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Is Disney Plus Free on Apple TV? 

Disney Plus is a relatively new streaming service, but despite that, it is easily one of the biggest on the market right now. Disney Plus not only has the classic and modern Disney series and films, but fans of Marvel, Star Wars, and even The Simpsons will find plenty of content to enjoy on Disney Plus. Disney Plush can be downloaded and used on a wide variety of devices, but not all devices are capable of running it. Further, people are also looking to get a good deal on streaming services. This leads people to ask, is Disney Plus free on Apple TV?

For people looking to enjoy Disney Plus on Apple TV, the good news is that it is available to view on Apple TV. However, as of the date of this writing, there is no way to watch Disney Plus for free legally, besides by sharing an account with a user who pays to watch it. As such, the only way you would be able to watch Disney Plus on Apple TV is by subscribing to it.

But how much does Disney Plus cost? And what kind of content can you find on it?

Is Disney Plus Free on Apple TV?

As discussed above, Disney Plus cannot be watched for free on an Apple TV device, and the only way to get it would be to either subscribe to it, or have a shared account with someone who does.

Can you have multiple users on one Disney Plus account on Apple TV?

A common tactic people employ with streaming services, especially those that allow you to have multiple users on one account, is to split ownership of the account between friends and family. This is often done with people living under the same roof, but people also often share it with people who live elsewhere. Disney (and other streaming services) tend to frown upon this being done, but that doesn’t discourage people from trying at least.

How much is a subscription to Disney Plus on Apple TV?

If you want to subscribe to Disney Plus, you have two options you can take. The first is to pay a monthly fee of $7.99, for a total of $95.88 per year. However, getting an annual subscription to Disney Plus is the cheaper option, totaling $79.99. Essentially, you only pay for 10 months instead of a year by going this route. This price increased from $6.99 per month/$69.99 per year, which was the original price at its 2019 launch.

Are there other ways to subscribe to Disney Plus?

While the standard way to subscribe to Disney Plus is to simply go on the website and subscribe there, that is not the only method that you can use. In fact, there are even more ways to subscribe to Disney Plus than just that. These subscription models are, depending on your needs, also a better value than just getting Disney Plus on its own.

One popular method of getting Disney Plus is to get it bundled with Hulu and ESPN Plus, which has multiple bundles in and of itself. Where Disney Plus is ad-free, Hulu is not, at least not at the lowest rate ($6.99). There is an ad-supported tier of all three services offered for $13.99 per month, but if you want to do ad-free, that will run you $19.99 per month. The most expensive subscription tier, coming in at $69.99 per month, is a big jump in cost, but worth it considering you get Hulu Live as well (which gives access to many live TV channels). You can also subscribe to Disney Plus through other streaming services, like Hulu.

Does Disney Plus have different catalogs in other regions?

One thing Disney fans might notice about Disney Plus in the United States is that, despite having so many Marvel movies and series, not all of this content has been included in the Disney Plus catalog. Another thing they may notice is the fact that all of the missing Marvel content is M-rated. For example, the Deadpool films cannot be found on Disney Plus in the United States. This is because Disney is particularly protective of its image, meaning they do not want to have R-rated content on the streaming service. But is that the case everywhere?

For users in Canada, the good news is that subscribing to Disney Plus gets them all of the Marvel catalog, including the M-rated content. This means that all of you Deadpool fans can enjoy this gory, obscene movie without having to go through hoops to get access. However, even if you are not in Canada, that does not mean that you cannot get access to the Canadian version of Disney Plus. To do this, you have to use a virtual private network (VPN), which masks your location and, if anyone was to check your IP address, it would appear like you are a resident of a different area (Canada, in this case). Thus, you will be able to watch the Canadian Disney Plus catalog, though you can’t view your own catalog while you are listed as this location.

If you do not want to use a VPN, however, your next best bet to being able to watch the M-rated Disney Plus catalog would be to subscribe to Hulu. The only reason why the M-rated Disney movies are on Disney Plus in Canada is because there is no Hulu in Canada, so they had to put it somewhere.

Why are certain Marvel TV shows on Disney Plus?

One thing you will notice, however, is that despite M-rated movies being absent, TV series like Jessica Jones and Daredevil have been added, which are similarly meant for adults. One of the key reasons for them coming to Disney Plus is the fact that the licensing rights to them ended on Netflix, and they were taken off of Netflix’s catalog.

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