Hardwired Ring Doorbell Not Charging? Here’s How To Fix It

Investing in a Ring doorbell allows you to monitor your door from anywhere. It’s a great way to monitor packages and keep your home secure. Unfortunately, if your hardwired Ring doorbell isn’t charging, you won’t be able to enjoy any of these benefits.

Battery issues, a weak Wi-Fi signal, and even weather conditions can keep a hardwired Ring doorbell from charging. There could also be an issue with your doorbell’s wiring. If your doorbell is failing to charge, you’ll need to do some troubleshooting to find the source of the issue.

Thankfully, you don’t have to be an expert to troubleshoot your doorbell. With this guide, you’ll be able to quickly find out what’s keeping your doorbell from charging. From there, you can apply a solution. 

Why Isn’t My Hardwired Ring Doorbell Charging?

It can be frustrating when your doorbell won’t charge, but thankfully this issue isn’t serious. These are some of the most common reasons that a Ring doorbell won’t charge:

Your App Is Out of Sync 

If you just charged your Ring doorbell, but the app is showing that the battery level is low, the problem might not be with your battery at all. Instead, the issue might be that your app and doorbell are out of sync. 

Pressing the button on your Ring doorbell should cause your app to update. Give your app a few minutes and see if the battery level is where it’s supposed to be. 

Wiring Issues

The most common cause of a hardwired Ring doorbell not charging is issues with the wiring. If you’ve been having issues with the battery on your doorbell, disconnect it and open it up so that you can see what the problem might be. 

Try cleaning the battery charger contacts. Check the screws on the contacts to make sure they’re tightened appropriately. Usually, a few minor adjustments will get your doorbell charging again. 

Bad Weather Conditions 

Very hot and very cold weather can impact your doorbell’s battery and may also have an impact on the device’s performance. If your doorbell stops charging in severe weather conditions, it’s safe to assume that the weather is the culprit and that the issues will pass when temperatures change. 

Weak Wi-Fi 

If your battery is charging, but it seems to drain immediately, the problem may be with your Wi-Fi signal, not your battery. When your Wi-Fi is weak, it can put more of a strain on your doorbell, causing the battery to drain quickly. A weak signal also makes it harder for the Ring app to update. 

You can check your Wi-Fi signal at any time by clicking on the Device Health icon in your Ring app. If your signal strength is anywhere between -60 and -90, it will impact your doorbell’s performance. You can resolve this by moving your router close to your doorbell

Battery and Power Source Issues

Even when you have a hardwired Ring doorbell, it still needs its battery to operate. The power source that your battery is wired to will charge the battery, not your doorbell. 

Your battery should be hardwired to an existing doorbell system or a Ring Plug-In adapter. Powering your device in other ways can damage your doorbell and your battery. If you’re using a different DC supply source, it’s likely that the power source is the reason your battery isn’t charging. 

How Long Should My Hardwired Ring Battery Last?

When your Ring doorbell is working as intended, battery issues shouldn’t be a common problem. Your battery should last somewhere between six and twelve months before it needs to be recharged. When your battery level starts to get low, you’ll receive a notification from the Ring app. 

If your doorbell is draining more quickly than that, it could be an indicator of a deeper problem. However, the issue may also have to do with how you’re using your doorbell. In some cases, making some adjustments to the doorbell’s settings will be enough to solve the problem. 

How Can I Keep My Ring Battery Charged for Longer?

You can extend the battery life of your doorbell in several ways. If your battery is draining too quickly, these suggestions will help you to maximize your battery life. 

Limit Your Usage of Battery-Draining Features

Look at the Ring app and check to see which features you have enabled. If you’ve enabled features that you aren’t using, it’s best to turn those features off so that they don’t drain your battery. 

Certain features, like LiveView and your motion settings, may put extra strain on your battery. Optimize the motion settings for your doorbell and try to only use LiveView when necessary. 

Check Your Wi-Fi

As mentioned above, a weak Wi-Fi signal will cause your doorbell to drain more power when it communicates with your wireless connection. Use the Ring app to check the strength of your Wi-Fi signal. If you have a weak signal, you can try moving your router or upgrading your internet. 

Watch the Weather

Both extreme heat and cold can cause your battery to drain more quickly. It’s likely that your battery will start to have issues when temperatures fall below 36°F. When temperatures fall below 32°F, your battery may not charge at all. 

Check weather forecasts so that you can prepare for hotter or colder days. Make sure that your battery is fully charged before the weather starts to cause issues for you. 

How Can I Keep My Ring Battery Charged When It’s Cold?

If you live in an area with harsh winters, it’s likely that the cold temperatures will regularly interfere with your battery’s performance. The on-board software on the doorbell prevents it from charging during freezing weather so that the battery won’t be damaged. 

When it’s very cold, it’s best to bring your battery indoors and charge it using a USB cord. Not only will this give your battery a chance to charge, but it will also warm your device. Once the battery is at a 100% charge, you can remount the device and place it outdoors again. 

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