How to Connect iPad to Hotel WiFi

Traveling with an iPad or any device that includes wireless internet is a way to stay connected just about anywhere in the world. When you are staying at a hotel, knowing how to connect your iPad to the hotel’s WiFi can help you to avoid an unnecessary headache while helping you to save time. 

How to Connect iPad to Hotel Wifi? 

From your iPad’s home screen, navigate to Settings > WiFi. From the WiFi settings menu, switch your WiFi to “On”, enabling WiFi connectivity. Once you turn your WiFi settings on, you will then be permitted to select a wireless internet network to join. Select your hotel’s network name and enter the provided password if prompted. 

Although most of the time, connecting your iPad to a hotel’s WiFi is simple, straightforward, and only requires a few seconds, there is a possibility that you encounter issues or hangups along the way. Knowing the ins and outs of connecting any wireless device, including an iPad, to a hotel’s wireless internet is essential for anyone traveling on business or vacation. 

Verify That Your Device is WiFi-Enabled

Before you can connect your iPad to any wireless internet connection, you will need to verify that the WiFi is enabled on the device itself.

From the home screen of your iPad, navigate to your Settings and open your WiFi menu. Enable your iPad’s wireless internet connection by switching the Wireless tab from “Off” to “On”. 

Request Access to Hotel’s Internet

Upon checking into your hotel room, request more information regarding the wireless internet that is provided or available. In some instances, you may be required to pay an additional fee in order to gain access to the internet, depending on the hotel you are staying in.

Remember Your Room Name

Depending on the hotel you are staying at, you may be required to provide your name and the room number you are staying in before you are provided with access to the hotel’s wireless internet. Some hotels generate a unique pin or password for guests on an individual basis to provide an additional layer of protection and security to their internet browsing. 

Ask About an Access Code

While you are in the process of checking into a hotel, be sure to ask for a password or access code that is required in order to get online to begin browsing. Some hotel WiFi connections do not require a password or access code. If an access code is given, you may need to use it each time you log in or you may need to save it in your iPad’s wireless settings once you connect to the hotel’s network. 

It is important to note that anytime you are using a public wireless internet connection that does not require a password or access code, your data is extremely vulnerable. It is not advisable to access banking information, email accounts, or even social media accounts if you are prompted to enter a password over a safe and unsecured wireless network. 

Locate the Network Name

After requesting access to your hotel’s wireless internet connection, search for the network name you want to connect to from your WiFi Settings. If your hotel has more than one network listed and one is private, inquire about your options, as some networks are kept private for employee use only, whereas others are private for business clients and guests. 

Save the Network Name

If you intend to use the wireless internet at your hotel daily or throughout the duration of your entire stay, it is highly recommended to save and store the network name on your iPad. Saving a network name prevents the hassle of entering a password or access code back into your iPad each time you leave your hotel, return, and attempt to browse the internet.

By saving the hotel’s wireless network name, password, and access code, your iPad will attempt to reconnect to the internet automatically whenever you are within the vicinity of the hotel and network. 

Open Your Web Browser

Once you have connected to your hotel’s WiFi network, launch your preferred web browser. Upon launching your web browser, you should be greeted with a welcome or sign-on page, depending on your hotel’s WiFi setup and infrastructure. Some hotels may require you to fill out a form or accept a terms of use agreement prior to opening up the rest of the web browser. 

Pay to Gain Access

Most hotels offer free wireless internet access, which can be accessed within just a few minutes once your iPad or another wireless device automatically detects the network. However, many hotels also charge a fee for guests who are interested in connecting to their wireless internet connection throughout the duration of their stay. 

Some wireless Internet connections may allow you to quickly gain access to the internet by following instructions and prompts on a web page that is directly connected with the hotel.

For some hotels, it is possible to immediately charge the wireless internet access you request directly to your room. For other hotels, however, you may be required to visit the front desk in order to complete your purchase of the wireless internet access you require.  

Knowing how to connect your iPad to hotel WiFi can help you to save time while making the most of your stay whenever you travel outside of the home. When you are familiar with WiFi connections, access codes, and hotel internet setups, connect any device including your iPad to the internet with ease. 

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