How to Turn On Dark Mode on Youtube on Your iPad

Dark Mode is one of the easiest browsing modes online. It helps prevent eye strain and is just generally very user-friendly. If you’d like to know more about how to get Dark Mode on YouTube for the iPad, this is the article for you.

To get dark mode on your iPad’s YouTube app, you’ll find a toggle switch in the settings mode on your YouTube account. We’ll walk you through how to find it, how to change it, and why dark mode is such a great idea.

Once you know how to change the mode on your YouTube setting on the iPad, you can easily interchange it from light mode to dark mode, and back again, should you prefer that. But we’ll also make sure you know the differences between the light and dark mode so that you can make the most informed decision on how to browse the popular video streaming app.

How to Change to Dark Mode on YouTube on iPad

Before you begin, go to the YouTube app by opening your App Store, going to Updates, and then finding the app in your list. Hit to update to the latest version if you haven’t already. By having the latest version of YouTube, you’re going to be able to get dark mode applied to the iPad app.

After verifying you have the latest version, or by updating to the latest version of YouTube, then go to the Apps on your iPad and open the YouTube app on your iOS system (the iPad).

After you open the app, look up to the top right corner of the screen, where you will see your avatar showing your profile. Click on the profile and your avatar picture to open this.

Once the account screen has opened, scroll down to see the SETTINGS tab and click on that. In that settings screen, you’ll see a list of options come up. One of these will be a toggle next to Dark Screen. If this is gray and to the left, you have dark mode turned off. Switch it to where it is blue and to the right and it will enable dark mode on YouTube on your iOS iPad device.

Then click on the X next to the word Settings in the top left corner of that screen, which will exit that menu page.

This will turn on dark mode and put you back in the YouTube app and out of the settings menu options.

What is Dark Mode?

The most popular display settings are light mode and dark mode. Where light mode is a dark font text on a light screen, dark mode is a light font text on a dark screen. There are a few alternative names for dark mode that include night mode, black mode, and dark theme.

Dark mode helps reduce the amount of light that the screen emits while still giving the minimum contrast for readability. It is known for being easier on the eyes, lowering the amount of eye fatigue when looking at computer screens, and being generally more readable for most people. Still, some prefer light mode which is why it is the general default option on almost every app and program you see.

While light mode is the default setting, there are still many programs and apps that are making the option of other modes of display like dark mode, and YouTube happens to be one of them.

How to Change Back to Light Mode on YouTube on iPad

Reopen the YouTube app and go to the top right corner of the screen to the account profile avatar picture again. Click on that account profile picture and open up your account screen.

Once in the account menu screen, go to the SETTINGS profile in the list of options and click on that. It will pull back up the settings menu list and one of those options will be the Dark Screen option. This toggle switch should be on the right side and blue if dark mode is turned on. Switch it back to a gray button toward the left side and it will disable dark mode again on the YouTube app on the iPad.

After you are done, click the X on the left side of the word SETTINGS in the top left portion of the screen and exit back out of that page.

This will put back the light mode default setting and keep you out of dark mode. You’ll now be in YouTube and ready to browse in light mode.

Some apps do dark mode better than others so knowing how to toggle between them is something that everyone should know. For YouTube on iOS, there is a great enhancement in dark mode making it visually more appealing and beautifully done.

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