Are Skullcandy Earbuds Waterproof?

The best part about owning a pair of wireless earbuds is that you can take them anywhere and have a decent range between your device and your phone while still being able to enjoy your favorite music or podcasts. However, one area that most earbud users would love to utilize their device’s portability & range is in the water. Whether the swimming pool, rain, or shower. You’re probably wondering if your Skullcandy earbuds can handle it.

This brings us to the question are Skullcandy earbuds waterproof?

Skullcandy’s Push wireless are currently the only waterproof earbuds offered by Skullcandy with an IP67 rating. In comparison, the rest of Skullcandy’s earbud collection are sweat & water-resistant with an IPX4 & IPX5 rating. Sweat and water-resistant offer a degree of protection against sweat and water. However, they can not be submerged underwater. Whereas Waterproof earbuds can be submerged underwater up to 3.2 feet

Let’s take a look at each Skullcandy earbud individually and their own unique IPX rating to determine what each model can handle individually. Let’s dive in!

Are Skullcandy Earbuds Waterproof?

EarbudsIPX RatingWaterproof or Water-resistant?What it can handle
Skullcandy Indy EVO
IPX5 sweat, water, and dust resistantOffers protection from water jets by a nozzle (6.3mm) from any direction.
Jib True
Wireless Earbuds
IPX4IPX-4 sweat- and water-resistantprotected from water splashes from any angle.
Sesh Evo IP55Water and Dust Resistantprotected against water jets projected by a nozzle (6.3mm) from any direction.

Grind Fuel True WirelessIP55Sweat & Water-resistantProtection against water projected by a nozzle (6.3mm)
against from any direction.

Indy ANC Noise CancelingIPX4sweat and water-resistantProtected from water splashes from any angle.
Dime True Wireless EarbudsIPX4sweat and water-resistantProtected from water splashes from any angle.
Indy Fuel
IP55Water and Dust ResistantProtection against water projected by a nozzle (6.3mm)
against from any direction.
Push Ultra True WirelessIP67 Sweat and WaterproofWaterproof and can even be submerged up to 3.2 feet up to 30 minutes.

As you can see from the table above, each pair of Skullcandy earbuds has its own IP rating. This rating classifies the level of protection against water & dust in electronic devices & is classified by the International Electrotechnical Commission.

Skullcandy’s push ultra is the only earbuds with an IP67 rating which is rated as Water & sweatproof, allowing the earbuds to be submerged underwater up to 3.2 feet for up to 30 minutes.

While the rest of Skullcandy’s earbuds are not labeled as waterproof, they still hold a high IPX rating of 4-5, which is marked as water-resistant & protects your earbuds from a certain amount of water. Additionally, it can be used to work out in since it can endure a certain amount of sweat.

What Happens if my Skullcandy Earbuds Get Wet?

Although the majority of Skullcandy’s earbuds are water-resistant, this doesn’t make them waterproof. So if your earbuds with an IPX4-IPX5 rating do come in contact with more water than they’re supposed to, this can result in permanent damage.

The first thing you want to do if your earbuds were exposed to a sufficient amount of water, in the case of IPX4-IPX5 rating this is water projected by a nozzle (6.3mm), you would want to instantly dry off your earbuds with a microfiber cloth as soon as possible. Additionally, you would want to see if water was exposed to any earbuds openings such as the microphone or speaker area, then gently clean the microphone and speaker meshes with a cotton swab.

The longer your earbuds stay wet, the higher the chance it gets damaged, so make sure you act quickly. Once completely dried off, you want to leave it out to sit, do not put it back in the case. Instead, leave them out to dry & ensure they’re disconnected from your Bluetooth device.

Can You Take a Shower with Skullcandy Earbuds?

Unfortunately, all Skullcandy’s earbuds with an IPX4-IPX5 rating are unable to withstand the exposure from water when showering. Even Skullcandy’s Push Ultra True Wireless, which has an IP67 waterproof rating, will need to be used in its operating range, which is submersion up to 3.2 feet for 30 minutes.

Additionally, exposure to soaps, shampoos & other bathing in any openings of your earbuds can cause permanent damage. Ensure you’re always using your earbuds in their operating environment.

Can Sweat Ruin Earbuds?

This obviously depends on the IPX rating of your earbuds; however, when it comes to Skullcandy, almost all earbuds are sweat-resistant, with only one earbud (Push Ultra) being sweatproof. Sweat-resistant offers a degree of protection against sweat, but it does not mean your earbuds are immune from getting damaged. However, many Skullcandy users work out with their IPX4-IPX5 earbuds with no issues; just remember to dry them off every time you’re done.

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