How Many Volumes of Kakegurui are There?

There are a lot of great anime and Manga out there, especially in recent years, but one of the best that came out recently is Kakegurui. This series, with the full title being Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler, follows a recent transfer student, Yumeko Jabami, who enters a school where gambling and thrills are the true way to get to the top of the hierarchy. It’s quite a good series, but many fans are wondering: how many volumes of Kakegurui are there?

As of June 2022, there have been 15 volumes of Kakegurui released in Japan, containing chapters 1-88.5. The most recent release in Japan was in October 2022. However, in North America, only 14 chapters have been released, with the 15th set to be released in September 2022.

But will there be more volumes released? And when is the manga supposed to end?

How many Volumes of Kakegurui are there?

Kakegurui’s first volume was originally released in October 2014 in Japanese, while the English release would not come out until three years later, in July 2017. By this time, the Japanese version of Kakegurui already had seven volumes released. Overall, 15 volumes of Kakegurui have been released in Japanese, with the latest releasing in October 2021, while all but the latest volume have been released in English. The 15th volume is slated for release in September 2022. Each volume of Kakegurui ranges from as few as four chapters, to as many as eight chapters.

The release of Kakegurui in Japan has been sporadic; while the release gap between volumes 1 and 2 was only about two months, volume 3 did not release until June 2015 – half a year later. With only one exception (June/August 2017), this gap in releases varied from as short as four months to as long as nine months.

Currently, there are eight chapters that have yet to be released as part of a volume, which suggests that another volume should be coming soon. Since the latest volume came out in October 2021, eight months ago, the 16th volume should be here soon, possibly in July. If it does not release in July, this will be the largest gap between Japanese releases of Kakegurui.

As far as American releases of Kakegurui go, the releases have been relatively consistent until recently, ranging from as few as two months to as many as three. However, by the release of volume 10, Kakegurui had more or less caught up with the Japanese releases, so it began taking longer to localize into English. It got so bad that it had a 10-month gap between releases, though that seems to no longer be the case. It’s also likely that the COVID-19 pandemic made it a longer and harder process to get the manga localized.

Is there an anime adaptation of Kakegurui?

If you are more of an anime fan, then the good news is that you can enjoy Kakegurui, thanks to its anime adaptation. The adaptation has a total of two seasons at the moment, and while a third season is possible, there has not been any word about whether they intend to make one or not. Production problems caused by COVID-19 have plagued series across the world, ranging from the wrestling TV show ‘Glow’ to Kakegurui itself.

However, just because it may exist as an anime does not mean that there is no value to watching the anime AND reading the manga. While there are plenty of shared characters, plots, and more, the Kakegurui anime actually deviates drastically at multiple points, featuring some original stories altogether. Thus, you may still want to experience both versions, as they are not the exact same experience (format notwithstanding).

Without getting into spoilers, a new element added to the anime seems to provide a good cut-off point for the series. However, there is still potential for the series to continue. But our best advice? You would probably be better off assuming it won’t be back. That way, if it does return, you will be all the more surprised.

Where can I watch the Kakegurui anime?

Currently, the only legal way to watch Kakegurui in the United States is to use Netflix, as it is not available on Crunchyroll or other competing anime producers in the area. However, it may still be available on other services in other regions. In order to watch those, however, you would need to get a virtual private network (VPN) to make that website since you are in the correct region to view it.

Are there spin-offs of Kakegurui?

Because of Kakegurui’s success, multiple spin-offs have been created about it, the most notable being Kakegurui Twin. This manga follows the events of Mary Saotome, the eventual friend of Jabami, and how she came to be interested in gambling herself. This manga is still ongoing, with a total of 12 volumes released thus far (11 in English). If you’re interested in giving it a try, it’s still ongoing!

It’s managed to achieve quite a bit of success, as an anime adaptation is slated for release in August 2022 on Netflix. This suggests that while a third season of Kakegurui is not impossible, it seems like the focus is now on animating Kakegurui Twin.

Beyond Kakegurui Twin, however, you can also give Kakegurui (Kakkokari) a try. This is a much different take on the series, instead being a parody of the cast and premise of Kakegurui. The major issue with this, however, is that Kakegurui (Kakkokari) has yet to be released officially in English. Finally, a shorter series, called Kakegurui Midari, follows a supporting character who appears in the other series. This series had a more erratic release schedule, ending after only a few years and four volumes.

How else can I experience Kakegurui?

If you’ve already read all the manga and seen the anime adaptation, there’s still one option: the live-action adaptation. This may be harder to track down, but if you are still vying for Kakegurui content, this is a good bet.

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