How to Make Alexa Turn Lights Rainbow 

Alexa devices can do a lot of different things , whether that be playing your music, podcasts, or keeping reminders and timers going for you. However, that is not even close to the extent of what can be done with this device, as you can even use your Alexa device for decorative purposes as well. One thing that Alexa devices are able to do is change its lights, as well as external lights. But how do you make Alexa turn the lights rainbow?

In order to control the color of your light bulbs, you have to make sure you have the right brand to do this. Check to see whichever light bulbs you buy are advertised as being controllable by smart devices like Alexa. Open the Alexa app on your computer or mobile device, and navigate to the Devices tab. In this tab, tap ‘All Devices’, and scroll down the list of devices. Select the light that you want Alexa to connect to. Once you have selected this, your Alexa device should be able to control your enabled lights, which includes changing the color of the bulbs.

But what if I don’t see my lights on this list? And what colors can I even change the lights to?

How to Make Alexa Turn Lights Rainbow

After you have set up your respective bulbs to work with your Alexa account (and in turn, devices), the next step would be to learn how to execute the commands you need to control the lights. You have to identify the names of the light bulbs in order for your Alexa device to know which lights to turn off and on, and when. For instance, if you have a light bulb in the living room, you can call it the “living room light.” In turn, you can then say, for instance, “Alexa, turn on living room light.” But how do you change the colors of the lights?

In order to be able to change the colors of your light bulbs with Alexa, you need to ensure that not only are your lights capable of being controlled by a smart device, but also ensure that the lights are capable of changing color. Otherwise, you will not be able to do anything with them. In order to not only change colors, but also have Alexa turn the lights rainbow, there are multiple options you can take.

For example, if you own the Echo Glow device, you can make that light turn rainbow colored. Once the Echo Glow is set up with your Alexa account, you can do certain things. One thing you can do is tell Alexa to set a ‘rainbow timer’. The timer has to be for at least two minutes, but once the timer goes off, the Echo Glow should light up with rainbow colors.

What colors can light bulbs turn?

The colors your light bulb can take all depend on the limitations of your light bulbs. For instance, some smart bulbs may only be able to have their brightness altered, or even just change the light bulb’s color between yellow and white. Even when the lights can change color, the colors will be limited to which colors they are capable of becoming. However, you should expect that color-changing bulbs, at least good ones, will be able to take quite a few colors, such as red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, and much more.

Why can’t I control my light bulbs with Alexa?

Alexa is normally supposed to be able to control your light bulbs; however, there are times when it seems like Alexa is not working properly with your wireless light bulbs. The light bulb may also be out of juice, preventing it from functioning as any other light bulb would be unable to do so. If you use light bulbs, they will eventually die. Smart bulbs typically last around 20,000 hours or more, or about two and a quarter years. With limited use, however, they can last for much longer.

Your light bulbs may also be having trouble connecting to Wi-Fi. For example, Lumiman light bulbs are designed to connect directly to your Wi-Fi router, while some devices may have an additional device that connects to the Wi-Fi router itself. The light bulbs themselves then connect to this hub.

What brands of light bulbs are smart lights?

While the Echo Glow is a good tool to use to show rainbow lights, it is certainly not the only way to do it. For example, you can change the color of Philips Hue lights, as well as Lumiman light bulbs. Philips Hue stands out as one of the earlier examples of smart bulbs. Other brands of smart bulbs include the Wyze bulb, which is among the cheaper brands (without sacrificing too much quality) and the Sengled Smart Wi-Fi Bulb.

How much do smart bulbs cost?

Smart bulbs are highly useful, especially with how much they can benefit you. With that said, it is not a faulty assumption that smart bulbs are expensive. And while they are certainly more expensive than a regular, non-Alexa-controlled bulb would be, that makes sense, considering the tech that goes into making them. Even still, you can get a smart bulb that is both good and affordable right now!

For example, if you get the above-mentioned Sengled Smart Wi-Fi Bulb, that would run you about $12 per bulb. You could easily change every one of the light bulbs in your home to smart bulbs without having to break the bank to do it. And while these bulbs are plenty cheap, they are not of cheap quality.

Still, if you intend to get the best of the best and can afford it, you may want to consider the Philips Hue. You need to get the hub with it, as mentioned, and that does not come cheap. The Philips Hue hub costs $60, and a pair of color-changing lights will cost you $138. That’s a lot of money, so they’re maybe not something to try if you are just curious and experimenting with them.

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