Does AppleCare Cover Cracked Screens?

Are you an owner of an Apple device like a Mac Computer, an iPad, or an iPhone? If so, you know they are virtually indestructible! But…accidents happen. That’s why you have an AppleCare protection plan, right? But what if you cracked the screen of your Apple device? Will an Apple Care plan cover cracked screens? And if so, which plan? Read on to find specific answers to these questions below.

The Short Answer: It Depends on the Plan.

The standard, one-year, limited AppleCare warranty plan does not include user damage, but the AppleCare + extended warranty will cover a cracked screen.

The Fine Print: Even with Coverage, “Repair” May Be Limited

The standard AppleCare warranty only covers manufacturing defects. Luckily, you’ve chosen an AppleCare + warranty, which includes additional coverage! But what kind of coverage? How long and for how many incidents? How much does an AppleCare + plan cost? Are there still fees? Is it worth it? Read on to find out more….

What’s the Difference in Coverage Among AppleCare Plans?

AppleCare is the standard warranty plan that comes with every Apple device. This standard plan typically includes 90 days of free product support–by phone, via chat, or face-to-face at an Apple Store—as well as a one-year warranty. But that warranty does not cover “misuse” or user damage, which includes accidentally dropping your device and breaking the screen. For that you’ll need to purchase an AppleCare + plan.

An AppleCare + plan must be purchased within 60 days of buying the device. AppleCare + extends the one-year standard warranty and also includes service. For example, a Mac AppleCare + plan extends your standard warranty to three years. And an iPad Pro plan extends the basic plan to two years.

Not only does an AppleCare + plan extend the standard warranty, but it also provides accidental damage protection. In this way, it’s more like a usual warranty or insurance program. This plan includes typical accidents: dropping your iPhone or spilling a cup of water on your MacBook. However, the AppleCare + plan will only cover two claims per 12 months.

While an AppleCare + plan will cover your cracked screen, the standard AppleCare + plan won’t cover a lost or stolen device. For that, you’ll need AppleCare + Theft and Loss (for the iPhone). Like the AppleCare+ plan, this addition costs more.

How Much Does This All Cost?

The standard AppleCare warranty plan comes free with any Apple device. But the AppleCare + plan costs extra. For example, AppleCare + for the iPhone 12 costs $199; for all other models, the cost is $149. You can also add AppleCare + to your iPad, Mini, Air, or iPad Pro within 60 days of purchase at $129 for an iPad Pro and $69 for all other models. This even extends to iPad accessories, like the Apple Pencil.

The AppleCare + plan is most expensive for Mac computers. Here’s a breakdown of prices at the time of this writing:

  • $249 for a MacBook or a MacBook Air
  • $269 for a 13-inch MacBook Pro
  • $349 for a 15-inch or 16-inch MacBook Pro
  • $299 for Mac Pro

The costs for Mac Mini and iMac are somewhat less: $99 and $169, respectively.

The good news is these plans all cover accidental damage, including a cracked screen.

But Are There Still Fees?

In addition to the cost of purchasing an AppleCare + plan, you will still pay a fee for accidental damage repair. Here are some costs for fixing a cracked screen across devices:

  • iPhone – $29
  • iPad – $49
  • Mac computer – $99

In most cases, this fee is the baseline cost for any accidental repair. But for some devices, like a Mac computer, this fee applies to fixing external damage only. So if that cracked screen includes other issues, the cost will increase (for the Mac computer suite, it’s a substantial $299).

Is it Worth It?  

To answer this question, you could turn to risk assessment analysts or just ask Clint Eastwood (“You’ve got to ask yourself, do I feel lucky?”). But if your luck has run out, and you’ve not only cracked your screen but didn’t buy an AppleCare + plan, you’re in for a hefty repair bill. Here are some costs for fixing a cracked screen without an AppleCare + plan:

  • iPhone 12 – $279
  • iPhone 11 – $199
  • iPhone X – $279
  • iPhone 8 and below – $149
  • iPhone SE – $129

The costs for the iPad are substantially higher (all costs below for iPad Pro are for 12.9-inch models):

  • iPad Pro (5th gen) – $699
  • iPad Pro (4th gen) – $649
  • iPad Pro (3rd gen) – $649
  • iPad Pro (2nd gen) – $599
  • iPad Mini (6th gen) – $349
  • iPad Mini (5th gen) – $299
  • iPad Mini (2nd gen) – $199
  • iPad Air (5th gen) – $419
  • iPad Air (3rd gen) – $379
  • iPad Air 2 – $299
  • iPad (9th gen and below) – $249

For a Mac Computer, the cost breakdown for a cracked screen isn’t available. But for parts alone, a cracked screen costs $250, and labor costs for an Apple technician range from $45 to $140 per hour.

Here’s what those numbers look like side by side:

DeviceCost to add AppleCare +Cracked Screen Repair With AppleCare +Cracked Screen Repair Without AppleCare +
iPhone 12$19929$279
iPhone (other models)$14929$129 – $279
iPad Pro$12949$599 – $699
iPad (other models$6949$249 – $419
Mac Computer$249 – $349*$99 – $299$250 + labor ($45 – $140/hr.)

*excluding iMac and Mini

Conclusion: An Ounce of Prevention…

In short, the cost of an AppleCare + plan extends your warranty and covers accidental damage, unlike the basic AppleCare plan; although it’s a little expensive and may only allow for a limited number of repairs, AppleCare + is still worth it compared to fixing a cracked screen without it.

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