How Many Episodes of One Piece are on Hulu? 

One Piece is arguably one of the largest media franchises out there, which is pretty impressive and shows just how far anime and manga have come; after all, it is the best-selling manga, and has even collectively outsold every Batman comic! However, just as there are many volumes of One Piece, there are also many episodes of the anime, which can be watched on Hulu. But how many episodes of One Piece are on Hulu?

While there is a considerable amount of the show available on Hulu — a whopping 11 seasons — that is not even close to the number of episodes that have been made for One Piece. As of April 2022, One Piece has 724 episodes on Hulu, while the series overall has a total of 1,015 episodes (and counting). Comparatively, Hulu has fewer episodes available for English viewers than other competing services do.

Will Hulu get more episodes of One Piece? And if so, when will it?

How Many Episodes of One Piece are on Hulu?

As of May 2022, Hulu has a total of 724 episodes of One Piece with the original Japanese dub and 152 episodes that are dubbed in English. which is significantly lower than the total number of episodes available of One Piece (1,015 and counting), including on competing streaming services like Crunchyroll and Funimation.

When will Hulu get any more episodes of One Piece?

Users of Hulu who discovered One Piece on the streaming service typically have the very same frustration: namely, that Hulu has not updated One Piece in years. It started out with hundreds of episodes, but as the show got more episodes over time, Hulu has not bothered to add more episodes. Worse yet, there has been some rumbling about whether Hulu is even going to have One Piece on their service anymore.

In April 2022, episodes of One Piece on Hulu were tagged as ‘Expiring’, which means that Hulu’s license was, at the time, set to run out. However, thankfully, Hulu announced that One Piece would not be leaving the streaming service, as they had renewed the licensing after this point. While things may change, as it is, Hulu will continue to have what One Piece episodes it has now.

How many episodes of One Piece are dubbed in English on Hulu?

In total, as of May 2022, there have been 794 episodes of One Piece dubbed in English, of which all of these episodes are available on the streaming service Funimation. While they are still hundreds of episodes behind the number of episodes (which total more than 1,000 at this time), the English dub has been a consistent process. It is important to note, however, that with the merger of Crunchyroll and Funimation, there is a reasonable degree of likelihood that Funimation’s content, including English One Piece, will come to Crunchyroll in time.

Despite there being so many episodes of the One Piece anime that have been released in English (with hundreds still only available in Japanese) on other services, Hulu actually only has a very small percentage of episodes with the English dub. In total, the number of One Piece episodes dubbed in English is only 152, out of the 750 total episodes Hulu has available. The fact that Hulu has so few episodes available in English, and that the episodes no longer are updated to provide an English dub, suggests that Hulu may never add more English-dubbed episodes unless something changes.

The reason why Hulu does not seem like they will get any more episodes of One Piece dubbed into English (or possibly any more episodes beyond what they have) is licensing. Hulu has to pay a fee in order to have One Piece on their series, and considering the license holder for One Piece in the US operates a competing platform; there is an incentive for them to not provide them more dubbed or subbed episodes of the show. Thus, you should expect that if you want to watch the whole series, you will have to go to another streaming service altogether.

How many more episodes of One Piece will there be?

The answer to this question is a somewhat nebulous one, as there is a lot of speculation to be had here. At the very least, we can readily assume that One Piece will still be continuing for a while, as the anime is the equivalent of dozens of episodes behind the manga right now. It is highly unlikely that the One Piece manga does not get fully adapted into anime episodes due to how ridiculously successful One Piece has been, both commercially and critically.

Essentially, the golden rule is that a series will continue to go until one of two things happens. Either the demand for the anime or manga has dried up to a point that continuing it is unprofitable, or the consensus of the creative crew and the owners is that the series cannot or should not continue any further. In One Piece’s case, it seems like everyone involved, from fans to creators to license holders, are more than happy to see it thrive.

Is the manga going to end any time soon?

One Piece has been running for an extremely long time, both as an anime and a manga, with the manga having been originally released back in 1997. It was actually meant to end in 2002, but due to ideas creator Eiichiro Oda had regarding the series, this saw its length explode. Even 20 years after its original prospective end, the series is still expected to have plenty more left.

Presently, Oda seems to think that the manga still has a few years left to it — ending around 2024 or 2025 — and while the series definitely feels like it’s at the tail end of the story, that should not be taken to mean that One Piece is going to end here. After all, Oda was wrong about when it would end multiple times before, so why is he necessarily right this time?

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