How to Reset a Kasa Smart Plug

Smart plugs are the wave of the future, making it possible to control parts of your home from anywhere. The key is to find a plug that works for you and your particular needs. Kasa is a brand that has long produced a range of products that are effective and stylish and that work well for a huge range of appliances.

There are a few different methods in which you can reset a Kasa plug. For a soft reset, you can press the reset button on the top of the plug without unplugging it. For a factory reset, you can hold the reset button and unplug it to restore factory settings.

Though the process of resetting can be abbreviated, it is always helpful to know more. If you want to find out more about Kasa smart plugs, including how to soft and hard factory reset them in detail, keep reading.

How to Soft Reset your Kasa Smart Plug

The first thing that you might want to do if you are having trouble with your smart plug is to do a soft reset. What this means is that your plug will reset, but that any things you have connected to the plug or any settings you have put in place will still be there when the reset has taken place.

To soft reset the plug, you first want to make sure it is plugged in. you then want to find the reset button. This is most often on the top of the plug. You then need to press and hold the plug for five seconds, then release it. The connectivity light will blink first orange, then green. You can then check the Kasa app to see if there are any other prompts. This is a soft reset, and it is going to take care of a huge range of problems and may be all you need.

How to Hard Reset your Kasa Smart Plug

If you are still having trouble after the soft reset, you may need to consider a hard reset or a factory reset. This is going to set the plug back to all the original settings that it came with from the factory. This means any settings you may have put in will be reset. This, however, is a great fix if you are having numerous issues with your plug.

To hard reset the plug you need to make sure it is fully plugged in and securely. While it is still plugged in, find the reset button and hold it for ten seconds. The plug will rapidly blink orange and this means that it has been fully factory reset. You then need to go to the app and reinstall the plug and put all your settings back in place. This will take care of most issues with the plug. If you are still having problems, you may need to contact customer support for further clarification.

Setting Up Your Smart Plug

The range of Kasa plugs comes with an app that you need to download in order to ensure that the plug is going to work and to help you manage it. If you are having issues with your smart plug, there may be some issues that you can check without doing any sort of reset. The first is that your plug may not be connected to the right Wi-Fi network or connected at all.

You can check what network the plug is set up on in the app. You need to make sure you are connecting your plug to a 2.4 GHz network, not a 5G, or it will not work. You also need to make sure that if there is a power outage or if there has been some disturbance in the Wi-Fi connection, that you reaffirm the connection.

The last issue you might be dealing with is if the plug has not been properly set up in the app. You do have to use the app to ensure that it is set up properly for use. It is also possible to troubleshoot your plug from the app.

How do Kasa Smart Plugs Work?

The range of Kasa smart plugs works with the help of a secured 2.4GHz network. It has its own network, so you do not have to use any other wireless network to get them working properly. These plugs can be used with nearly any appliance, including lamps, televisions, radios, gaming systems, and more. You can control these plugs with the use of voice commands with both Alexa and Google Assistant.

These plugs come in various sizes and configurations so that you can choose the right one for your needs. The compact versions can be stacked up with more than one plug in the same outlet so that you can plug in multiple devices into the same socket.

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