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Does Just Dance Work on Switch Lite?

Have you just received a Nintendo switch lite for Christmas and wondered what games you can play, or maybe you’re thinking about buying Just Dance for a loved one but not sure if it will work on their device. Don’t worry; we’ve got all the answers you need here.

You can play Just Dance on a Nintendo Switch Lite. However, you would need to buy some extra joy-cons so you can connect wirelessly to the console. Also, if you own a smart device, you can add the just dance controllers app onto there, but you will have to use the Lite console as the game’s display. 

Read this article to find out more about how you can make the Just Dance game work on your Nintendo Switch Lite and what to do if you come across any issues while doing so. 

How Can I Play Just Dance On My Nintendo Switch Lite?

There are two ways in which you can play just dance on a Switch Lite. The only downfall with the Lite is that you need to choose one way or the other. Either everyone needs a Joy-con, or everyone needs to be playing off their smartphones; there’s not the option to mix and match. 


This is the best option if you have several games that don’t support a handheld version, and if you use your Lite quite often, these are a great investment. You cannot add or remove joy-cons from or onto the Switch Lite itself as it’s made to be handheld only, not docked like the original switch. Therefore, to play games that are not handheld, you need new controllers; you can buy these in packs of one or two. 


If you don’t have enough joy-cons or don’t want to buy any extra ones just for the odd game, then you do have the option of using smartphones. If everyone who wants to play downloads the Just Dance controllers app onto their phone, you will have no problems playing, even with a larger group. 

What Do I Need Before Playing?

First, make sure that you have the joy-cons as well as a charging station; the charging stations don’t come with the joy-cons and need to be bought separately. You should also have a play stand so that the lite is in an upright position making it easier to play the game; both of these can be found in major retailers. 

How Can I Connect joy-cons to the Device?

Step 1

Make sure the system is turned on, and you have the Lite in the play stand ready to play. Pick up a left and a right joy-con to begin pairing them to the device.

Step 2

Select the controllers tab, which can be found at the bottom of the home menu on your Lite. 

Step 3

Select the change grip and then the order option, now your Lite is ready to start pairing with the joy-cons. It should only take a few seconds to pair. 

Step 4

Lastly, you need to choose how you want to configure the controllers; if you are using a left and a right one, then on the left one select L, and on the right one select R. However, if you only want to use one controller then turn it sideways and select L and R on the railing side. 

Can You Play Just Dance on a Switch Lite on a TV?

All you need is an internet-connected screen and your smartphones or joy-con as controllers to be able to play the game. The switch Lite isn’t compatible with a TV, so you must use the small screen as the display. However, this console is really handy, especially for kids or parents entertaining kids, as you can play on the go. You don’t need to worry about needing a screen as you do with a Playstation and Xbox. 

Can You Connect the Switch Lite to a Laptop?

Unfortunately, this is also not portable; the switch Lite doesn’t have any capability to be able to connect to any screen output, be that a laptop, Apple device, or any other screen. There are ways around this, with buying a capture card and connecting it to the switch and then the switch to the laptop, but this seems quite a lot of work. 

How Many Players Can You Have on the Just Dance Game?

Of course, you can dance on your own or in a group, but there is a limit of 6 players on the Just Dance game on the Switch Lite, that’s either using joy-cons or smartphones. The game works perfectly well in single or multiplayer mode; just make sure you have enough space to play safely. 

Can You Play Just Dance on the Lite with Just One joy-con?

If you want to indulge in a single-player game , of course, you can use one joy-con. This controller senses your movements and therefore is able to track how well you’re dancing; you don’t need to play it in a multiplayer mode. You can also use just your smartphone to track the movements if you don’t have extra joy-cons available.

What is a Nintendo Switch Lite?

Maybe you have heard about this device but never had the chance to play with one, or your nephew keeps asking for new games, but you have no idea what this console is. Don’t worry; we are going to break it down for you. A Nintendo Switch Lite is a handheld gaming console and is the low-cost version of the original Nintendo Switch, but the Lite can only be handheld. 

What is Just Dance?

Now, you know what the console is, but what is this game everyone is talking about? Well, if you’re in your 20s, you probably heard about the Wii console, there was a Just Dance game for that too, and the one for the Nintendo Switch Lite is not much different. In the game, you have to, well, dance along to songs shown on the screen by characters; the more dance moves you get right, the higher your score will be. 

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