Do Blink Cameras Work With Ring?

Blink home security cameras allow you to view your home from your smartphone anytime. Indoor cameras are battery-powered and can be placed anywhere in your home to give you peace of mind.  

Ring is another type of smart home security that helps you protect your home. Ring has a variety of products, such as video doorbells, indoor and outdoor security cameras, and alarm systems.  

You may be wondering if having both security devices provides extra security. This article discusses Blink and Ring smart security and whether they are compatible. 

Do Blink cameras work with Ring? 

No, Blink cameras do not work with Ring. They are both Amazon devices that provide DIY security and allow you to view your home from your smartphone anytime. However, they are separate devices that use different apps. 

Both Blink cameras and Ring cameras can be on the same wi-fi network and can work simultaneously, but they will not work with each other. 

Make Blink Work With Ring Through Alexa Routines 

There is a way you can make your Blink cameras and Ring cameras work together. By connecting both devices to Alexa, you can use Alexa Routines. This allows you to have your Ring camera start recording when your Blink camera detects motion.  

As long as you have an Alexa device (such as an Echo, Fire Tablet, or Fire TV), you can connect your Blink and Ring cameras and have them work together. There is no way to connect the two devices without an Alexa device and an Amazon account.  

Connect Blink and Ring using Alexa 

Ensure you have the Alexa app downloaded on your smartphone or tablet. To connect your Ring and Blink devices, you have to download skills in the Alexa app. 

Make sure your Blink cameras are connected to Alexa . In the Alexa app, head to Skills ; Games, then Blink SmartHome, then tap Enable to Use.  

If you have not already made a Blink account, create one. Then enter the account email address and password in the Alexa app. Create a four-digit code that will disarm your Blink cameras. After you have signed in to your Blink account on the Alexa app, tap Discover Devices. This will connect your Blink cameras to your Alexa account. 

Next, make sure your Ring cameras are connected to Alexa. Again head to Skills ; Games in the Alexa app, then find Ring and tap Enable to Use.  

Enter your Ring account information and create a four-digit pin. The process is similar to connecting your Blink cameras. After you have signed in, tap Discover Devices. This connects your Ring cameras to your Alexa. 

Create an Alexa Routine 

Alexa Routines work with both Blink cameras and Ring cameras and devices. As mentioned before, this is a way to have your Ring and Blink cameras work together.  

To create an Alexa Routine, go into your Alexa app menu and click Routines. Hit the plus sign in the top right to name your Routine. Click the plus sign for “When this happens” and enter what you want to trigger the Routine.  

Select Smart Home and choose the Blink camera you want. (The one you want to trigger the Routine.) The Routine you create can start when motion is detected or you can choose a time or day for your camera to start recording.  

Add what action you want to occur when the Routine is triggered. After you add the actions you want to occur, you can adjust the order they occur in. Press save and you have successfully added a Routine.   

Why use both Blink and Ring? 

Using an Alexa Routine to use both Blink and Ring together is a great way to use your security devices to their fullest capacity and provide complete protection.  

When you have both Blink and Ring security devices, you can create a routine that turns on outdoor Ring lighting and starts recording from Ring cameras whenever the Blink outdoor camera detects motion.  

Blink vs. Ring smart home security 

Blink security includes only cameras for protection, while Ring provides cameras, doorbells, sensors, and smart lights. They both offer a trial period, warranties, and guarantees. 

Blink security cameras have free cloud storage for their XT2 cameras. Other cameras require a monthly subscription. For Ring, all cameras require a monthly subscription plan. 

Ring cameras and video doorbells do not require a hub, while a sync module is required for Blink cameras. 

Both Blink and Ring cameras can be installed without a professional, however Ring does have the option to have a professional install it.  

Blink security cameras are a simple and more affordable security camera option. Their security cameras are easier to install. They also allow you to record and save videos without a monthly subscription. However, they require a Sync Module, a separate device to connect your Blink cameras to each other.  

Blink only makes cameras. If you are looking for sensors or a video doorbell, Ring provides these security options. While Ring has a wider variety of products, it is more expensive because it requires a monthly subscription.  

Ring offers a more customizable and expansive security system for your home because they offer more security essentials than just cameras.  

While they are both very similar, they each offer different features. It is hard to say which is better without knowing your security needs and preferences. To decide between the two, decide which features are most important to you.  

Is Blink cheaper than Ring? 

Now let’s discuss the monetary difference between Blink and Ring. While they are both affordable, Blink is cheaper overall.  

Blink’s Indoor Camera costs $79.99, while Ring’s Indoor Camera costs $59.99. However, Blink gives customers free cloud storage while Ring charges for cloud storage. After taking into consideration storage and equipment costs, Blink is more affordable. 

Does Ring provide better security than Blink? 

Yes, Ring provides better security than Blink. This is not only because they offer sensors and motion detection lights. They also provide professional monitoring rather than self-monitoring only with their Protect Plus Plan.  

Do Blink and Ring work with Google Home? 

No, neither Blink nor Ring cameras are compatible with Google Home. To connect either Blink or Ring, you must connect them to the Alexa app and you must have an Amazon account. 

Are Ring cameras easier to install than Blink cameras? 

While both Blink and Ring cameras are easy to install yourself, Ring cameras offer professional installation.  

Blink and Ring security cameras are both great choices for home security. While they do not work together, they can work simultaneously. One way to connect both devices is to create an Alexa Routine.  

Alexa Routines allow you to create actions to be performed after something is triggered. For example, you can have your Blink camera start recording when your Ring camera detects motion. You can also have your Ring lights come on when Blink detects motion.  

Both smart home security devices are easy to install, provide security while you are away, are compatible with Amazon Alexa, and offer cloud storage to record and save videos.  

While Ring offers more devices, such as sensors and lights, Blink only offers cameras. However, Blink is the more affordable and easier to use option. For the best security, you can purchase both security devices and have them work together using Alexa Routines.  

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