How to Turn off Subtitles for Disney Plus on Roku 

Are you wondering about how to turn off subtitles on Disney Plus while watching on your Roku? If so you’re not alone. Roku users love the fact that you can stream all your favorite movies and TV shows, and we all cheered when Disney Plus arrived on the platform with a panoply of premium content. But many users have wondered how to turn off intrusive subtitles.

To turn off subtitles for Disney Plus on Roku, press the * button on your remote during playback; on the options menu, you will be able to turn closed captions off. If it still isn’t connecting, then you’ll need to update your app. To do so, go to your home screen, highlight the Disney Plus app, then press the * button on your remote. It will bring up a menu for the app, select update.

Subtitles, or closed captioning, may of course be useful in some circumstances, especially for users who are hard of hearing. But for those who want to turn off this feature on Roku while watching a Marvel movie or a Star Wars series, read on to find out how to address this issue. The headline? Try updating, managing settings, and resetting/reinstalling. 

To troubleshoot your subtitle situation with Disney Plus on Roku, please follow these easy steps:

1. Turn on your Roku and connect to the Internet

Obvious it is, but even a Jedi may need the steps laid out like Bantha fodder. After making sure your Roku is turned on and connected, make sure it is running the most recent software update. 

2. Navigate to the home screen and update Disney Plus

With your Roku remote, navigate to the home screen, highlight the Disney Plut app; then, press the asterisk button. This allows you to access settings specifically for this app. Select “update” to make sure the most recent version is installed. For most users this easy fix solves the problem.

3. While watching a movie or TV show, use the audio icon

If updating your Disney Plus app doesn’t work, don’t give up. What would Tony Stark do? OK, maybe you can’t pay someone else to do it, but try this: while watching your movie or TV show, check the top right corner. If you see a settings icon in the top right corner of your screen, click on it. Two columns should appear. Under the right column, called “Subtitles,” choose “Off.” Return to playback and enjoy a caption-free experience. 

4. While watching a movie or TV show, check the description page

Still not working? At this point, it’s a question of honor. But you don’t need to be a Mandalorian. Try this: while watching your movie or TV show, bring up the description page. Select “Audio & Subtitles.” For “Subtitles,” choose “Off.” Press the “Back” button to exit and description page and return to playing your movie or TV show.

If you have a newer Roku device, the solution may be even simpler: while watching your movie or TV show, simply press the “Up” or “Down” button to bring up the same options. Again, you can select “Audio & Subtitles” and change your “Subtitles” setting to “Off.”

5. To manage subtitles for the app in general, try the settings menu

Want to manage caption for all movies and TV shows on the app? For that, you’ll need to access the settings menu. To do this, press the asterisk button on the middle right side of your remote. A menu appears on the left called “Settings.” Select “accessibility” or “captions” (depending on your device model) and press OK. On the column that appears to the right, choose from among the options related to captioning. For each, you can click the right arrow to explore more options. For “caption mode,” choose “Off.” This should disable captions not just for the particular movie or TV series you’re watching, but for all titles on your Roku.

Note: there is another option among these caption settings called “On Replay.” If this setting is set to “On” you will notice captions appear each time you rewind and replay. Closed captioning appears for a few seconds, then disappears. If this is your issue, switch off this option. If not, please continue reading.

 6. Reset Roku or Reinstall the Disney Plus App

If nothing else has worked, you may need to try a more radical option. As any good tech-consultant knows, then sometimes the best option is simply to reboot or restart. If you’ve already changed the settings as per the instructions above, try resetting the Roku device from your Home screen. Sometimes turning off the player after you’ve made an update or a change is necessary for those changes to take effect. 

You may also need to try reinstalling the Disney Plus app itself. Press the Home button, and locate the Disney Plus App. Highlight the app and press the Options button on your remote. Select “Remove Channel” (please note that this process is independent of your subscription, and will not jeopardize your access to Disney Plus). Once you’ve completed the removal process, reinstall the Disney Plus App: from your Home screen, go to “Streaming Channels.” Find the Disney Plus app by clicking its icon in the right pane, by browsing to it from the categories on the left, or by searching for its name in “Search Channels” and selecting “Add channel.” With Disney Plus reinstalled, most users find the glitch is fixed. Happy watching!

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