Why Does Spotify Keep Deleting my Downloads? Fix it in Seconds

Spotify is a great service for a number of reasons, chief among them being that it’s good for free users and paid users alike. However, it is not without its problems, which vary from minor nuisances to major headaches. One that veers way closer to major headache territory is when Spotify keeps deleting downloads.

One of the most common reasons for Spotify to be deleting your downloads is because you may be using an older version of the app, which can be fixed by reinstalling it. However, it may also have to do with settings on your phone, which are causing some kind of interference with your Spotify app.

Spotify may be having some other issues instead of or in addition to this, which are discussed below.

Why Spotify keeps deleting my downloads?

Double-check that you are still subscribed to Spotify Premium

Your Spotify downloads will only stay downloaded to your phone for as long as you are subscribed to Spotify Premium. Once your Spotify Premium subscription ends, so too does everything you downloaded. If your downloads have disappeared, make sure that your subscription has not lapsed.

Update your Spotify app

If you are currently subscribed to Spotify Premium and you are still having trouble with your downloads being deleted, your Spotify app may be an old version and thus require an update.

You may also need to do a clean reinstall in order to solve the problem, though be mindful of the fact that any songs you have downloaded will have to be redownloaded after reinstalling. Thus, do not do this unless it is a last resort.

Make more room for your Spotify downloads

One issue that may be causing your Spotify downloads to be deleted is if your phone is simply running out of room, and is trying to make room by getting rid of your downloads. There are multiple ways you can approach this. The quickest and easiest way is to figure out if you can delete or move content from your phone.

You can move photos and other images from your phone to a Bluetooth-enabled computer or any device that is able to transfer via USB. Alternatively, look for any apps on your phone that you have not used for a long time. Not only is this good for clearing up space, but it gets rid of apps that may be taking up resources on your phone without you knowing.

There may also be some kind of bloat on your phone that is affecting storage space (and performance) without your knowledge. Be sure to clear your cache if your space seems strangely low.

Make sure phone settings are not interfering with your Spotify downloads

Sometimes, your phone’s settings may be the problem, so check to see that data cleaning and power settings are disabled to see if that actually helps. You may want to give Spotify permissions to operate without restrictions.

Spotify may be starting up too quickly

One strange interaction Spotify has with phones, that leads to this very problem occurring for some people, is when the Spotify app starts up too quickly at phone startup. This occurs for people who store their downloaded content on their SD card, and in this case, the Spotify app opens before the phone even registers that there is an SD card to begin with.

You can download programs that prevent unwanted programs from starting up automatically for both iOS and Android devices. Before downloading any program, make sure that it has a good reputation, and that you are satisfied with any potential drawbacks (ads or in-app purchases, for example). Thankfully, Android users can download Assistant for Android, which is generally held in high regard, though it does still have ads.

Do I need Spotify Premium to download songs in the first place?

Whether you opt to get Spotify Premium or not depends on how much benefit you get out of it. Free Spotify is pretty good on its own, but yes, in order to download music from Spotify normally, you need to be subscribed to Spotify Premium. While that is the normal way to download music from Spotify, there are less legitimate methods you can take.

If, after all of these potential problems fail to be the actual cause of your problem, it is entirely understandable that one may want to find an alternative to Spotify Premium’s downloads, especially since the downloads are proprietary anyway. There are certain websites and programs created to allow for downloading from places like YouTube and Spotify that can help solve this problem. You may also want to consider an alternative app that allows for downloading content, though doing so does prevent you from accessing Spotify’s play without WiFi or data.

What other mobile apps allow downloading music?

If you want to move on from Spotify due to the headache this issue caused, there are other apps you may want to consider.

Amazon Music

First, Amazon Music may be a solid alternative if you have Amazon Prime, as you get access to Amazon Music Prime with it. It offers more than two million songs, and with all versions of Amazon Prime, you can download songs to play them offline. If you want to have access to more songs, consider an upgrade to Amazon Music Unlimited.

Apple Music

Apple Music has lagged behind Spotify in a number of ways, but more recently has been competitive with them. It allows you to download music for offline play both on Android and iOS devices. However, like Spotify and Amazon Music, you do have to sign up for the subscription.

YouTube Music

If you have a subscription to YouTube Premium, you will be able to download music (as well as any other videos on YouTube) to view and listen to on your phone offline. A YouTube Premium membership may be more appealing than a Spotify one, if only due to the fact that you get more variety of content as part of the subscription.

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