How Long Do AirTag Batteries Last?

An AirTag is a tracker designed by Apple to enable users to track lost belongings like wallets and keys attached to the device by looking it up on Find My app. The high-tech device is powered by a CR2032 lithium 3V battery cell that lasts for about one year but can die when you least expect it, which begs the question: how long do AirTag batteries last?

How Long Do AirTag Batteries Last?

A new AirTag comes with a full battery that lasts for approximately one year. However, the duration will vary from one individual to another based on how you use it.

Your iPhone will alert you when your AirTag battery is critically low and needs changing. Read on to learn how to replace an AirTag battery and other related information.

How to Change an AirTag Battery

While replacing AirTag batteries is simple and only takes a few minutes, it is good not to be hasty. Here is how to do the replacement correctly.

  1. Purchase a new CR2032 lithium coin battery
  2. Remove your device if it is enclosed in a case
  3. Place the AirTag with the silver cap facing upwards. The cap loosens to disclose the lithium battery
  4. Use two fingers to apply pressure on the silver cap and unscrew it anticlockwise to remove the case
  5. Gently remove your dead battery and replace it with a new battery. Place the new battery with the positive side facing upwards
  6. Take the silver cap and screw it clockwise back to its original place until it stops

How to Reset AirTag After Replacing Battery

After swapping your old battery with a new one, your device won’t automatically pair with your iPhone, even if it was previously connected. Here’s how to reset it.

  1. After you have screwed the silver cap clockwise until you hear a chime, redo the process four more times. Each time you screw the cap, you should hear a chime. That means you should hear a total of five rings. The fifth chime is different from the others and is an indication that your AirTag is ready to pair.
  2. Connect it with your device to make it ready for use

How to Keep Track of AirTag Battery Life

You can avoid waiting for your battery to get critically low before replacing it by keeping an eye on its battery life. To determine how much power your battery still has, navigate to the Find My app on iPhone and select the device whose battery life you would like to check under the items section. Your AirTag’s battery icon will display its battery level on the screen. Even though the battery doesn’t show the battery’s exact power percentage, the bar will give you a rough idea of how much power you have left on your device. If the battery icon has a red bar, your battery level is critically low.

Is an AirTag Battery Rechargeable?

An AirTag battery is not rechargeable because AirTags don’t have a charging port. The only solution to a critically low or dead battery is a replacement. CR2032 lithium 3V batteries are widely available in local retail shops, supermarkets, electronic shops, and Apple official stores.

How to Maximize AirTag Battery Life

Despite the absence of battery-saving mode on your AirTag, you can use the following guidelines to maximize your device’s battery life.

  1. Remove the battery when you are not using your AirTag
  2. Don’t activate your device until you need to use it
  3. Set a reminder on your phone for checking battery life. You can achieve this by saving a reminder on your To Do app or summoning Siri to inform you about your AirTag’s battery life every first day of a new month.

What Factors Affect AirTag Battery Life?

An AirTag battery is designed to be efficient, so its battery level won’t drop significantly. Moreover, data usage won’t affect your battery life because the device works via Bluetooth. The following are factors that affect your AirTag’s battery.

  • Usage: According to Apple, the one-year life expectancy of your device’s battery is for one precision finding activity and four sound uses per day. Your battery juice will drastically reduce if your use your AirTag more than this. On the contrary, your battery can last for more than a year if you don’t use it more often.
  • Environmental Conditions: Fortunately, your AirTag has splash, water, and dust resistance, allowing it to withstand mild weather conditions. AirTags have an ingress protection rating of IP67, making them water-resistant when dropped up to one meter in water for half an hour. While the resistance protects your AirTag, severe environmental conditions can affect battery life. The resistance of your AirTag is not permanent and decreases as time goes by due to normal wear and tear. Be sure to place your AirTag in suitable environmental conditions at all times to maintain its integrity and safeguard your battery life.  
  • Replacement Battery Manufacturer: CR2032 lithium coin batteries are not created the same. Different manufacturers use varying anodes, cathodes, chemistries, and storage outlines, all of which impact a battery’s life. In addition, different lithium coin battery designs are effective for specific devices and applications. Therefore, your battery’s manufacturer will affect how long it can last with full juice. It would be best to buy the right replacement battery from recommended manufacturers to ensure long battery life.

Bottom Line

Unlike conventional trackers, owning an AirTag is not only an easy but also an affordable way to locate your misplaced belongs. It is tiny and can be conveniently attached to smaller items or placed inside larger belongings like backpacks. You can even have more than one AirTag and use them to track different things. Although your AirTag’s battery has a life span of one year, you should be prepared to replace the battery when it is running low on juice or dies.

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