachimaru Vol 1” and “The Secret Life of Bananyas”).

If you look at the selection of manga on the site, it also shows things that don’t actually fit the definition of a manga, such as Crunchyroll’s Godzilla cover compilation and a One Piece artbook.

Crunchyroll is generally considered a pretty affordable method of buying figurines, for example, a hobby that often proves to be rather pricey (depending on the kinds of figurines you are buying, anyway).

Whether you are buying a budget-priced statue figure, figures like Nendoroids that have articulation, or even the more expensive statues, Crunchyroll is, at least, a good option.

There is a lot of other merchandise you can buy from Crunchyroll, including apparel, accessories, plushest, home decor, and more.

How easy is it to browse the Crunchyroll store?

Overall, we would have to say that browsing the Crunchyroll store has shown little to no problems for us. Crunchyroll’s website design is pretty clean, and it’s easy to tell where to go to get what you want.

They have categories at the top of the screen, allowing you to look at specific types of merchandise or, if you want to see everything, you can just select “All In-Stock.” You can also see new released by selecting… well, “New Releases!”

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