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Can You Have Two Oculus Quests On The Same Account?

To use an Oculus Quest, you need a Facebook account. In the past, you actually would have needed multiple Facebook accounts if you had multiple Oculus Quests. Do you still need to do that? We have the answers.

You can have two Oculus Quests tied to the same Facebook account. It is a new experimental feature from Oculus. However, do bear in mind that there are some caveats in place. For example, only one Oculus Quest can be your ‘main’ Oculus quest. This means that your downloaded apps are only shareable on a single Oculus device.

Let’s go into a bit more depth on this. This is because the implementation of multiple accounts on the Oculus Quest leaves something to be desired, and some of these options can really hinder how you use the Oculus Quest 2.

Can You Have 2 Oculus Quests On The Same Account?

Yes. However, do bear in mind that (at least at the time of writing) this is an experimental feature. It may not work perfectly.

Because this is an experimental feature, you are going to need to turn it on in the settings for your Oculus Quest. This will apply to all of the Oculus Quests where you want your accounts to be. Sooner or later, this will stop being an experimental feature and can be found in the normal settings.

For the most part, you won’t really notice a difference having your Facebook account tied to multiple Oculus Quests. The main difference comes with app sharing.

As you may well know, if you have an Oculus Quest account, you will be able to share all of your purchases with anybody that uses the same Oculus Quest. This means up to 3 other accounts (more on that soon). This is incredibly convenient as it prevents the same app from needing to be purchased several times when only a single Oculus Quest is being used.

Now, here is the caveat. If your Facebook account is tied to multiple Oculus Quests, you will only be able to share your apps on one of them. Now, you will be able to access your apps wherever you want, providing you are signed in to your account. However, to share apps with other users, you have to make a choice.

Obviously, this is something that is unlikely to change. Facebook doesn’t really want one account signed into countless devices sharing their apps with everybody. This will cost them cash, after all. We think that the ability to use your Quest apps wherever you want is good enough, as is the app sharing, which very rarely happens on similar devices.

How Many Oculus Quests Can Your Facebook Account Be Tied To?

At the moment, it seems that you can have your Facebook account tied to multiple Oculus Quests. Although, there seems to be very little sense in tying your account to a Quest that you do not use. After all, the app sharing feature is only going to be available on one of them.

Remember, if your account is signed in on one Occulus Quest (and actively being used), you will not be able to use it on another Oculus Quest.

Can You Have Multiple Facebook Accounts Tied To The Same Oculus Quest?

Yes. You will have to switch it on under ‘experimental features’ on the Oculus Quest.

At the moment, you can have up to 4 accounts on an Oculus Quest. This means one main account and three sub-accounts. Each account will need to be tied to its own individual Facebook account.

You will be able to add new accounts under the experimental features section of the Oculus Quest 2.

Now, it is actually worth pointing out at this point that Facebook has stated that the number of accounts that you can have on the Oculus Quest is likely to fall as time goes on.

They have clearly stated that as the ownership of the Quest goes up, the number of accounts allowed on a single Oculus Quest will go down. Now, chances are that this is not something that will happen for several years now. What we can tell you, however, is that it is highly unlikely that Facebook will ever increase the number of accounts that you can have on the same Oculus Quest. It will almost certainly be made more limited.

Remember, since this is an experimental feature, it may not work correctly. There is also a chance that Facebook will be able to remove the feature at any time that they want, although that is highly unlikely.

How Do I Remove An Account From The Oculus Quest?

At the moment, you will need to open up to Oculus settings on your Oculus Quest. From here, you are going to need to head into ‘Experimental Features’.

There will be a section where you can add or list your accounts. Howe you remove them will be dependent on the version of Oculus software that you are running. In most cases, there will be an option next to the account name, and you can select this to remove the account.


In the past, you could have one Oculus account per Oculus Quest. You couldn’t register your account on more devices, nor could you have multiple accounts on the same device. Facebook has now changed this. Your Facebook account can be tied to multiple Oculus Quests.

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