How to Connect a Hisense TV to Wi-Fi

Hisense TVs are known for offering excellent value and an impressive selection of features. Of course, in order to take advantage of these features, you’ll need to connect your TV to the internet.

You can connect your Hisense TV to your Wi-Fi network through your TV’s menu. Select “Settings,” “Network,” and then “Network Configuration.” From here, choose wireless and select your Wi-Fi network to connect to the internet, entering your Wi-Fi password if needed. 

Getting your Hisense TV online should be an easy process, but you could run into problems along the way. Thankfully, virtually all of these problems have a simple solution. 

How to Connect a Hisense TV to Wi-Fi: A Step-By-Step Guide

In most cases, you’ll be able to connect your Hisense TV to the internet within a few minutes. This guide will walk you through each step of the process.

1. Use Your Remote to Open the Menu

Turn on your TV and hit the menu button to access your Settings. This button has three lines and is located just above your navigational buttons. 

2. Access Network Settings

On the menu, select “Settings” and then “Network” to adjust your Network Settings. You can check your Wi-Fi connection by selecting “Network Information” or connect to a new Wi-Fi network by selecting “Network Configuration.”

3. Connect to Your Wi-Fi Network

On this page, you’ll see a list of networks within range of your TV. Select your network from this list to connect. You may be prompted to enter your wireless password. 

After you hit the okay button, your TV should connect to the internet within a minute. Once you’re connected, you can download apps and take advantage of your TV’s features. 

How to Connect a Hisense TV to Wi-Fi Without a Remote

If you don’t have access to your remote, you can still connect your Hisense TV to a new wireless network. Instead of using a remote, you’ll use the buttons on your TV. 

1. Find Your TV’s Buttons

The location of your buttons can vary based on the model of TV you have. In most cases, you’ll find the buttons on the back of your TV, at the bottom of the back panel. If you can’t find your TV’s buttons, check the manual to see where they’re located. 

2. Open the Menu

Press the Input button to open up the Settings menu on your TV. Use the Volume buttons to navigate to the Network page. 

3. Connect to Your Wi-Fi

Once you’re on the Network page, you can connect to your Wi-Fi network from the “Network Configuration” page. While you can use the Volume buttons to enter your Wi-Fi password, this can be time-consuming, so you may want to disable your password to get your TV online. 

Why Won’t My Hisense TV Connect to My Wi-Fi?

If you’ve gone through these steps, but your TV won’t connect to your Wi-Fi network, you’ll need to do some troubleshooting. These quick fixes can help you get your TV online. 

Check Your Wi-Fi Password

If you’re getting errors after you try to enter the password for your wireless network, make sure the password you’re entering is correct. You may want to change your password so that it’s easier to get your TV online. 

Power Cycle Your Hisense TV

If your password is correct, you may be able to fix your connectivity issues by powering down your TV. Turn off the TV and then disconnect it from its power source for one minute. Once the minute is up, turn your TV back on and see if you can get online. 

Power Cycle Your Router

Your router may be the source of your connectivity issues, not your TV. You can power cycle your router by turning it off and disconnecting it from its power source. You may want to power cycle your TV and your router at the same time. 

Reset Your Network

If power cycling doesn’t fix the problem, try resetting your wireless network. Most routers have a pinhole located on the router’s back panel. Use a needle or another sharp object to press down the reset button inside the pinhole, resetting your wireless network. 

Move Your Router

If your TV keeps disconnecting from the internet, there’s a good chance that your Wi-Fi signal isn’t strong enough. You can fix this problem by moving your router to a location that’s closer to your TV. 

Clear Internal Memory

When you use your TV, it caches data. Having too much data in the cache can create network issues and have an impact on your TV’s performance. 

You can clear out the cache on your TV by navigating to the Network page from the menu and selecting “Clear Internal Memory.” This won’t get rid of your apps or the configurations on your TV. Once you’ve cleaned out the cache, reboot your TV.

Try Using a Wired Connection

If you’ve tried several potential fixes, and you still can’t get online, you may want to connect your TV to the internet using a wired connection instead of a wireless one.

How to Connect a Hisense TV to a Wired Connection

As long as your router is located near your TV, you should be able to get online through a wired connection with minimal issues. Just follow these steps to get your TV online. 

1. Connect Your TV and Router Using an Ethernet Cable

Most Hisense TV models have a LAN port on the back of the TV. Plug one end of an Ethernet cable into this port, and connect the other end to your router. 

2. Access Your Menu

Use your remote or your TV buttons to open up the menu and navigate to the Network page in your settings. 

3. Find Your Network

Select “Network Option” and then “Wired Network.” Your TV will automatically search for a wired connection and connect you to the internet. 

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