How to Log into Hulu with Disney Plus Account 

For people who are fans of Disney content, be it Disney Princesses, Marvel, Star Wars, their Fox content, and more, a combination of Disney Plus and Hulu is a pretty solid combination. Thankfully, there is a way for you to get both as a package, making it an overall cheaper price than it would be if you got them separately. But how do you log into Hulu with Disney Plus Account?

If you purchased the Disney Bundle via Disney Plus that gives you access to Hulu’s content, you need to activate & log in to your Hulu account using an activation link sent via email after signing up. You can also activate through your Disney Plus account’s Billing Details page, and select Watch Now next to the Hulu icon. Both methods should be adequate to get you access to your Hulu account.

To find out more about Hulu with Disney Plus, as well as other details about the bundles these two services have together, read on below.

How to Log into Hulu with Disney Plus Account

In order to log into Hulu using your Disney Plus account, you need to subscribe to Hulu via the Disney Plus Bundle. This bundle is a collection of three services: Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN Plus. Normally, Disney Plus would cost $7.99, while the others cost $6.99 each; yet when bundled together, the cost comes out to $13.99, a savings compared to $21.99 when subscribed to individually.

After having subscribed to the Disney Plus Bundle, you need to activate your Hulu account. This can be done by clicking on an activation link you get via email after having signed up, and once you’ve clicked, then you will be good to go. You can also go to your Disney Plus account’s Billing Details page, where you will see ‘Watch Now’ next to the Hulu logo to start up that way.

While it is known as the Disney Plus Bundle, you can subscribe to it on both Hulu and Disney Plus.

Should I have Hulu with Disney Plus?

Whether you should get Hulu and Disney Plus bundled together will ultimately come down to what you want to get out of them. Disney Plus, for example, is a pretty specific streaming service; if you do not like at least one of Star Wars, Marvel, or Disney’s traditional cartoons , it is not likely that you will find too much reason to pay the fee they are asking for it. The same goes in the reverse; if you are a big fan of all things Disney, but don’t see much on Hulu that appeals to you, it would probably be wasteful to do the bundle.

Another factor that comes into play with the Disney Plus Bundle is whether you prefer to pay for your account annually or pay month to month. The most basic subscription to Hulu costs $6.99, while a subscription to Disney Plus costs $7.99. However, if you get this bundle, the total comes out to $13.99 (including ESPN Plus), a savings of $.99 compared to getting Hulu and Disney Plus separately.

If being ad-free is important to you, however, your best bet is to go for the ad-free bundle, which increases the price to $19.99. Much like the ad-supported bundle, this ad-free bundle is $.99 cheaper than getting the two services separately. And if you are a sports fan, ESPN Plus is a great bonus.

How can I not see ads on Hulu?

As mentioned above, Hulu has two separate payment tiers: regular, ad-supported Hulu for $6.99 per month, and ad-free for $12.99.per month. A lot of people will choose to go with the latter tier due to how obnoxious the ads can be (though the ads are not necessarily always bad). It may be more expensive, but if the content is worth it to you, it’s hardly a terrible option to take.

However, if you cannot afford to budget for the increased price per month of Hulu, the next best option is to look into getting an ad blocker. Ad blockers can be used on phones, tablets, and computers, and are usually able to prevent Hulu’s ads from showing up. There are even add-ons on browsers, like Google Chrome, that exist to target Hulu’s ads in particular.

Does Disney Plus have ads?

While the basic Disney Plus Bundle comes with an ad-supported version of Hulu, that does not mean that Disney Plus has ads. Thankfully, all shows and movies on the service are completely ad-free, regardless of which Disney Plus Bundle you choose. The ad-free version only affects Hulu.

If I cancel Disney Plus or Hulu, do I still get to keep the other service?

When purchasing the Disney Plus Bundle, it is important to note that cancellation may be a bit of a tricky situation. The advantage of getting Hulu and Disney Plus as separate services is that you can cancel one without having to lose the other. However, if you purchase the subscriptions through the Disney Plus Bundle, you cannot cancel the services piecemeal — you have to cancel all or cancel none.

If you decide to cancel either service, you will have to resubscribe to whichever services you want to keep. Which means if you want 1-2 of Hulu, Disney Plus, or ESPN Plus, you need to resubscribe individually. While just the value of Hulu and Disney Plus together is a solid value, if you don’t really want both, then it is just going to be extra money paid for no reason.

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